What To Do With Wet Hair After Shower

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Summer is upon us already, which makes us inclined to take longer cold showers. This means that our hair is often wet. It could also be that you woke up late, or you are going straight to work from the gym, or that you currently lack a hair dryer. 

Whichever of these cases could have made a post-shower hair blowout impossible, do not despair. 

Even though leaving your hair wet often is not advisable as it can damage your strands, you don’t want to look like a mess on those days that you are unable to blow dry your hair. 

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Hairstyles For Wet Hair 

If you find yourself asking what to do with wet hair after shower, here are some of the ways to style your hair even when you can’t use the hair dryer:

1. Top knot Bun

messy top knot bun

You can style your wet hair into a topknot bun. If you have a detangler, spray your wet hair with it as it will lubricate the knots and tangles, making it easy for you to comb your fingers through the hair. 

After you’ve removed most of the tangles, you can gently pack the hair, and comb it into a high ponytail style positioned at the top of your head. If your hair is still very wet, you can use your fingers to smoothen it out. 

Secure the ponytail with a hair tie. It is important that you twist the tie around to make it tight, but remember that wet hair is more delicate, so do not make it tighter than necessary. 

After this, you can twist the long end of the ponytail into a bun, and then secure the bun with a bobby pin. As wet hair is wont to flyaway, you can hold everything in place by misting it with hairspray. 

2. The Loosely Tied Triple Bun

In this style, you don’t pack your hair to the top of your head. Instead of that, you pack the hair at the back of your head, then use your hands to divide the hair into three and secure each part with a bobby pin. 

Once you’ve completed this, you can roll each into a bun and then secure all three together as a whole by pinning it down with bobby pins. 

The amazing thing about this style is that it’ll make it appear like you spent much time fixing your hair in front of the mirror even though you actually didn’t. It gives your hair desired messy waves. Besides, the loose twists will allow your hair to dry faster. 

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3. Loosely Braided Waves

girl braiding hair – Curling Diva

This is another simple way to style your hair if you don’t have the time to dry it after a shower. Remember that wet hair can often appear limp and lifeless. 

So, to prevent damage, smoothen all the hair to the back of your head as gently as you can. After which you can braid the damp hair loosely in four even sections. 

Don’t be bothered with the perfection of the braids. In fact, the messier and lumpier the braids are, the more natural your waves will appear. After doing this, loosen the braids to form the wet hair waves. If there are creases, you can unravel them by spraying a little water on it. 

4. Pineappling

If you need to carry your wet hair to sleep overnight, pineappling is one of the best methods to style it.

First, you need to gather all the damp hair into a ponytail on the crown of your head. 

After this, hold it in place with a scrunchie. Pull your hair only once, or maybe twice through the scrunchie to prevent the hair from creasing. 

Then, wrap a silk scarf over your hair as you sleep. Silk scarves are the best option as they retain moisture, and they prevent the hair from becoming frizzy and dry. By using a silk scarf, you’ll get voluminous and defined curls when you place the hair down in the morning. 

13013 1011142 – Curling Diva13013?subId1=tie – Curling Diva

5. Braid Outs

This is another fantastic option. All you need is to vertically divide your hair into four sections (perfect or imperfect). Apply a styling cream to all the sections. Then, braid each hair section tightly from start to finish. After braiding all the sections, you can slowly loosen the braids, break the braids apart with your fingers. This way, your hair can realize curls that you can style anyway you desire. 

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What is the best way to dry hair after a shower?

The Healthiest Way To Dry Hair – Curling Diva

These are some of the proper ways to take care of your wet hair while drying it:

  • Do not wrap your hair into an oversized heavy towel. After washing your hair, wrap it in a lightweight, small towel like the one your hairdresser uses.
  • Avoid blow drying your hair the second you leave the shower. Wait for your hair to dry a little naturally before you expose it to the heat of a blow dryer. The only exceptions to this are women with coarse hair. 
  • Before blow drying your hair, apply a heat protectant on the strands. It’ll protect them from the heat and keep your hair healthy.
  • Avoid brushing wet hair. Use a hair detangler instead. Or use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Be careful with the products that you apply to your wet hair. Some products are meant for hair that is particularly dry If yours is not and you apply this product, you’ll get a gummy, sticky texture. 

Wet hair should never be a cause for concern. If you do not have the time or you are not in a position to blow dry your hair after a shower, then this is for you. There are a series of ways to style your wet hair either to sleep or while going out that won’t damage your hair

I’ve listed a few above. Also, if you were wondering about the best tactics to use in drying your hair after a shower, I’ve also listed them out. Voila! You can enjoy healthy hair either wet or dry. 

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