Perfect for flat hair: Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron Review

By: | Last Updated: February 26, 2021

Having trouble giving your hair the body and volume you want?

For a lot of people, especially ones with fine, thin hair, volume is but a dream.

Classic crimpers and volumizing methods don’t always last if they work at all! And products like gels and mousses only seem to weigh you down even more.

In your quest for fuller hair, you must’ve stumbled on some pretty viral Voloom hair volumizing iron reviews! The Voloom has been making waves amongst beauty influencers and enthusiasts because of its unique design and big (like big gorgeous hair kind of big!) results.

But does it really work? Or is it all just gimmicky hype?

The Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron is a one-of-a-kind product with its patented checkerboard plate design. It promises lasting volume for all hair lengths and thicknesses without the need for chemicals.

Features at a glance:

PRODUCT NAME:Voloom Professional Volumizing Hair Iron
SIZES AVAILABLE:Rootie: ¾  Inch 
Petite: 1 inch 
Classic: 1 ½ inch
AUTO SHUT-OFF:Yes, after 30 minutes

Patented Plate Design

This is the most distinct feature of the Voloom Volumizing iron. Its checkerboard design is one that you’ll never see anywhere else on the market. With this design, the Voloom aims to create a hidden volumizing structure or “volume pockets”. 

checkered plates of Voloom volumizing iron – Curling Diva

These volume pockets then lift your hair from within, giving your hair some literal body! The upper layers of your hair are lifted away from the scalp and voila, a long-lasting fuller look is achieved. 

The plates are also made of ceramic that provides steady, gentle heat. Ceramic heats the hair from within, lessening the damage on the surface.

Adjustable temperature

Voloom’s claim to fame is in how it gives volume without the damage, especially to people whose hair needs it most. With adjustable temperature ranging from 220°F to 395°F, you can definitely pick a setting that’s best not just for keeping your hair full and voluminous but also safe from unwanted damage. 

Specialized Sizes

Finer-haired people, rejoice! The Voloom has you in mind. 

Coming in 3 sizes–The Voloom Classic (1 ½-Inch), the Voloom Petite (1-Inch), and the Volume Rootie (¾ Inch), this handy volumizing iron has one for everyone. 

Voloom petite vs classic 

Voloom Classic pouch – Curling Diva

The Voloom Petite is the 1-inch version of the Voloom Volumizing iron. Its 1-inch plates are best for people with medium thickness hair with lengths ranging from chin to shoulder length. 

Meanwhile, the good old Voloom Classic has 1-½-inch plates. This is best for people with medium to thick hair, especially when it’s longer than shoulder length. 

All the other features remain the same between the Voloom Petite and Classic. It’s just a matter of how thick or long your hair is!

Voloom rootie vs petite

Voloom Rootie box contents – Curling Diva

Is having very thin hair your concern? Well, don’t you fret because the Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron has got you covered too! 

The Voloom Rootie has ¾-inch plates made just for people with thin to very thin hair. If your hair is chin-length or shorter, this one’s definitely for you too. Compared to the Petite, the Voloom Rootie can be used for even long hair that’s extremely fine or thin. 

What we like:

  • Visible, lasting results 
  • Specialized sizes 
  • No need for stylers 
  • Adjustable temperature 

What we didn’t like: 

  • Not a multi-tasker
  • Doesn’t style the top layer of your hair
  • On the pricier side 

Voloom vs Crimpers

Traditional crimpers were the go-to’s for volume but against the Voloom, they don’t really hold up. While crimpers create waves on your hair to add volume, they’re never as tall or noticeable as the shape made by the Voloom checkerboard plates.

The way the volume pockets support your hair and give it a nice, big, long-lasting body is a far cry from the volume you achieve from a crimper. So these alternatives in general, are probably not going to be as great at delivering the volume you’d look for in a Voloom.


Looking for a Voloom dupe? 

Well, because of its patented design, there isn’t really an exact Voloom Alternative out on the market. But how does it compare to more traditional volumizing products?

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron vs Bed Head Little Tease 1” Tourmaline Ceramic Crimper

In terms of build and plate material, the Voloom and the Bed Head Little Tease are pretty similar. The Little Tease also comes at a much lower price point than the Voloom. 

That being said, The Little Tease isn’t nearly as little as the Voloom Rootie can be. When you want more choices for styling, the Voloom range is definitely one you’re better off checking out. But if you’re after a lower price point, the Little Tease also promises some good volume. 

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron vs Revlon Pro Collection Deep Waver ¾”

For finer hair, the Revlon Pro Collection Deep Waver can be comparable, especially in size to the Voloom Rootie. It also has ceramic plates and heats all the way up to 430°F. While the Deep Waver can give some volume to your hair, its best use is definitely in its name, waves

So, if what you’re looking for is a more styled look with beachy waves, the Deep Waver may be a better option for you. While the Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron gives you volume, it doesn’t do much for styling the top layer of your hair. 


Which Voloom is best for me?

Your hair thickness and length would tell you which model will be best for you. The 1 1/2-inch Classic is great for those with medium to thick hair that goes beyond shoulder-length. 

People with fine to medium hair that go from chin to shoulder-length will best benefit from the 1-inch Petite. And the Rootie is best for those with extremely thin hair of any length or for people with hair that’s shorter than chin-length

Does Voloom work on short hair?

Voloom is great for short hair and is made with short, thin hair in mind! Just make sure you get the right size for your hair length and thickness.

Does Voloom damage hair?

Voloom has an adjustable heat setting you can use to find the perfect temperature for your hair. While it doesn’t go super hot, it’s made especially for those with thin hair that can be prone to heat damage. So, just find a setting that works for you and you’re good to go! 

The Voloom can even prevent further damage from chemical hair products. With lasting waves, you can minimize the use of stylers and chemical treatments.

Does Voloom really work?

As crazy as it looks, yes! 

The plates create a checkerboard (one might even say waffle-like!) indentation in the inner layers of your hair. It’s great at giving the top layer structure that lifts it away from the scalp, creating lasting volume.

How do you use Voloom?

Its uniquely shaped plates may be a bit intimidating at first but using the Voloom couldn’t be easier! 

  1. Section your hair like usual but make sure to keep the top layer separated. This is the layer that will remain smooth and untouched by the Voloom. 
  2. Working in sections, start with the one directly below the top layer. Hold this section up vertically. Then, starting closest to the root, clamp down on your hair with the Voloom and hold for no more than 2 seconds. Clamp and release again 2-3 more times before moving down the shaft. Remember to release the Voloom every time you move down a section. Never pull it clamped through your hair! 
  3. Work down the shaft until you reach the middle part of the section. 
  4. Then, repeat the steps for the remaining layers. 
  5. Once you’re done, release the top layers on top of your Voloom-ed sessions and brush it through to your liking. 

Ta-da! Nice, full, voluminous hair!

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