Dyson Corrale Review: Is this cordless straightener worth the price?

By: | Last Updated: June 9, 2021

The world of hair care technology is constantly revolutionizing. Just as you think ‘what more can they do with the humble hair straightener?’, Dyson introduces us to the Corrale.

A new cordless design that claims to minimize heat damage with its flexible plates, allowing for quick and effortless styling.

But with a price tag of over $500, is the Dyson Corrale worth the money? Keep reading to find out my verdict!

Dyson burst onto the hairstyling scene back in 2016. It quickly earned our trust with their clever use of air technology, changing the way we dry and style our hair.

The Corrale, however, is not only their first hair tool that relies on heat rather than air.

It can also be used completely cordless and still claims to drastically reduce the harm caused by regular heat styling. I was immediately eager to find out more.

Features At A Glance

PRODUCT NAME:Dyson Corrale
SIZES AVAILABLE:One Size (292mm x 41mm x 45mm)
PLATE MATERIAL:Flexing manganese copper alloy 
BODY MATERIAL:Plastic casing
AUTO SHUT-OFF:Sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity,
Auto shut-off after another 5 minutes
DUAL VOLTAGE:Universal Voltage 10.8V-16.8V

So let’s take a closer look at some of the key features of the straightener’s innovative design.

Dyson Corrale Review

Cordless Rechargeable Flat Iron

Fed up of getting tangled up with your styling tools as you get those hard to reach sections of hair?

The Dyson Corrale solves this!

Reaching full charge in up to 70 minutes, it can be used completely cordless for up to 30 minutes, giving complete ease of movement.

If you need to use it for longer, never fear, either pop them in the charging dock to top up the battery or attach the magnetic 4.7m cord that swivels 360 degrees.

Unfortunately, the battery does mean the Corrale weighs more than other products on the market, but not enough for it to impact your use.

Flexing plates means less heat

Another impressive innovation the Corrale has brought to our attention is the flexing copper plates that shape around the hair, gathering every flyaway to create a smooth and sleek look with just one glide.

So no more going over the same section of hair multiple times, reducing heat exposure and style time no matter what your hair type.

They come with 3 heat settings, and the thermal plates feature an integrated sensor that checks the temperature 100 times a second!

You never have to worry that you are exceeding your chosen temperature again. Dyson appears to be once again leading the way towards reducing heat damage.

Flight-ready Tag makes it a perfect travel companion

Love to travel? Then the Corrale is perfect for you!

With universal voltage and a handy flight tag, they are completely safe to pop in your luggage and take with you on the go. They also come with a handy heat resistant travel pouch.

dyson corrale contents – Curling Diva

What We Like

  • Cordless Design
  • Flexing Intelligent Plates
  • Travel Ready

What We Don’t Like

  • Short Battery Life
  • Heavier Than Corded Straighteners
  • Expensive
  • Looks clunky


Dyson Corrale vs Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap is still innovative in its own right, offering 2-in1 drying and styling. It comes with a range of attachments to create looks from bouncy blow-dry, luscious curls, or shiny and smooth.

Unlike the Corrale, with the Airwrap you can conveniently style your hair while it’s still damp.

However, I think the Corrale is better able to straighten hair with its flexible plates than the Airwraps brush attachments, creating a sleeker finished look.

If you have a tight schedule the Airwrap wins, or for a straighter look, the Corrale would be the better choice.

Dyson Corrale vs GHD Platinum

The GHD Platinum+ Styler is a fantastic straightener in its own right, at a fraction of the cost.

They style well with their floating plates at an optimum temperature of 185 degrees and come in a wide range of stylish colors. However, the Corrale offers superior heat control with 3 separate heat settings.

The Corrale’s flexing plates also allow for greater control over larger sections of hair, allowing for quicker styling time.

If you do not heat style regularly, the GHD will give you a fabulous look for less, damaged, or thicker hair types would benefit from the Corrale’s intelligent plate design and heat control.

Dyson Corrale vs CHI

The original Chi ceramic plate styler quite literally stands the test of time. It’s a budget buy, with reviews attesting to its long lifespan and as far as function goes, it works!

