What are the best hot rollers for fine hair?

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Hot rollers surely aren’t new to the beauty world, but it’s time you gave them a fresh look- especially if you have fine, thin, or damaged hair.

Using hot rollers to create your daily style means less heat to your fragile strands, and less time fretting over broken ends and frizz.

I’ve put together a list of reviews for the best rated hot rollers for fine hair, with links for you to check them out yourself! Using any new heat tool on your delicate hair can be kind of intimidating, use my product reviews as a guide to find the best product for your hair.

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Quick Answer: Best Hot Rollers For Fine Hair

Before we proceed to the products, first I’ll answer some questions…

Frequently Asked Questions About Hot Rollers For Fine Hair

  1. Are hot rollers less damaging? Hot rollers are less damaging to hair than traditional curling irons.  Hot rollers actually create your curl as they cool, and have a more even heat transfer than curling irons. They do not need to reach extreme temperatures to set a great, long lasting curl.
  2. Hot Rollers Or Curling Iron for fine hair? If you’ve got fine hair, hot rollers are your best heat styling option. They apply less heat to your hair over a longer period of time, avoiding the instant scorching and over-drying that can be caused by a curling iron.
  3. Do heated rollers work on fine hair? Heated rollers (hot rollers) work great on fine hair. When you’ve got fine or thin hair, you probably have trouble getting any kind of lift or volume. Hot rollers are the perfect tool for adding height and shape to your otherwise limp locks.
  4. How long do hot rollers need to stay in? You want to leave your hot rollers in your hair until they are completely cool. Depending on the temperature you start with, how long, and how thick your hair is, this can take up to 20 minutes.  It’s a good idea to do a “dry run” with your rollers at least once before a big event so you know how long your set will take to cool in your hair.
  5. What are the best hot rollers for long fine hair? If you’re blessed with fine hair that grows long and beautiful, taking the best care of it possible is important.  The Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers set listed in the review section below features long, skinny hair rollers that will handle your longer hair. You may need to use 2 clips per roller with these, so consider ordering extras! Fair warning, the Calista gets out of stock fairly quickly. So if it is, you can either get the InfinitiPro by Conair or the T3 Volumizing Rollers (both of which I mention below).

Our Top Picks: Best hot rollers for fine hair

InfinitiPro by Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers w/ Ionic Generator

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Use this set of Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers by Conair to style big bold curls or small, smooth ringlets. The ionic generator with this set helps tame frizz and protect your hair from damage. 3 roller sizes allow you to create just the look you want.

This set of curlers for short fine hair heat to full temp within about 10 minutes. If you are in a time crunch you might want to plug the unit in before starting your morning routine. Featuring 12 heat settings, these rollers are good for all hair types. Conair does include clips with this roller set, but you if you have long or extra thick hair you may need to purchase separate clips that are a little stronger than the ones included in the box.

You’ll find your curls come out uniform and smooth with this roller set and they should have an all day hold. The case for this ceramic flocked roller set does have a retractable cord and is fairly compact, so storing it or traveling with your rollers is convenient and tangle free.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hairsetter

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Roller Hairsetter

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Babybliss Pro’s Nano Titanium Hairsetter offers 20 rollers in 3 different sizes to create any type of style you want! This set includes everything you need to make big waves or tight curls. These Nano Ceramic Titanium rollers smooth hair while it curls, sealing your hair’s cuticle and protecting it from heat damage.

Flocked in super soft velvet, these rollers won’t catch or snag your hair while you’re setting them or cause you to pull your curl out when you’re removing the roller. This feature also makes them great rollers for fine, thin hair, as it adds an extra layer of protection to prevent breakage and heat damage. The indicator light lets you know when the set is heated to temperature and ready to use, usually within about 15 minutes.

You can use a variety of the small, medium, and large rollers in this set to create really natural looking body and volume in your hair. You may need to play with the clips included in this set a few times to decide if they are right for you. They don’t hold all hair types well, and you might be able to find a clip that works better for yours.

