Are scrunchies better for your hair?

By: | Last Updated: November 11, 2021

Rommy Revson invented the first scrunchie in 1986 and patented it the year after.

They became so popular in the 80s not only because they were less damaging to the hair but also for the different colors and designs that they came up with, perfectly matching the over-the-top aesthetics of the 1980s.

Now that the 80s fashion is slowly coming back, scrunchies are also back and are here to stay for longer for a very good reason. 

It’s fashionable, for one. Plus, it’s also beneficial for your hair. 

Get your hands into this trendy scrunchie and tame your hair in a healthy and fashionable way.

But first, let’s take a closer look into the different kinds of scrunchies and take a deep dive into how they can benefit your hair. Keep reading below!

Are scrunchies healthier for hair?

Pianist Rommy Revson invented scrunchies as a gentler substitute for harsh metal hair ties. Since its invention, scrunchies remain among the safest elastics that people use to tie their mane. 

Safe to Sleep In

Have you heard about the trend of using silk pillowcases? It has the same effect when you use the right scrunchies as you sleep. 

Satin scrunchies, for example, reduce friction. It keeps your hair healthy overnight. 

Sleeping in silk scrunchies, on the other hand, will reduce creasing on your hair. It will cause a minimal amount of friction when you sleep. This will prevent frizz and breakage the next morning that you wake up.

Preserve your styled hair between washes by using the right scrunchies at night.

Prevents Further Hair Fall

One of the disadvantages of using regular rubber bands is they affect the scalp as your hair strands get pulled.

This results in traction alopecia or hair loss from repeated pulling on the hair. 

This won’t be the case with high-quality scrunches as they don’t put pressure on your hair follicles. 

Retains Hair Moisture

Scrunchies aren’t just safe for your hair. They’re, in fact, healthy for your mane.

If you use silk scrunchies, for example, it will help retain moisture in your hair. This is even more important for those who have naturally curly hair. 

Toss the cotton hair ties that absorb and remove moisture from your mane. Use silk scrunchies instead, as they will protect your crowning glory from losing moisture. 

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Are scrunchies less damaging?

Yes, scrunchies are less damaging to your mane. There is no question about that.

Regardless of your hair length and type, you won’t go wrong in stashing on scrunchies. 

Here are reasons why you should start making the switch to this healthy ponytail holder:

No breakage

Scrunchies are basically elastics wrapped in fabric. That layer of fabric is what protects your hair from breakage. 

They won’t cause tension the way your hair ties do. That is the reason you won’t see hair getting stuck on a scrunchie once you take it off.

No kinks

Does your hair tie always leave kinks on your hair? With scrunchies, you can tie your hair up the entire day and take it out easily with no kinks. 

The extra layer of fabric that protects your hair from breakage also acts as a barrier to reducing lines on your hair after you take it out. 

No tangling

Even well-known celebrity hairstylists like Cash Lawless agree that hair gets severely damaged when taking out traditional hair ties during the detangling process.

Unlike standard hair ties, though, scrunchies use a gentle fabric to cover the elastics. That added layer of soft fabric allows it to slide down to your hair more easily. This means it will be less likely to get tangled, preventing breakage while detangling

What type of scrunchie is best for your hair?

What type of scrunchie is best for your hair?

By now, you might already be ready to make the switch to scrunchies. 

But which one should you buy for your hair?

We’ve tackled below the common materials used in scrunchies.


If you’re into making your own scrunchie, you can start with cotton, as it is an easier material to work with. 

However, cotton scrunchies aren’t the best ones for your mane. It is a quick absorbent fabric, sucking moisture and sebum out of your hair. Using this type of scrunchie for a long time can leave you with dry hair exposed to damaging particles. 


Velvet scrunchies

Velvet is a luxurious, soft fabric that makes a perfect material for your hair scrunchies. Not only are velvet scrunchies eye-pleasing, but they’ll also never cause breakage or dents to your hair. 

It’s easy to untangle, reducing shedding that usually occurs when untying hair. It’s perfect for preserving your natural curls even as you sleep with your hair up.


You’ve probably heard about the benefits of silk sheets and pillowcases by now. 

Sleeping in this material will prevent wrinkles and creases on your skin. The same goes when using silk scrunchies. It will prevent friction and breakage to your mane. 

Just like velvet, silk scrunchies are also great for naturally curly hair.


If you have damaged, thin, or fragile hair, satin scrunchies should be your holy grail. You can even tie your wet hair using satin scrunchies as they will not absorb the moisture from your wet hair. 

The smooth surface of satin fabrics helps prevent frizz, especially for coily and curly hair types. Needless to say, satin scrunchies are also safe to use while you snooze.

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Benefits of Scrunchies

Benefits of Scrunchies

Hair scrunchies are great for your mane, and here are the reasons why:

They can instantly turn a bad hair day into a good one.

Don’t have the time to wash your hair?

Style your hair in a messy bun using your favorite oversized scrunchie and look effortlessly stunning. 

Need to go out, but your hair is having a fit? 

Gather your hair back into a ponytail using a fashionable scrunchie for an instant cute hairstyle. 

They promote healthy hair.

Not only are scrunchies safe for your hair, using the right scrunchies is healthy for your mane as well. Silk and satin scrunchies, for instance, will help retain moisture from your mane. 

They are less likely to cause headaches.

Having headaches because of wearing tight traditional hair ties is not an isolated case. This will not be the case for you, though, if you wear softer scrunchies. 

Pull your hair up into a bun or ponytail and keep it loose and low on your head to prevent headaches.

They make a great accessory.

Scrunchies have become popular also because of their colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can’t just wear your fashionable hair ties on your mane but also on your wrist to complete a stylish outfit!

Are scrunchies better than hair ties?

Yes, scrunchies are so much better than regular hair ties in many ways.

Unlike hair ties, scrunchies aren’t damaging. You can keep your hair away from your face without having to worry about leaving kinks or tangling. 

Problems like traction alopecia, which are common when using tight hair ties, will also be prevented.

Scrunchies come with a wide array of textures, fabrics, patterns, and designs. This is another reason to make the switch to scrunchies. 

Compared to most elastic bands, scrunchies aren’t boring. There will always be a scrunchie that will match your outfit or look. 

Go for a subtle scrunchie to match your shoes. You can also make a statement by opting for larger eye-catching ones.

Scrunchies are healthier and more fashionable than damaging and boring traditional hair ties. There is no reason why you would not want to switch to stylish scrunchies!

Are scrunchies better for curly hair?

Yes, scrunchies are better for your curly hair. It prevents frizz and other kinds of hair damage caused by traditional hair ties.

Silk scrunchies, for example, will not dry your hair out. They are gentle to your curls and will help keep them hydrated. With its smooth material, it will slide through your hair without causing friction. Tangling, breakage, and kinks on your locks wouldn’t be a problem.

So if you have curly hair, we recommend that you find the right scrunchie for you. Silk, satin, or velvet scrunchies could be the right thing that you need for your hair right now.

There is no doubt that making the switch to scrunchies will be beneficial for your hair. Enjoy the great style that fashionable scrunchies bring without worrying about hair damage now!

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