Of course, its simple design does not offer the same heat defending technology as the Corrale, and without the flexibility of the Corrale’s plates, the Chi cannot style your hair as fast.

If you are strapped for cash, the Chi does the job, long term, however, I would recommend the Corrale as it is much kinder to your hair.

Dyson Corrale vs Steampod

Just like the Corrale, the Steampod offers a solution to heat damage.

By harnessing the power of steam to create a straight and shiny head of hair, the Steampod’s plates also feature comb teeth to smooth out those flyaways.

The Corrale is a much simpler device that requires no prep before use, whereas the Steampod contains a water chamber that must be filled with demineralized water before using which is not ideal if you are in a rush.

If you are looking to add moisture back into your hair, the Steampod is a good choice, but the Corrale’s simple and cordless design is definitely worth the extra cost.

Dyson Corrale Review: Frequently Asked Questions

dyson corrale cordless straightener with pouch – Curling Diva

Can you use Dyson Corrale plugged in?

Yes! The magnetic cord attaches to both the charging base and the straighteners themselves. So never fear, if the battery gets low you can continue styling with ease with its 360-degree swivel.

How long does Dyson Corrale take to charge?

A full recharge takes up to 70 minutes.

How long does the Dyson Corrale battery last?

The battery allows for up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling, at max temperature, although independent tests show that it can last longer (up to 46 minutes!)

Does Dyson Corrale damage hair?

The flexible plate technology gathers the hair together, reducing fly-aways and giving more control to your styling.

Thanks to this clever frizz-defying system you can use less heat and styling take less time, which equals less damage!

Can you use Dyson Corrale on wet hair?

No, sadly you will need to dry your hair before styling.

Can Dyson Corrale curl hair?

Yes, you can use this flat iron to curl hair. You can create styles from true curls to beachy waves.

How do you curl with a Dyson Corrale?

Curling your hair with the Dyson Corrale is easier than using other branded straighteners. Its cordless design gives you a greater range of movement.

Clamp the straightener over a section of your hair and twist it as you glide from root to tip, then you can achieve an effortless curl in one motion. A tighter twist will produce a more defined curl, and a looser bend can create a beachy wave look.

There are lots of different techniques to curl hair with a flat iron!

How To Use The Dyson Corrale

Easy and straightforward to use, the Dyson Corrale has an OLED screen to display both the battery and temperature levels.

Before use, either charge the device using the charging dock or the 360° magnetic cord. A full battery is reached in up to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Once charged, slide the lock to open your straightener and switch it on by holding the power button until the battery icon appears on the screen.

Select your temperature from the three settings, 165°C, 185°C, and 210°, using the simple controls. Wait for the power button to illuminate red, rather than pulse, to signal they are ready to use.

You can use your Dyson Corrale to either straighten or curl your hair.

For best results, dry and detangle your hair before use. Inactivity for longer than 5 minutes will trigger a sleep mode to preserve your battery. Another 5 minutes of inactivity and the straightener will power off completely, a clever safety feature.

When you have finished styling, to turn them off yourself, hold down the power button which will then pulse until the plates have completely cooled.

Remember that the Flight-ready tag must be in place for the device to work. When the Flight-ready tag is removed all controls will be disabled, ready for travel.

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Is The Dyson Corrale Worth The Money?

Overall, the Dyson Corrale is an innovative product that ticks multiple boxes as a new styling tool.

If you are conscious of how much heat damage your hair is exposed to, the technology that Dyson has implemented into the Corrale makes it the hair straightener to consider. Even the thickest of hair can be straightened in just one pass with this flat ironn.

Alongside its ease of use, sleek finish, and travel-friendly design, the high price tag is definitely worth the investment if you heat style your hair daily.

There are products of a similar caliber, for a lower price, that may better suit your budget if you do not style your hair every day.

However, the cordless abilities the Corrale offer, paired with their ability to reduce styling time, really sets them apart from the rest of the market.

If you are ready to revolutionize your daily styling routine, the Dyson Corrale ticks all the boxes and is definitely worth your hard-earned cash.

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