Is Garnier Fructis good for your hair?

By: | Last Updated: June 29, 2022

If you like to frequent the hair care aisle, then you’re probably familiar with Garnier. They have a variety of hair essentials and hair color products that cater to any type.

Since you’re looking for a different shampoo and conditioner to improve your hair’s health, you wonder if Garnier is a brand worth investing in.

But since your friends and family have mixed reviews about their products, you figured you’d dig for more information to help you decide if you should try them.

So is Garnier a good brand for hair? Read on to find out.

What is Garnier?

What is Garnier

In 1904, Alfred Amour Garnier patented his plant-based hair lotion, establishing Garnier as a brand.

Since then, they have launched numerous hair and skin care lines, including hair dyes, shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, and moisturizers, to name a few.

In 2003, the brand released its Garnier Fructis line, consisting of vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free products containing fruit extracts to help maintain healthy hair.

Whether you have dry, damaged, fine, curly, or color-treated strands, Garnier Fructis has a product line that will cater to your needs.

Aside from their wide range of hair care choices, Garnier products are easily accessible and affordable; they can fit into your beauty routine without breaking the bank.

Is Garnier good for hair?

Garnier Fructis has several products under its belt. Each product contains ingredients that will nourish different hair types.

But with their budget-friendly prices, Garnier products are often speculated to contain harsh and filler ingredients.

So to find out the truth, let’s break down each formula to see if their treatments work.

Is Garnier good for dry hair?

Dry hair can be challenging to manage, so avoiding products containing harsh ingredients that will worsen its condition is the best thing you could do. 

Good thing Garnier Fructis has their Triple Nutrition line developed for dry hair. Each treatment contains glycerin, avocado, almond, and olive oils to help replenish your hair’s moisture.  

But with their impressive ingredients, does Garnier Fructis dry out hair?

For the Triple Nutrition shampoo, some users love how the creamy formula replenishes their hair, while some agree that it dries out their strands. 

Even though the product contains 3 moisturizing oils and glycerin, the presence of sulfates and alcohol in its formulation cancel out the hydrating properties of its ingredients.

Most say that the line’s conditioner and leave-in oil treatment make their hair feel greasy.

So if you have very dry hair, you might want to give the Triple Nutrition shampoo a pass as it could worsen its condition, but if you still want to give it the benefit of the doubt, make sure to apply a moisturizing conditioner after.

Is Garnier good for thin hair?

If you have thin hair and are looking to add more volume, you’ll need to avoid products that will weigh your strands down.

Garnier Fructis has a Full & Plush line that consists of a shampoo and conditioner combo that contains pomegranate to volumize your strands.

Some users like how the shampoo does a good job cleaning their hair and scalp while the conditioner works well for moisturizing normal to dry hair. 

Overall, the Full & Plush line will make your hair feel smooth and bouncy but won’t add significant volume. 

So if you want to add a subtle lift to your hair without splurging, you might want to consider giving this line a try. 


Is Garnier Fructis good for hair growth?

If you’re having trouble with hair fall and want to grow thicker hair, Garnier has a line dedicated to helping you grow stronger strands. So is Garnier good for hair growth?

The Grow Strong line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment with apple extract and ceramide to make your hair stronger and reduce breakage. 

So is Garnier Fructis Grow Strong good for your hair?

Some notice that their hair breaks less after 2 weeks of continuous use while also having their hair growing longer. They enjoy how well the shampoo and conditioner cleans and moisturize their strands while wafting a pleasant apple scent.


But does Garnier Fructis make your hair fall out?

While others enjoy the Grow Strong formula, the shampoo and conditioner duo won’t work quite well on curly hair. A reviewer had difficulty detangling their curls after using the conditioner, resulting in more strands breaking off post-shower.

The formula won’t make your hair directly fall out, but you might have a hard time combing out your hair. So if you have curly hair, use this line with caution.


Is Garnier Fructis good for straight hair?

Is Garnier Fructis good for straight hair

If you have straight hair that’s prone to frizz, Garnier has a system that helps protects your strands from humidity while also making them smooth and shiny for up to 72 hours.

The Sleek and Shine line consists of a shampoo, conditioner, liquid conditioner, and an anti-frizz serum that contains argan oil and vitamin E to nourish your hair. 

So is Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine good for your hair?

The shampoo and conditioner work well on normal to dry hair, but it’s best to avoid it if you have a naturally oily scalp as it will worsen it due to the products’ moisturizing properties.

