Is volumizing powder bad for your hair

By: | Last Updated: February 11, 2022

This might be the first time you scratch your head hearing of a hair product. You have known everyday type of powder— finishing, setting, and even baby powder for your face and even what is best for different skin types. 

But what on earth is a volumizing powder?

Does powder even belong in your hair? Is volumizing powder bad for your hair? Would you end up like those chocolate crinkle cookies in your bakery? 

(Hopefully, no.)

But if you have only known hairsprays and mousse and serums, this might as well be your ticket to nirvana.

What does volumizing powder do?

When you have limp and lifeless hair, the frustration can be real. Every single day you need to reach out for that blow dryer or curling iron or roller set just to look alive. 

Doesn’t it get easier? Yes, it does. Even as short as 30 seconds flat! 

Hair volume powder or texturizing powder, or hair styling powder are all the same products. If you have a hard time imagining powder on your hair, just think of dry shampoo. While dry shampoo reduces oil and dirt, a hair powder mainly adds fullness and bounce.

What does volumizing powder do

What more can it do? 

It also adds structure and shape. If you want to sport an updo today, then you can be assured that your hair will stay shapely. 

Tired of seeing those pins slide down your hair onto Neverwhere? Hair powder also helps grip them more securely! No need for hairsprays that hold your styled hair surely but stiffly. 

Don’t worry if your hair often comes loose in bun styles or braids. If that is the reason for hesitating those styles, just apply a bit of texturizing powder to your hair. A manageable hair isn’t as impossible as it may first seem. 

Are you the type to not carry any make-up bag? It’s perfectly okay because this one has reactivation powers. Massage with your fingertips, and you’ll notice the fuller volume in your hair instantly! 

The matte finish is also perfect for that Saturday lazy vibes and undone hairstyles. But even in the middle of your Monday, you can rely on this for a fresher look. 

The newbie cookbook

Before anything else, you do not want caking, so only use this in dry hair. It’s a safe call to tap one to two shakes of powder into your hands first, then distribute it throughout— less is more, so do not get too excited with the amount!

How do you know if you overdid it?

Run your powdered fingers through your hair — if it slides smoothly with a bit of resistance, congrats! Your control is an A plus. But if it feels like going through quicksand instead, then you probably poured the powder rather than sprinkled it. Uh-oh. 

Another pro tip: Part your hair in two and sprinkle some powder directly onto your roots for that extra oil absorption and instant lift. 

Is volumizing powder good for thin hair? 

There is nothing worse than the combination of thin hair and mousse. It is so weighed down you’d look greasy than slick. Oh right! There is a close second: hairspray — where your short hair strands look like lonely individual plant stalks.

It could really seem like the world is bent against finer and thinner hairs.

Fortunately enough, volumizing powders are also “boost” powders. They are great at giving that much-needed initial oomph to your hair before any further styling is done.  

What makes this oomph possible? Silica or silicates bind the hairs together, causing them to vertically stack on top of themselves to keep it from falling flat. Basically, your hairs got each other’s “back”— a support system at its finest. 

Make sure to visualize your end goal here: styling.

Styling requires a grip which your hair products will provide. Do not give them a harder time by using leave-in conditioners, which could probably make it look limper. Those two simply do not serve the same purpose in your life. 

If you have thin hair, do some pre-styling with texturizing powder. Used to the lightness of your fine hair? Get ready to be wowed when you touch the thick strands after applying a hair powder. Plus, your hair’s texture will remind you of cotton candy! 

No clumpiness, just pure volumizing magic.

How to get volumizing powder out of hair?

Every hair product has its own rules. And the rule to this one is something you shouldn’t ignore.

“A little goes a long way.”

When you get greedy in using this every day or putting on too much, the build-up reduces the effectiveness of regular shampoo to remove it. 

Do you really want to shampoo five times just to get rid of it? Not only is that expensive, but it will also damage your hair.

For your everyday routine, a good tip is to direct your efforts to your scalp, NOT the length of your hair. The scalp needs to be cleared for your hair to grow healthy and not suffer hair loss. Take your time when cleaning your scalp since the roots tend to be the oiliest. 

You can then use a clarifying shampoo weekly to remove any build-up from any hair powder leftovers. Make sure to condition your hair after so it doesn’t lead to dryness. 

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Is powder harmful to hair?

Quick answer: no. It does not cause severe or permanent damage to your hair if you use it per instructions.

Three days is the maximum limit. You don’t want hair powder to overstay its welcome on your scalp beyond that. It’s best to just wash it off. You would not want to itch so bad that it looks like you have lice. Ugh.

Is powder harmful to hair?

When you make powder a permanent guest in your hair without washing it off, you are on the sure path of fallouts and hair loss. 

Remember, it has oil absorption powers, too so frequent use or build-up causes dryness. Don’t mummify your hair so that it breaks so easily and falls out. You see, once the drought sets in, you’ll have weaker roots and may end up with hair loss.

A bit of uncomfortable itching may not faze you but losing hair surely will. 

Control is the key. May it be when sprinkling it or the frequency of doing so. 

The Hair Revival

You may end up with too much powder in your hands, or you might nail it the first time. The point is, this product is a must-try, especially for fine hair types. 

This is THE zombie hair antidote. There is no reason why your hair should exist and be eternally lifeless, is there? 

Hair powders can add instant lift and even help in your pre-styling. It’s a miracle within your reach, so just grab it!

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