10+ Easy Flexi Rod Hairstyles To Try

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There are several different hairstyles you can achieve using flexi rods. But before we continue, check out our Ultimate Guide to Flexi Rod Curls first where we answer all the questions you could ever think of.

Curling hair with Flexi rods

The equipment you will need to curl your hair with Flexi rods are Flexi rods, a comb or a brush, a mirror so you can see what you’re doing, and a styling or holding product made of gel, oil, mousse, cream or plain simple water.

Separate your hair in sections, keeping in mind the number of sections will depend on the type of curl you want to achieve.

For smaller curls, use smaller sections of hair with size 7/8” or 11/16” or 5/8” rods.

For bigger curls, use bigger sections of hair with size 1/2” or 7/16” or 3/8” rods.

Lightly spray the section of hair you are about to wind on the rod with your chosen styling product. Apply the product a section at a time and not on all the hair at once.

Start rolling the hair from the root to tip or the tip to root. This is completely up to you. If you want tight curls, curl the hair very close together. For looser curls, allow space between each twirl. Best way to describe it is you need to see the color of the rod peeking through the hair for freer curls.

A great tip to combat the frizzy-end-tip problem is to place the rod at the end of your hair and criss-cross the hair as you begin rolling the rod upwards so that the ends stay in place.

For a Shirley Temple spiral curl, keep the hair flat and smooth on the rod. This will give you that clean spiral curl. For a more relaxed and wavy style, wind the hair on the rod while twisting it as you roll.

Roll all the sections in individual rods. Once all the hair is rolled up, bend the rod at the root and the tip to secure it. Give your hair enough time to dry completely. The drier the hair, the more defined and less frizzy each curl will be. Once dried, gently unwind the rods. If you want to loosen the curls, gently pull your fingers through each individual section. If you like them tight, spray a bit of hairspray on them and off you go to show everyone your shiny, gorgeous curls.

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Flexi Rod Hairstyles For Short Hair

Flexi rods enhance every short haircut style you can think of. You can go frizzy, bushy, curly, wavy, and voluminous.

The Poodle Clip was started by Betty Grable in the 1940s. With this method, you curl your hair with the rods and then pull the sides of your hair up, leaving the top hair curly.

Zola Taylor of the Platters is a great example of the Italian haircut. If you have short hair, curl them with Flexi rods and wear them like Zola. It’s sure to be a hit.

If you have a chin-length bob, using Flexi rods can create sexy, free-flowing locks as seen here, aptly named, Curly Bob.

Another beautiful style is the Flat-Twist with a Twist Out style. Curl your hair with Flexi rods and then braid the side of your scalp, leaving the rest curly.

Flexi Rod Hairstyles On Natural Hair

You can enhance your natural hair by using Flexi rods to either put some volume in your mane or take your hair to curly land.

The Afro American Frohawk is a daring and cheeky style that will turn heads. Curl your hair with the smallest Flexi rods and use a bit of textured wax to give that upright-I-don’t-really-care vibe to your hair. Stunning!

Check out this Frohawk derivative hairstyle aptly called “The Pony-Hawk”:

The Sectioned Mohawk with Small Coils is a great way to spruce things up. Again, curl your hair with the smallest Flexi rods, then braid the sides of your hair in a circular direction until the mohawk in you appears. Sassy, yet safe.

An Afro with tight curls and high shine looks like a halo around the face. And it’s very vogue right now. Curl your hair tightly with the smallest 7/8” Flexi rods and remember to use a styling product that brings the shine. Take the rods out and leave the hair as is without combing it out to maintain those small tight curls.

The Afro Puff with a Headband is another style for that something different. Curl your hair with Flexi rods, comb it out for a bit of volume and use a headband to push the curls away from your face.

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Flexi Rod Styles On Relaxed Hair

Once you have curled your relaxed hair with Flexi rods, you can explore different hairstyles. For example, you can try the Long Curly Pixie with Side Part or the Sealed with a Twist style.

The Braided Crown and Low Bun look like royalty. It’s an easy style to do if you need to go to a formal event straight after work.

The Pineapple Updo is accomplished by curling your hair with Flexi rods and then piling your hair at the front of your head. Cheeky and wise all in one style.

Flexi Rod Hairstyles On Long Hair

Knotted Headscarf is one of the most iconic hairstyles. So eloquent and protects the hair as well. After curling your hair with Flexi rods, simply wear the headscarf with a few loose bangs on the forehead. Easy, relaxed and yet a tad sexy.

The Nape-to-Forehead Natural Braided Mohawk is edgy and shows the creative side of you. Curl your hair the Flexi rod way and ask someone to braid your up from the nape of your neck to your forehead in beautiful twisty styles, leaving some of the curls on top. This style reminds me of a warrior princess.

The Braided Updo is elegant, classy and priceless. This style works very well when the curl from the Flexi rods are starting to sag, but the hair is still bouncy with volume.

Using Flexi rods will help you put a bit of spice back into your relationship with your hair. And what’s great about them is, it’s not permanent and it doesn’t hurt the hair like other methods. And if the curl doesn’t come out the way you want, just wash your hair and try another style. Hope you enjoy pampering yourself. You deserve it.

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