7 Protective Hairstyles for Sleeping

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

You’ve had a fabulous runaround all day with an equally glorious hair. All the products did exactly what they were meant to, frizz stayed away, and you had a good hair day. 

But how do you intend for this awesomeness to stay through the night till the next day, and then the next, and the next? This is without having to go through the hassle of shampooing and styling again and again.

I understand the frustration of having to sleep with your wonderful hair, only to wake up to a messy, frizzy and lion mane hair. I can understand the pain as I’ve gone through the experience of waking up to tangled hair.

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Well, I now have the answer to carrying over the fabulousness of your hair to the next day, and it lies in how you carry your hair to sleep. 

Protecting your hairstyle before you sleep is crucial as it means you can finally say goodbye to frizz, dents, split ends, breakage, or flattened curls when you wake up. 

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The best ideal protective hairstyle for you should be dependent on the looseness or tightness of your curls, whether you wear your hair wet or dry to sleep, and the length of your hair. 

Here are some of the top protective sleep hairstyles that you can maximize in protecting your hair overnight. 

Check out these easy Protective Hairstyles For Sleeping:

1. Loose Bun

If you belong to the curly hair category, then this hairstyle is a favorite option. 

Apply a scrunch gel and leave-in conditioner to your hair, either dry or wet, before you flip it over and secure it as a bun. You don’t want your curls to over-stretch, so it is advisable to keep your bun a little loose. 

Avoid waking up to a dent by twisting first, and then loosely tucking your bun and securing it with a hair tie. With this method, you are at liberty to style your curly hair in numerous ways the next morning. 

2. Braiding

First, you need to brush your hair to the back of your head. Then, start twisting it into a braid from the base of your head. Secure the braid with a scrunchie and not a rubber tie, this way you won’t wake up to hairband markings.

If you want to wake up to stylish, soft body waves, this hairstyle is a great idea. However, this style might be a discomfort if you enjoy sleeping on your back. You can avoid this discomfort by braiding your hair to the sides instead of the back. 

Experiment with different types of braids – loose braids, French braids, or multiple braids. Find out which is more ideal for you. To French braid, partition your hair into 6-9 sections, and then carry on with the regular braiding. 

I also advise that you apply quality hair oils before braiding. his will allow you hair soak in enough moisture and nutrients overnight. 

3. Two-section twist

Another popular, protective way to style your hair overnight is by doing a two-sectioned twist. This style can be done on dry or wet hair, and it’ll help retain your curls. 

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However, if you twist the hair when it’s still damp, you’ll realize tighter curls. With this hairstyle, you can specifically target some areas of the hair, and style them in such a way that they don’t flatten as you sleep. 

To efficiently pull this one off, take a specific section of your hair, partition it into two, and then wrap each of the sections around each other from the root of the hair to its ends. 

This protective hairstyle is more effective with tighter coils and curls. 

4. Twisting

This is another protective overnight hairstyle especially if you don’t want wavy locks the next morning. 

To make this hairstyle, you only need to pull your hair to the base of your head, divide it into two, twist each section to the back, and then twist both sections together. 

5. Pineapple

If you are a curly girl with interest in taking maximum care of your curls, you must have heard of the pineapple style as it’s very popular. This style is better for dry hair. 

Flip your hair from the back to the very top of your head, and then secure it with a fabric wrapped hair tie or a scrunchie to avoid denting or breaking the hair. Separate the ponytail such that each end rests on different sides of your head. 

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If your hair is too short, and it is unable to pull off a pineapple. Don’t despair. You can try out the modified pineapple version – the multi-pineapple. 

This involves you forming two to three pineapples on top of your head. However, if your hair is still too short for this, you might have to stick to using just the satin bonnet or silk scarf. 

6. T-Shirt Turbaning 

If you’re not a fan of pineappling, maybe because it loosens your lush curls and leaves ponytail dents in your, then you can opt for this turban technique instead. 

This technique will prevent your hair from getting flattened as you sleep. All you have to do is take a neat T-shirt, flip your hair to the top of your head, and then wrap the T-shirt around the hair. 

7. Top Knot

This is another easy, unique hairdo for a protective night sleep. This style requires you to pack all your hair to the top center, then twist the hair. 

You can either create a bun by twisting it around itself, or you leave it as a ponytail twist. When you wake up the next morning, this protective hairdo will ensure that your hair comes out with volume. 

Protective hairstyles are an important part of any lady’s hair itinerary. The way you carry your hair to bed will determine how the hair will turn out the next morning. 

If you don’t want to wake up with horrible bed hair, it is advisable to subscribe to any of the seven protective hairstyles listed above. 

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