How to get static out of hairbrush

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

Don’t you just hate it when you have a bad hair day? Sometimes, you can even sense one coming when you’re brushing your hair.

For every brush stroke you do, your hair seems to lift up higher because of static. So you’re forced to go out with unruly hair because you can’t calm it down.

Since no one wants to feel like a walking science project, you’re trying to find the answer to “Why is my hair static when I brush it?” 

Good thing you’re in the right place. This article will help you figure out what’s causing all this friction, so read more to find out.

Why is my hairbrush making my hair static?

Why is my hairbrush making my hair static

If your hairbrush is making your hair more unmanageable instead of making it neater, you might be dealing with a case of static.

It’s when two objects containing opposing electrical charges come in contact with each other, allowing them to transfer electrons

But since your hair isn’t a great conductor of electricity, all the extra electrons it gained from your hairbrush won’t have an outlet. That’s why your hair starts to repel against each other.

Static can happen through repetitive brushing motions due to friction, the same way rubbing a balloon on your hair makes it stick up.

Low humidity can also increase the chances of creating static on your hair because of the lack of moisture in the air. 

Since water is a great electricity conductor, its absence will eliminate the likelihood for the charge to travel, so they end up accumulating on your hair instead.

How do you get static out of hair brushes?

If you don’t have time to switch your hair brush but still need to style your hair, here are a few quick tricks to get rid of the static:

How to get static out of boar bristle brush

You’ve probably heard of the many benefits of using a boar bristle brush. That’s why you’ve decided to invest in one, even though it can get pricey.

But then you find out that it creates static on your hair, and since you don’t want to waste it, you want to look for ways to make it work.

An authentic and high-quality boar bristle brush typically won’t create static on your hair, but if you’re one of the unlucky few who experience this, there are a couple of ways to manage it.

First is to try running the palms of your hands over your hair for every brush stroke. But since that can get tedious, another option is to mist your hair with water.

As discussed above, water is an electric conductor, so if you add some to your hair, the moisture will calm your strands back down.

How to get static out of a plastic brush

Plastic hairbrushes are notorious for creating static. So if these are the only types of brushes you have at home, a simple trick to get rid of the charge is to spray some water directly onto your brush and run it through your hair.

Since your brush consists of plastic, you won’t have to worry about it absorbing into your brush and damaging it.

But if you want some extra hold, you can also spritz a bit of hairspray onto your brush after styling your hair and run it through your strands. This will keep your hair smooth and avoid attracting static for the entire day.

Is there a hairbrush that gets rid of static? 

Is there a hairbrush that gets rid of static

If the constant battle with static makes you weary, then maybe it’s a sign you need to upgrade your hair brush.

An anti-static brush eliminates and prevents the static from accumulating on your hair due to how they’re designed.

So what makes a brush anti-static?

The best anti-static hair brush will contain conductive materials that allow the electric charge to transfer onto the brush. Their bristles usually consist of natural conductors like metal and natural fibers.

Most anti-static hair brushes will also have vents between their paddles to allow air to flow through and lessen friction.

But a recent innovation like the ForBabs X-static hairbrush has a refillable conditioning anti-static sheet that gets rid of the electric charge.

How to get rid of static hair naturally?

How to get rid of static hair naturally

If you want to avoid static when brushing your hair but can’t get ahold of a good anti-static hairbrush, here are a few ways to deal with it at home:

1. Dryer sheet

This may seem like a wacky solution, but not only do dryer sheets make your clothes soft, but they’re also built to remove static.

So it’s no wonder that you can also use it to make your hair behave.

All you need to do is grab a dryer sheet and rub it all over your hair. Aside from neutralizing the static, it will give your hair a lovely scent that lasts all day.

But since dryer sheets are not made for use on your hair, they will contain ingredients that can dry it out, so make sure to only use them when necessary.

2. Hair oil

One of the reasons why your hair has static is because it might be dry.

So to replenish its moisture, a dollop of hair oil will quickly calm it down.

If your hair is already dry, a small amount of oil is enough so you won’t end up with greasy strands.

But as a preventive measure, it’s best to apply hair oil when your strands are still damp. 

Hydrating oils like argan or coconut oil won’t only get rid of the static but will also nourish your hair, making it smooth and healthy.

But if you don’t have any hair oils accessible, a good leave-in conditioner will also do the trick.

3. Metal hairbrush

Now that you know that certain hairbrushes can attract static, the trick is to use the correct type to get rid of the accumulated charge.

So by using a metal hair brush, static will get eliminated as it’s highly conductive to electricity.

This means that if you run a metal hairbrush through your hair, the excess electrons will flow into your brush resulting in smooth and shiny strands.

So if you don’t have one at home, get one with metal pins. But if you can’t find one, a metal comb will also work just fine.

It’s also worth noting that if you have fine hair prone to breakage, it’s best to skip this trick altogether, as this type of brush can be too harsh on your strands.

4. Ionic hairdryer

One way to prevent static from wreaking havoc on your hair is to upgrade your hair dryer.

An ionic hair dryer blasts ions to turn water molecules smaller to dry your hair faster. Since the ions are negatively-charged, these will neutralize the static in your hair, making it smoother and frizz-free.

If you’re still not convinced, an ionic hair dryer doesn’t use direct heat to dry your hair, so you won’t have to deal with heat damage in the long run. This also keeps your hair cuticles closed so your hair stays soft and hydrated.

5. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

Believe it or not, there’s actually a way you can prevent static even when you’re still in the shower.

If your hair is prone to dryness, using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will reduce the chances of creating static. So, when your hair dries up, it will stay soft and smooth.

Make sure to avoid hair products that contain harsh ingredients, like alcohols and sulfates, as these strip out the moisture in your hair.

Switch to paraben- and sulfate-free hair products if you can, as these are gentler on your hair.

Lastly, you can also treat your strands to a nourishing hair mask every 1-2 weeks to give them an extra boost of hydration.

Final thoughts

The top reasons static forms on your hair are friction and low humidity. 

So a few spritzes of water can get the excess electrical charge out. But if you don’t want to wrangle with your brush frequently, a good anti-static hair brush may just be the perfect solution.

But if you don’t want to replace your favorite hair brush, a few quick changes in your hair routine may be the answer to saying goodbye to static permanently.

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