8 Beautiful Head Scarf Wrapping Styles That You Should Try Right Now

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If you’re like me who wakes up an hour early in the morning just to properly dry and style my hair, then you should know it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience. Sometimes I wish I could just chop off all my locks so that I don’t have to worry about hairstyling anymore.

But then I realize that even short hair needs to be styled just as much as long hair. Maybe even more so.

Fortunately, I have found a quick and fashionable solution that will help me deal with bad hair days or style my hair in less than a minute. It’s called a head scarf!

A little twist here and a little knot there and you have a sensational hairstyle that will also take any outfit to the next level.

Don’t worry if you have a pixie haircut or long and luscious tresses. I’ve tried wearing head scarves when I had short hair and long hair, and the looks were all amazing.

You can wear head scarves no matter what season. Wearing a head scarf is also the more practical option compared to wearing a hat.

There are so many head scarf wrapping styles, but I chose the following because they are very quick and easy to do, not to mention sexy and stylish!  

8 DIY Head Scarf Wrapping Styles You Can Do At Home:

1. Big, Beautiful Bow

Big Beautiful Bow Headscarf – Curling Diva
Photo Credits: Nnenna Stella, The Wrap Life

The easiest way to wear a head scarf is to wrap it around your head and then tie it off in a huge bow on top of your head. A colorful rectangular head scarf will be perfect for this so that it can hold both short and long hair.

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If you have long and big hair, you can tie your hair up in a bun first before wrapping it off with your head scarf. Make sure to lower the scarf to your nape and pull the edges up to the front and top of your head.

You can then arrange the bow on the center or the side of your head depending on what looks better with your outfit.

2. Tied and Twisted

Tied and Twisted – Curling Diva
Photo Credits: Dana Oliver via HuffPost

This head scarf wrapping style is a personal favorite because I can still wear a high ponytail or a top knot while also showing off a really pretty scarf.

Fold a rectangular head scarf in half lengthwise, making sure that it’s at the nape of your neck. Pull the edges up to the front and then to one side before tying it in a knot.

Twist the ends of the scarf into one so that it looks like a twisty rope. When you reach the tip, tuck it in under the nape.

3. Classy and Elegant Knot

Eva Mendes Headscarf – Curling Diva
Eva Mendes sporting a headscarf | Photo Credit: DailyMail

This is my go-to head scarf style when I’ll be hitting the beach and I don’t want my hair flying all over the place. It’s also a great way to protect my hair from sun damage while still looking very chic.

Again, you will need a rectangular head scarf for this. It will cover your head and your ears, but it will look very pretty and stylish.

Fold your head scarf in half lengthwise and wrap your head and ears with it. Start from your nape and pull it up to the front, finishing in a double knot. And then tuck the ends of the head scarf back to the nape area so that your hair is fully covered with it.

Make the necessary adjustments so that the knot looks nice on top of your head and the head scarf is securely in place. You can find the full tutorial for the 3 head scarf wrapping styles above by clicking here.

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4. Fancy Forehead Wrap

Forehead scarf tutorial – Curling Diva
Photo Credits: Allison Pynn | SheKnows

This head scarf wrapping style is so easy and will definitely add a fun flair to your outfit.

If you’re gunning for something that’s Boho chic, go for this style! It will look fabulous on long hair with wavy or loose curls.

Start by folding your head scarf lengthwise into about 3 inches in width. Tie the scarf around your head and make the knot on the side.

You can make it a single or a double knot, and it will cascade prettily on your shoulders together with your pretty hair.

5. Banded Head Scarf

Banded Bohemian Head Scarf – Curling Diva
Photo Credits: Joelle Anello | TheWonderForest

The key element here is putting a clear elastic band through your head scarf and placing it in the middle so that it resembles a bow.

Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it off at the back. You can opt to bring the ends of the scarf on your shoulder to make it look even more fashionable.

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6. Classic Head Wrap

You can fold your rectangular head scarf lengthwise that’s about 3 inches thick. Place it just right above your forehead and tie it in a knot down one side of your nape.

The edges of the head scarf can be tucked in if you want a more polished look, or you can double tie them in a bow for added flair.

7. Cute Head Tie  

Cute Head Tie – Curling Diva
Photo Credits: Allison Pynn | SheKnows

You will need a rectangular head scarf for this particular style and fold it lengthwise to a thickness that you prefer.

From the nape of your neck, bring the ends of the scarf to the top of your head and make a simple bow.

You can make the bow in any size or style you want, and you can keep your hair sleek and neat or just a little bit messy or tousled.

Do you need more help achieving these head scarf wrapping styles? Don’t fret! Just click here for a more detailed instruction.

8. Braided Head Scarf Style

braided scarf tutorial – Curling Diva
Braided Scarf Tutorial | Photo Credits: LateAfternoonBlog.com

Did you know that you can also braid your head scarf into your hair? It looks complicated but it’s really quite easy to do. All you need to do is brush your hair towards one side and divide it into two sections.

Get one section of hair and tie your head scarf securely, positioning it near the nape of your neck. The scarf will now act as your third section of hair, and you can proceed to making a regular braid with it.

Don’t forget to secure the braid with a hair tie in matching color! Click on the photo credits above to see the instructions complete with photos.

Video Tutorial: How to tie head wraps in a number of ways

This video shows you 3 different ways to tie head wraps: Classic, Side Bow and Front Bow. Watch the video to find out how to do each style!

Which one is your favorite?

The next time you’re tempted to hide your hair in a boring ponytail or top bun, why not try a beautiful and colorful head scarf instead? It might be the piece of hair accessory you never knew you needed!

Image Credit: Deposit Photos

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