GHD Platinum+ Review

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Looking to invest in some new hair straighteners? The GHD Platinum+ are raved about by so many celebrities and influencers, and it’s not hard to see why. The sleek design and advanced technology really do change the way you style your hair.

But are they really worth that higher price tag? Do these extra features make a difference? Read on to find out what we make of this GHD Platinum+ review and find out if they’re the best, or is there a better alternative?

The GHD Platinum+ is the most high tech of all the GHD models. The straighteners have disrupted the market with the revolutionary ultra zone technology. Not only do they give you silky shiny hair, they protect it whilst doing so. Could it be the best hair straighteners on the market?

Features at a glance

Ultra-zone Predictive Technology for healthier curls

GHD Platinum+ Review

The first feature of the GHD Platinum + is its ultra-zone predictive technology. What on earth is this?!, I hear you ask.

Put simply, the hair straightener understand the thickness of your hair. In doing so, they adapt the temperature to each section of your hair. The heat is monitored 250 times a second, giving so many benefits. You can straighten your hair quickly as you only have to go over each section once.

If you color your hair, the color will last for much longer as the hair is more protected. So none of that dreaded colour fade you often get when you straighten your hair regularly. Overall, this feature gives you “70% stronger hair, 20% more shine and 2x more color protection.” Who doesn’t want that right?!

Floating Plates

Next up let’s talk about the precision milled floating plates. Made from aluminium with a ceramic coating, they are sure to give your hair a smooth glossy finish. The edge of the plates is a revelled barrel, making sure you don’t catch any hairs on the straighteners. The plates also mean it’s a quick process straightening your hair, as just one stroke leaves your hair looking stunning!

Wishbone Hinge makes it easier to styler

Third, one of the other simple but in fact distinctive features of the GHD Platinum + is the wishbone hinge. It gives perfect alignment of the plates, meaning you have full control when styling your hair. This makes it easy to not only straighten you hair, but also curl it too. Paired with the swivel cord, whether you have long or short hair, the Platinum+ is the ultimate styler for you.

Colors Available:

Black, White, and limited editions such as Pink and Deep Scarlet.

What We Like:

  • Ultra Zone Technology – There is no doubt about it, this is some high tech stuff and you can really tell through the results you get.
  • Heats up in 20 seconds – No need to wait long, perfect if you are in a rush but still want to look put together.
  • Looks chic – They look great, its sleek design makes them look suited to any stylish dressing table. It’s compact enough to take abroad.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Even though we are a huge fan of the ultra zone predictive technology, we do miss the temperature control that competitor brands such as Cloud 9 have. For most people, the predictive technology is great. But if you want more control, then you will probably miss being able to turn the temperature down.
  • Even with the floating plates, we did find we could occasionally catch our hair on the edge still.
  • Expensive

Are they worth that higher price? GHD do offer a variety of different models so is the Platinum+ really worth that extra money?

How to use GHD Platinum to curl hair

With rounded barrel and floating plates, the Platinum+ is perfect for curling hair.

There are several different techniques for curling hair with a straightener. But let’s start with the basic.

  1. Section your hair. Start with a 1-inch section of your hair.
  2. Position the Platinum+ straightener near the root, and clamp it but not too tight.
  3. Rotate 360° and slowly glide through your hair. Or you can also wrap the section of your hair around the styler.
  4. The slower you go, the more defined your curls will be.

GHD Platinum vs Gold vs Original / Classic

GHD has consistently improved its technology over the years. The Original Icon (also known as GHD Classic) is their first. Then came GHD Gold with dual sensors to minimize heat damage. Lastly, the GHD Platinum+, the most advanced GHD hair straightener yet.

All models have universal voltage, auto shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity, and a swivel cable.

What’s the difference between GHD and Platinum Plus?

At $50 cheaper, the gold still suits all hair types giving sleek healthy hair with its dual zone technology. The main difference between the two is the Gold has 2 infinity sensors, 1 in each plate, known as dual-zone technology. Whereas the Platinum+ has a bunch of infinity sensors in both plates known as ultra-zone predictive technology.

Even though this sounds great, does it actually make a noticeable difference to your hair? Well, if you have thick, unruly hair you will probably want to go for the Platinum+. But if you have fine hair, then the Gold will be suitable.

If you find yourself asking, “which is better: GHD Gold or GHD Platinum?“, it’s a question of how often you use a straightener and how much you’re willing to pay.

If you’re new to styling hair, you should be okay with the Original or Classic. If you have medium to thick hair, the Gold has better technology than the Original. But they look similar and has the same standard hinge.

GHD Platinum Styler Hair Straightener – Curling Diva

Is GHD Platinum better than Original?

Most definitely yes!

The Original uses ceramic heat technology, whereas the Platinum+ has predictive heat technology. The difference is staggering. It’s like comparing a robot vacuum cleaner to an AI!


Since we’ve already compared the GHD Platinum to other GHD hair straighteners, let’s take a look at several GHD alternatives, or dupes as some call it. Here we’ll compare it to competitor brands and see if their technology is worth the extra price tag.

GHD Platinum vs Cloud 9 Flat Iron

You have probably heard all about rival brand cloud 9 who disrupted the market in 2009. One of the major differences between the two is the ability to control the temperature. Like we said earlier the tech on GHD’s are great. But if you have finer hair, you probably want to be able to control the temperature. Unfortunately, it do not offer the same control.

With Cloud 9, you can choose from 100 to 200°C, allowing you to make the decisions. This also means if you want to create loose curls with the GHD Platinum + straighteners, it may be a bit more difficult than what it would be with the Cloud 9.

GHD Platinum vs Dyson Corrale

If there is one brand that has revolutionised the haircare industry, it has to be Dyson. The Dyson Corrale is not a let down to their range.

The main benefit being that the styler itself can be used cord free. This makes not only straightening your hair, but also curling hair far easier. No more getting the cord tangled up when you are trying to curl those last few sections of hair at the back of your head.

The Dyson Corrale can last for 70 minutes after a full charge. This feature is something that the hair industry had never seen before. So even though the GHD Platinum + are one of the best stylers on the market, the Dyson Corrale is a serious contender.

GHD Platinum vs T3 Lucea ID

Similar to the GHD platinum, with its precision control hinge to create controlled effortless styling, the T3 Lucea ID is definitely up there with its clever technology.

But unlike the GHD, the T3 has a special feature called refresh mode. This is specifically designed for those touch ups, as at a lower temperature it protects your hair. This make it perfect for when you just need to straighten out a kink or quickly go over a section of hair.

GHD Platinum+ Review: FAQs

Is GHD Platinum Ceramic or Titanium?

The GHD Platinum + plates are made from aluminium, with a ceramic coating. This means that they hold heat perfectly, whilst gliding smoothly through your hair.

How to curl short hair with GHD

When curling short hair, take a section of hair and place the straighteners near your roots. Move the styler slowly down your hair at an angle whilst rotating it slightly and making sure to keep them away from your face. Continue to do this until you have curled all your hair.

How to do loose curls with GHD straighteners

If you want a more natural or beachy look, you can do the same. But use either your fingers or a comb to brush though your hair. This will make them much looser and more natural looking.

Is GHD Platinum worth the money?

The big question!

We believe yes they are definitely worth the money. The intelligent features paired with the sleek design makes them the ultimate hair styler, so yes we do believe that they are worth the higher price tag.

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