How to get hair dye out of carpet

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

If you dye your hair at home, you probably have stains everywhere. No matter how careful you are, the process can get messy, and you end up with some hair dye stains on your carpet.

Replacing your carpet can cost much more than having your hair professionally done at the salon. So much for trying to save some money by going DIY!

But don’t worry, you can still try to save your carpet before it’s too late.

So how do you get hair dye stains out of carpets? Scroll down to find out.

Does vinegar get hair dye out of the carpet?

Does vinegar get hair dye out of the carpet

Vinegar is the most common ingredient for DIY cleaning solutions. Its acidic composition makes it the perfect component for removing tough stains, including hair dye.

So if you accidentally spilled some hair color on your carpet, you’ll need to mix white vinegar, dish soap, and warm water.

Get an old cloth and dip it into the solution. Then, gently blot the cloth onto the stain until the color fades out.

It may take you several attempts to get all the hair dye out, but once it’s gone, blot the spot with a wet sponge to remove the leftover solution, and you’re done.

But in case you run out of vinegar and don’t have time to run to the store, there are alternative ways to get rid of the stain.

So how to get hair dye out of carpet without vinegar?

Does baking soda get hair dye out of the carpet?

Does baking soda get hair dye out of the carpet

Baking soda is another favored ingredient for at-home cleaning solutions because of its abrasive properties. So it’s no wonder when it’s also an effective agent for getting rid of hair dye on carpets.

So how to get hair dye out of carpet with baking soda? 

You’ll need to layer glycerin, baking soda, and dish soap over the stain to form a paste. Then, brush the area until the pigments fade out.

You can then pour a small amount of water to rinse the solution and blot it off with a dry cloth.

This solution is gentler than the vinegar mix, so you can use this on delicate carpets.

Does acetone get hair dye out of the carpet?

Acetone may be able to remove nail polish, but it won’t be the first thing you’ll pick up to get rid of carpet stains. But the buzz on the internet says it’s a possible method for fading hair color out.

So, will acetone remove hair dye from carpet?

Aside from wiping off dye stains from sinks and bathtubs, acetone is surprisingly effective for getting rid of carpet stains.

So if you want to try this method, it’s recommended to do it on a stained white carpet as the acetone may alter the colors of your rug.

To start, pour a small amount of acetone on a white cloth and gently dab it on the stained areas. Avoid rubbing the fabric on the carpet as this can press the stain further into its fibers.

Once the hair color fades out, you can spray the area with water and dab the excess liquid off with a sponge.

How do you get permanent hair dye out of the carpet?

Permanent hair dye would be the last thing you’ll want to get on your carpet since it will be difficult to get rid of if you don’t act fast.

But good thing the DIY mixtures are easy to combine so you can start cleaning before the dye begins to dry out. 

But since there is a wide range of hair pigments available, will the color of the hair dye matter for the solutions to work?

How to get black hair dye out of carpet?

Black is one of the toughest hair colors to remove due to its dark pigments. So spilling some on your carpet may require a bit of elbow grease if you want to get the stains out.

Good thing the vinegar solution will work great in removing black hair dye from your carpet.

But since it’s a potent pigment, you might need to make several applications. But if the stains are persistent, you can use a brush to supplement the cleaning method.

Once you get the stains out, you can leave the carpet to air dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

How to get brown hair dye out of carpet

Brown hair dye may also be tricky to remove, especially if it’s on a white carpet.

You can use the vinegar mixture to remove this color. But if there are still faint pigments left, you can pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cloth and use it to dab on the stain.

If you see some color transfer onto the cloth, repeat the method of dabbing the alcohol until all of the hair colors are gone.

But if it doesn’t appear to work, you might need to apply the vinegar solution again.

How to get blue dye out of carpet

Blue hair dye on a white carpet is a formula for disaster as it’s notorious for leaving stains that are next to impossible to remove.

So if you don’t want to see blue spots scattered around your previously pristine carpet, you’ll need to pick up the big guns of cleaning solutions.

Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful cleaning agent, so it’s recommended to only use this on white carpets as it may lighten its original color.

All you’ll need to do is directly pour hydrogen peroxide over the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. You’ll notice the surface will start to bubble up; that’s when you’ll know the peroxide is activating.

When the stain is off, you can then use a damp cloth to wipe away the leftover peroxide.

On stubborn stains, you can also place a damp towel over the area and place a hot iron over it. Take care not to let it sit for too long to avoid burning your carpet.

You’ll know if this method is effective when you notice the blue pigments transfer onto the towel.

But if your carpet has delicate fibers, disregard this method altogether.

How to get red hair dye out of carpet

Red hair dye is also a pain to remove as it leaves traces of pink stains when you try to fade it out.

So if you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can use an ammonia mixture to get rid of the stains instead.

To use, you’ll need to mix ammonia, dish soap, and water. Apply the solution to the stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. The ammonia will give off a strong smell, so make sure to open the windows or turn on a fan to ventilate the area.

When the time is up, spray a bit of water and wipe the excess off with a towel. If there are still persistent stains left, repeat the process.

How to get old hair dye out of carpet

How to get old hair dye out of carpet

When getting rid of hair color, it’s best to remove it when the stain is still wet, as you could risk permanently dyeing your carpet.

But if you’ve only noticed the stain several days after your hair dyeing session, it’s not too late.

The first thing you need to do is moisten the stain to revive the dye formula before applying the vinegar solution. 

If the color doesn’t budge after several applications, you can try the ammonia mixture or hydrogen peroxide if your carpet has a light color.

If you can find one, you can also try a carpet stain remover. It’s a bit pricey, but they’re made for removing tough stains on carpets without compromising their quality.

How to get semi-permanent hair dye out of carpet

If you spilled some semi-permanent hair dye on your carpet, consider yourself lucky as they’re easier to remove than permanent color.

Make sure to blot the area first to get rid of as much semi-permanent dye as possible.

You can then fade the color out by applying a small amount of clarifying shampoo and water. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before blotting it off with a dry cloth.

If you observe any progress, you can repeat it several times until all of the hair dye is gone. Otherwise, you can switch to applying the baking soda mixture mentioned above.

How to get hair chalk out of carpet

Hair chalk is an easy way of adding pops of color to your without the commitment. 

So if you accidentally drop some on your carpet, removing the stains won’t be a problem since they’re easy to wash out.

You’ll just need to mix dish soap with water and apply it to the stained area. Let it sit for a few minutes to loosen the hair chalk pigments, then blot the solution out with a dry cloth or a sponge.

If there are still marks left, you can repeat the procedure until all the stains are gone.

How to get hair dye out of bedding

It’s frustrating to spot hair dye stains on your sheets when you’ve already spent a while trying to erase all traces of it on your carpet.

So if the stain is still fresh, you can dab on a bit of acetone until the pigment lightens.

Alternatively, you can also pre-treat it with laundry detergent before washing it out.

If your bedding is white, you can then soak it in a fabric bleach and water solution. If the hair dye stain doesn’t lighten after 15 minutes, you might need to apply a stronger cleaning agent, such as a fabric color remover.

The final takeaway

No matter how experienced you are at dyeing your hair, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid getting stains and splotches on your carpet. That’s why it’s essential to cover all surfaces before you start your hair color application.

But if you have applied all precautions and still find hair color stains, there are easy and affordable solutions that will help save your favorite fabrics.

Just make sure to do a spot test before applying the mixtures to ensure they won’t damage your carpets and beddings further.

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