Caruso Professional Steam Hair Setter

Caruso Professional Steam Hair Setter

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These unique hot rollers utilize steam to give you a perfect style every time you use them. These may be the best curlers for thin hair, as the steam works to gently create curls without damaging your fragile strands. The only heat applied to your hair is through steam that flows through the roller as it sets your curl.

The set features small, medium, and large rollers so you can create a variety of looks no matter how long your hair is. The clips included with this set keep hair and roller secure through the entire setting process. These curlers are very easy to use, but may take some getting used to, as they are so different.

It’s important to check your roller after 3-5 seconds while it is being steamed to make sure it gets hot but not wet. You also need to work fairly quickly, as your rollers begin to cool immediately.

Practice sectioning hair before steaming your rollers to get the best results. The Caruso Professional Steam Hair Setter curlers will leave your hair shiny and soft, with big beachy waves, uniform curls, or any style in between.  

If you have soft, fine and hard to curl hair that is completely straight, this steam roller set will work for you. But there’s a trick to it. I’ve seen some women complain that it doesn’t work on their fine hair. Fret not, YOU can make it work.

>> CHECK OUT our in-depth review of the Caruso

For those with hair that find it difficult to hold a curl, use these rollers on unwashed or second day hair. Apply mousse or another styling product of your choice. Then after you finish rolling all your hair up, use a hair dryer. This will set the curls and make them last.

T3 Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe

T3 Luxe Volumizing Hot Rollers for fine hair

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These hot curlers by T3 offer big style for long, fine hair. The set includes 4 large and 4 extra large rollers, so won’t be the best hot rollers for short fine hair. That said, you can use these Volumizing Hot Rollers to body and shine to your hair with a long lasting style.

Once you’ve turned this set on, an indicator on each roller will turn white when they have reached maximum temperature, making it easier than ever to know when to start setting your curls. T3 designed these curlers with 2 heat settings, so it is friendly for all hair types. They are velvet flocked, letting hair glide freely across them while rolling and rolling to prevent snags and snarls.

The Volumizing Hot Rollers Luxe set is also dual voltage ready, so you don’t have to leave home without your favorite beauty. Travel abroad with this easy to pack set, but don’t forget your plug adapter for European style outlets!

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

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The heating element for these rollers by Calista Tools is inside each individual roller. This feature promotes faster heating than other roller sets and allows them to hold their heat longer. These are the best hot curlers for long, fine hair. The extended length curler barrel gives you plenty of room to wind your long locks from ends to roots.

Use them at the ends of your hair only for beach ready waves, or roll them all the way to your scalp for long and smooth ringlets. The teeth on this Ion Hot Rollers grip hair well, and while the kit includes hair clips, you may find clips you like better than what’s included, as the tend to crimp your hair. This set will deliver smooth, healthy curls that are long lasting.

These rollers are quite a bit longer than standard sized sets, it may take some practice to handle them and wind your long hair in the best way to create those perfect curls.

CHI Smart Magnify Ceramic Rollers

CHI Smart Magnify Ceramic Rollers

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This set of 9 hot rollers by CHI have a ceramic barrel coated in velvet to prevent your hair from sticking or snagging on your roller. The medium sized rollers create big, beachy volume in fine, thin hair and longer, thicker hair. Hair does stay on the roller nicely, so you won’t have to take time to reset your curl mid-way through your style session.

CHI’s Smart Magnify Ceramic Rollers do heat to max temp within 15 minutes, so it may be best to plug them in when you wake up, or give plenty of lead time before you need to start styling your hair. They do get very hot, which helps to create perfect curls for most hair types.

Because of the size and temperature, these are the best rollers for making big, body waves for thin hair.  They will give you a big volume boost but may be warm near your scalp if you’ve got short hair, so roll them slowly! This roller set comes in a convenient, compact case that stores easily.

Remington Pro Hair Setter with Thermaluxe

Remington Pro Series H9100S T-Studio Thermaluxe Ceramic Hair Setter

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The Remington Pro Hair Setter with Thermaluxe roller set heats hair from the inside out, making it a safe alternative to traditional curling irons. These rollers are ceramic coated, so your hair will glide smoothly across them and stay protected from heat damage. This system heats your rollers and clips together, so you get as much heat transfer as possible to create your style.

