Can you bring hairspray on a plane

By: | Last Updated: March 29, 2022

Hairsprays took hairstyling to a whole new level. And the best part is that both you and your hairstyle survive the day. 

This hair product has other uses outside the beauty scene. And a spritz or two may save you when you don’t have time. The catch is you’ll never know when the need comes up. 

So whether you are a hairspray devotee or in dire need of a life hack, packing a hairspray-to-go in your bag is a smart idea. 

But you are not always free to stow that shiny new bottle in your bag wherever you go. If you are thinking of traveling, you may have to rethink how you pack your toiletries. 

Today, airports strictly regulate the bringing of bottles of liquids and aerosol cans on planes. While it may seem far-fetched that these items could harm anyone, bad people have made this extent of precaution necessary.

Will hairspray explode on a plane?

Aerosol hairsprays are one type of hairsprays. The can is pressurized to release the liquid inside as a mist when sprayed. 

Hairspray cans can explode when left inside a car parked under the heat of the midday sun. High temperatures can make the air pressure inside the can too intense for the container to handle. The build-up of pressure can cause a dangerous explosion which can hurt other people. 

This doesn’t mean you can never bring hairsprays.

Air pressure and temperature are regulated inside the plane. After all, air travel would not be a popular choice if passengers are not comfortable when flying. 

The danger lies when the hairspray is next to a fire or an independent explosion. And having an aerosol can near an overheating electronic device puts an airplane in a dangerous situation, FAA reports. There is still no official advisory regarding this matter, however.

Does this mean you have to part ways with your favorite hairspray in the meantime?

Is it ok to bring hairspray on an airplane?

Is it ok to bring hairspray on an airplane

The good news is the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not entirely ban hairsprays.

While you don’t need to leave your hairspray at home, you must reconsider how much of the product you can legally bring.

TSA treats both as a liquid, whether you have aerosol or pump hairspray. So, hairsprays have to follow the limitations set for liquid items. 

What size hairspray can you take on a plane?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, you can store a maximum of 2 liters or 68 fluid ounces of toiletries in your checked bags like disinfecting alcohol, perfumes, colognes, shaving cream, and hairsprays

Think you could sneak extra drops by using larger containers? Think again. FAA ruled that each container must not hold more than 500 milliliters or 17 fluid ounces.

Since you’re likely bringing other personal use items, you can’t walk into airport security with 2 liters of hairspray. You have to budget the limited space and make room for other necessities. 

And if you wish to keep the can or bottle close in your carry-on bag, the size of the container should never go beyond 100 mL or 3.4 ounces for each liquid product. They must fit inside only one clear quart-size plastic bag.

So can you bring mini hairspray on a plane? These aviation restrictions likely pushed the demand for travel-size hairspray. But no matter how “mini” the product claims it is, it will not get through airport security if it’s more than 100 mL. 

Simply, this is the 3-1-1 liquids rule of air travel. Many countries all over the world follow this rule. Like Southwest Airlines and American Airlines, big airline companies impose this requirement on their passengers. 

But to be sure, you have to check with the airport rules that you would be departing from. 

How can you bring hairspray through airport security?

How can you bring hairspray through airport security

Your hairspray container must comply with the 3-1-1 rule to avoid delays during airport checkpoints. And airports are quite stringent in their protocol.

In their Youtube video, TSA explained that the size indicated on the bottle must not exceed 3.4 ounces. Even if the actual content is less than 100 milliliters, a big container is still a big no-no. 

If you exceed the limit, can you take hairspray on a plane with checked luggage? You can do that. Some airports may allow passengers to recover disallowed items upon returning from their destination.

In packing for your carry-on, TSA suggests you should use a clear zip-top bag to secure your toiletries conveniently. But the size restriction has boggled several people: How big is a quart?

The TSA did not give an exact definition of how big the bag should be. But they made themselves available for similar questions on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

From their answers, the consensus appears to be that a quart-size bag should be about 6 inches by 9 inches. 

Still, the airport has the final say. You still have to fish your bag from your carry-on for a separate inspection at the checkpoint. So, you are less likely to skirt the rules by bringing multiple bags.


Can you use hairspray inside the plane?

Can you use hairspray inside the plane

Although you can bring hairspray inside your carry-on, you should not be liberal in misting the inside of the plane. 

Some people are sensitive to the fragrances and chemicals in hairsprays. At the very least, the fumes can irritate their noses or give them headaches.

Especially when the plane is small, you should be mindful of your fellow passenger’s comfort and safety. You should only use hairspray in places with proper ventilation. Indeed, the tight space of a passenger airplane high in the clouds is no such place.

If you really need to use the hairspray, consider asking the attending flight crew first if it is allowed.

Is there an exemption to the 3-1-1 rule?

What if you have to stay at your destination longer than a few days? You or your client may be attending a big event. Perhaps frequent travel is a part of your job description.

In these instances, the measly quantities allowed through the airport may not be enough. 

TSA grants reasonable exceptions to medication, baby formula, and breast milk items. Because of the COVID pandemic, TSA issued a notice allowing up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer in carry-on bags. 

However, no exception is extended for hairsprays.

In such a situation, it may be wiser to leave your hairspray at home and buy the next best alternative where you are going. In that way, you can also free some luggage space for other things. 

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With work and personal commitments here and there demanding your presence, you always have to be ready to hop on the next plane. But if you know and follow air travel rules, airport checkpoints would be a less taxing part of flying.

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