How To Style Side Swept Bangs With Round Brush

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If you haven’t noticed, side swept bangs has become a popular way of adding extra style to your looks especially for gals who are tired of the usual straight hairstyle.

Side swept bangs ultimately provides you with a new look without having to worry about maintenance as they can easily be tucked behind the ear. What’s more, they’re a good fit for every face shape and will come off as elegant with any hair texture if done in the proper way.

Bang! I know a lot of you may hesitate to get bangs because the styling can get a little tricky especially if you’ve got naturally wavy hair. Girls with straight hair would find it much easier to pull this one off and get a nice sweep on their bangs.

If you consider your hair “problematic” and assume that this isn’t possible, I’ll show you how to make it possible. With the right brush and hair product, getting side swept bangs won’t be difficult.

How to style side swept bangs with round brush

After I wash my hair, I separate my bangs from the rest of my hair. You don’t have to do it in a specific way but just make sure to have a parting that leaves hair in the front section which will be your bangs.

Take up your blow dryer and blow dry your hair starting with the bangs. A common mistake that girls make is they fail to concentrate on the bang first and only return to it when it’s already starting to get a lot of natural bend and funky stuff going on. So make sure to tackle your bangs first.

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Blow dry the front hair in an opposite direction to the way you want them to fall. Your dryer can be on any preferred temperature setting just make sure not to set this on low if you’re late for an outing or any other urgent event. Higher temperature setting will usually make your hair shiny and straight.

Another mistake is to point the drier in an upward direction from beneath your bangs. You want to avoid this at all cost to prevent getting a sort of rainbow effect when you’re done.

Instead, make sure the dryer is placed directly over your bangs and pointing down from the side of your bangs. Run your fingers through them as you do this until your hair becomes almost dry. If you don’t want to get caught up struggling with a lot of curl, make sure that your hair isn’t too dry.

Now grab your brush and begin swoop your bangs forward, this time, in the right direction in which you want them to go. To get a little bit of a side sweep, use your brush to pull your bangs from the back side, roll it in and slowly pull it down to the side.

The key to getting voluminous side bangs with your round brush is to give it a tease at the root and fluff them up from beneath. Rubbing a bit of mousse on your bangs will also give it a little volume. While doing this continue to blow dry the bangs from the roots till the ends. As your hair starts cooling off, be sure to hold the brush in place a little bit whenever you reach the ends before letting it go.

Watch this video for more details on how to style your bangs with a round brush:

Using a comb or your fingers, sweep through your bang and make sure it doesn’t completely cover your eye. As you begin to see the bang sweep out nicely on your forehead, use a hairspray to hold it in place just a little bit above your eye.

You can do this either by gently spraying it directly or first on your fingers and then go on to apply it on the bang. I know how hard it can get trying to get your bangs off your eyes but doing this will help ‘train’ your hair in that direction.

How To Style Side Swept Bangs Using Flat Iron

For this make sure your hair is completely dry before you begin working on it. You can either choose to blow dry them or leave them to air. Separate your bangs and comb it forward to prep them for styling.

Use your fingers to check that your hair is totally dry and then heat up your flat iron. For me, my bangs are more likely to last longer with high heat setting. And frankly speaking, who doesn’t like to get many days out of their hairstyle if at all possible?

The rule is to use a low heat setting if your hair is thin and fine while thick-haired gals may need higher temperature to get their hair straight.

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Pick up your bangs with the flat iron in sections depending on its thickness. You should start from the roots and run it completely through your bang till the ends of it. Again the trick to getting it right here is to turn your wrist under as you pull the flat iron from the roots of your bangs. This will help curve the bang in your preferred direction which is usually inward.

The best way to achieve voluminous side bangs is to flip your bangs over and use a comb to fluff or tease at the roots. Clasping a flat iron about 1 cm away from the roots will also help add more volume to it. Whatever you do you, make sure the heated iron doesn’t touch your scalp.

This video explains how to use a flat iron for styling your bangs.

Keep your bangs in place by adding a hairspray as described earlier. Avoid using a mousse or gel if you have thick wavy hair because it’ll only result in more curls if you do.

How To Cut Side Swept Bangs For The First Time

Having to deal with bangs that are too long or annoying can get your hair really messy. Let me show you how to do this yourself at home and save up those extra bucks you spend at the salon.

If you’re not confident in doing this yourself then you should go to the salon. However, if you decide that you want to take on the challenge, then keep reading this and you’ll discover that it’s really not hard.

Make sure to blow dry your hair and make sure hair is straightened so that you know exactly where your bangs fall. Separate a section of your hair and comb it down in front of your face. This parting doesn’t have to be perfect and all you need is a rough triangular section off the rest of your hair. Get the rest of your hair out of the way by tying into a ponytail so that it doesn’t fall back down. Usually the thickness of your bangs depend on your style.

The next thing to do is to pull your bangs forward and use your fingers to hold it in place before you start cutting across. You should be careful cutting your own hair as you don’t want to stuck with a bad haircut. Don’t just cut it in any way.

Determine how much length you’ll want to cut before starting. The same method of cutting applies for both short and long side bangs. If you’re going to be making full bangs later, you should consider keeping the length a bit longer. An ideal length might be at the level of your nose. As you begin cutting, you can still adjust this length to fit your face nicely.

The right way to do this is to first discover the direction in which your bangs will fall. For instance, if I want my bangs to fall towards my left side, I have to twist it first towards the left and hold it in place. This makes it easy for me to cut through diagonally and not at an awkward angle.

Comb out your bangs before cutting and only cut off half an inch with your scissors, constantly opening and closing it in a slightly angled manner and pointing to the ground.

Taking little cuts at a time will help ease the tension of having to cut your own hair.

Release your bangs and comb it out evenly again. Divide it in half and carefully take your time to cut upwards starting with the shorter section. This will give your bangs more texture and ensure it doesn’t look too freshly cut. Be patient with this and repeat the same process for the other half to get excellent results. You should get the perfect length for styling if you were careful in doing this.

You may have been shying away from this particular hairstyle because you’ve always thought you could not do this. I’m sure by now you must have a change of heart. Make sure to show off your swept side fringe and I bet your friends would also want to create a flawless one just like yours.

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