With 12 medium and 8 large rollers, this set may be best for gals with medium to long hair, although you could use the medium size curlers to create mega volume in shorter layers.These rollers heat quickly. You’ll be on your way to big waves in no time. Use this curler set to get large, even curls that are smooth and long lasting.

This set does have an on/off indicator light but doesn’t feature a light that shows when they are heated to temp. Be sure to do a test run when they first arrive so you know how long it takes for them to reach the temperature you need. The storage rack for this Remington set conveniently stores your cord, too, so these store and travel easily!

Things to Consider

If your hair is really thin and fine, curling it can be a little tricky. First, you’ll definitely need heated rollers that will give your hair added volume because its normal state is that it looks too flat and boring. Lack in volume is the usual problem if your hair is too fine, but if you have a great hot roller set to give your hair added body and texture, then you’ll be fine.

Another problem with very fine hair is that it typically doesn’t hold a curl. Thin hair is usually straight and even when you try to curl it, it reverts back to its original state and you’ll just end up frustrated. This is why you need the added element of heat, which will lock the curls in place and allow it to stay there for an extended time. When you’re dealing with heat, though, you need to be careful with fine hair because it gets damaged easily. It’s essential to pick a good hot roller and ensure that your hair has added protection beforehand.

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hot roller clamp butterfly clip – Curling Diva

How to use hot rollers for fine hair

Even when using the best hair rollers for thin hair, your first date with your curlers could be a little scary!

Don’t worry! With a little practice, you’ll be setting your style faster than you ever could with your curling iron, and have way more skin left on your fingertips!

To create big volume with your roller set, you want to use medium to large rollers, depending on the length of your hair. Short hair or shorter layers will require smaller rollers. If you want tight ringlets, use the smallest roller you have.

Remember, the longer your hair, the bigger the roller!

1. Wash hair

Your very first step, of course, is to wash your hair.  But after you’ve done that, pause before you blow dry! Work a volumizing mousse into your hair while it’s still wet. This will help your style set faster and help it to last all day.  Keep reading for more info about volumizing mousse later on in this article!

2. Wait for hair to dry

You’ve washed your hair and added a lightweight mousse, now make sure your hair is dry!

Curls will set best in hair that is totally dry when you begin.

3. Start curling!

To add your first roller, separate a section of hair at the crown of your head, and choose a roller that you can roll your hair from ends to roots at least twice.  If the roller is too small, you’ll end up with ringlets, if it’s too large, you might just have hair sticking straight up!

Roll your hot roller under and in toward your scalp, starting at the ends of your hair. Once you’ve reached your head, secure your roller in place with a clip or pin and repeat in another section of hair.  For big volume, it won’t take many rollers to cover your whole head.

Once all of your rollers are in place, let them set until they are cool.  

Don’t be tempted to pull them early, you may lose your curl quickly (or not get one at all). After you’ve checked and they are ready, gently unroll each curler, being careful not to tug or pull at your hair.  Finger comb your hair and use a styling spray to help create the final look you want!

Check out this video tutorial:

Best Mousse For Hot Rollers

When you’ve found best electric curlers for fine hair, you want to  maximize your style results. Pairing a volumizing mousse for more body with your fave new rollers will give you longer lasting results that you don’t have to touch up mid day.

Fine hair seems to go out of its way to fall limp and deflate just hours after it’s been styled.  It’s important to choose a mousse that is lightweight and formulated for fine hair. Heavy styling products weigh your fine hair down.

Choose a good, lightweight styling product like Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse.  Work the mousse in to your hair before you blow dry it.

The mousse coats your hair and helps prevent it from flattening out and losing shape after you’ve styled it. You’ll love the results you get from adding this one quick step to your hot roller routine!

If you’re on the hunt for the best hot roller set for fine hair, read through my reviews of some of the best rated sets and check out review from other people who have used them.

You may be surprised how easy it is to use this old school tools, and find you can’t live without your fresh new curler set!

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