The anti-frizz serum also works well on smoothening down your strands when applied to damp hair, but the effects tend to go away once you wash the product out. 

You’ll also have to be careful about how much serum you’ll apply to your hair, as putting on too much will make your hair feel greasy.

Is Garnier good for curly hair?

If you have curly hair, make sure the products you’ll be using are Curly Girl approved to avoid ending up with brittle and frizzy curls.

Garnier Fructis has a Curl Nourish line consisting of shampoo, conditioner, leave-in cream, refresher spray, oil treatment, co-wash, and hair pudding. 

It’s one of the most extensive systems in the entire Garnier Fructis line. Each product is sulfate-free and contains coconut oil to help you achieve healthy and bouncy curls.

So is Garnier Fructis Curl Nourish good for your hair?

The shampoo works well on cleaning your hair, but some notice that it can leave a residue after washing it out. 

The conditioner, leave-in cream, and oil treatment surprisingly work well on making your hair feel soft without weighing it down. You can skip the hair pudding as it doesn’t do anything for your curls.  

Overall, is Garnier Fructis good for black hair? Most Curl Nourish products do well in making your curls feel soft and frizz-free, so if you’re looking for a new treatment, you might want to give these a try.

But it’s also worth mentioning that the Curl Nourish line contains ingredients that are not Curly Girl approved, so if you follow the method religiously, you might want to skip these products altogether.


Is Garnier Fructis Pure Clean good for your hair?

The Garnier Fructis Pure Clean products are silicone- and dye-free, consisting of regular shampoo, clarifying shampoos, conditioner, detangler, leave-in treatment, gel, and paste. 

Each product contains aloe vera extract so it can clean and nourish your hair without weighing it down.

Whether you have straight or curly hair, the Pure Clean shampoo and conditioner work well at cleaning and moisturizing your hair. The detangler is excellent for keeping your hair smooth and frizz-free.

You can also use the gel and finishing paste to style and manage your hair. But if you have curly hair, skip the gel on humid days as it tends to make your hair frizzy because of the sorbitol and glycerin it contains.


Is Garnier conditioner good for hair?

Is Garnier conditioner good for hair

If you’re looking for a good conditioner that will revive and hydrate your hair, Garnier has several conditioners to choose from, depending on your hair’s needs. 

The Garnier Fructis line has a total of 19 paraben-free and cruelty-free conditioners, so you can definitely find one that will fit your hair type. But is Garnier Fructis conditioner good for your hair?

As mentioned above, the Curl Nourish and Pure Clean conditioners have rave reviews. 

But if you’re looking to venture to other products, the Fructis line also has a Treats system that contains 96% naturally derived ingredients. The conditioners mostly have positive reviews as they’re great for moisturizing straight to curly hair.

Is Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner good for your hair?

The Garnier Fructis line only has 4 leave-in conditioners to choose from. Some have mixed reviews as they find their formula too greasy for their hair.

But the trick to getting their products to work is to apply them on damp hair so your strands can absorb them properly.

So to reap the benefits of their hydrating leave-in conditioners, make sure to pick one that fits your hair type. 

If you have straight hair, the Sleek & Shine leave-in conditioner works well in keeping your hair smooth and shiny. In contrast, the Curl Nourish Butter Cream activates your curls so they’ll stay bouncy and frizz-free.  

Is Garnier Fructis Whole Blends good for your hair?

In 2016, Garnier released their Whole Blends line, which features shampoo bars, shampoos, conditioners, and masks.

Like the Fructis line, the Whole Blends collection contains several systems that target different hair problems by using a blend of naturally derived ingredients. Their formulas don’t contain parabens, mineral oils, phthalates, and DMDM hydantoin, so they won’t dry out or damage your strands in the long run.

So far, the line has positive reviews as their products give salon-level results without costing a pretty penny. So if you’re looking for close to natural hair care products at a budget-friendly price, the Whole Blends line is definitely worth trying out.

The final verdict

So, is Garnier bad for your hair? Not necessarily.

Several of their products still contain ingredients that are damaging to your hair. 

But their newer systems are silicone- and dye-free, so it’s refreshing to see drugstore products that don’t rely on harsh chemicals.

Not all of the products in their Garnier Fructis line are a hit or miss, so the key is to find the correct one that targets your hair’s needs.

Their formula may not be comparable to high-end brands, but if you’re looking for budget-friendly hair care products, Garnier has some hidden gems.

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