How can I make my curly hair less curly?

By: | Last Updated: May 17, 2023

Anyone who has curly hair knows that it takes quite a lot of work to keep it looking its best. The smallest thing can cause the hair to go crazy and so it’s always necessary to give it constant attention. For this reason, many people want to change their curly hair to straight hair. Others just want to lessen the curl and have their hair be wavy instead of tightly curled.

Here we will take a look at how you can make your curly hair less curly. You may well ask yourself why you have curly hair. Of course, the biggest factor is your genes. Other factors can include the type of shampoo that you use, the climate that you live in, and how your hairdresser cut your hair.

Many who have curly hair go through the routine of waking up early. This is so they have enough time to fry their waves straight. While this method certainly works, it requires a great deal of effort and it doesn’t take long before this routine can grow old. For this reason, many people are looking for a better way to make their curly hair less curly.

Go From Curly To A Slight Wave

For many, it is not necessary to go completely straight but instead, they only want to reduce the tightness of the curl into a light wave. This requires a multi-step process to be successful. Those who would like to achieve a slight wave, you can get the results you want by using medium hot rollers and styling your hair while it’s still wet from showering.

1. Prepare Everything You’ll Need

There are only two ways to straighten or lessen curly hair. One is with the use of chemicals and the other is the use of heat. So for those who want to make their curly hair less curly at home, you will need to use heat on your curly hair. You need to take a shower and afterward just pat dry your hair and then move to another room where it’s a bit less humid. Humidity can cause frizz.

It is best to use a heat protecting product. Rollers that are an inch and a half to 2 inches wide are recommended. They’ll produce light waves instead of curls. You’ll also need a hair dryer.

2. Begin by heating up your hot rollers.

You can do this a little early by plugging in your kit and then they can be heating up while you’re preparing your hair for the rollers. If they need a little extra time you can be doing other things until they’re ready.

3. Apply your heat protectant to the hair while it is still good and wet.

You can get this in most drugstores and beauty supply stores. It helps to protect the hair from getting damaged from the heated styling tools. This process will require using a combination of hot rollers and hot hair dryer and for that reason, the hair needs to be protected. If for some reason you don’t have any heat protectant, as a temporary solution, you can leave hair conditioner in the hair to help protect it from the heat.

4. It’s easier if you divide your hair into sections.

We recommend that you divide it into three or four or five sections. You can separate it using hair clips. Take the first section and comb it straight. Afterwards, put the tips of the hair to the roller. Roll the hot roller until it’s over your head. You’ll then use a pen to hold it in place.

During this process, you want to try and keep the hair as smooth as possible when you’re rolling it. The amount of hair used on each roller should fit comfortably and you shouldn’t try to use too much hair with 1 roller.

5. You will now do this same process with the remaining sections.

You can use your hands to help when you’re rolling your hair with the roller. Once complete, use a pin to hold it in place. Often, you may find the amount of hair for 1 section is too much for the roller and you have some left over. In that case, just simply use an additional roller, or use jumbo rollers if you have long or thick hair.

6. Once all of the hair has been rolled up you will then need your hair dryer.

You’ll want the hairdryer to be as close to the rollers as possible without burning your hair or your scalp. Move the dryer around so that you can achieve an evenly heated area to help dry all the different angles of the hair. It’s important that you dry the rolled hair until it’s completely dry because if you stop early it will simply curl up again.

This is a simple way to go from curly hair to wavy hair. Once you get used to it you can do this quickly and easily. Try it today. 🙂

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