Does black hair dye fade

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Black hair dye may seem intimidating to apply, but if you’re brave enough to try.

Once you find the right shade, black hair will elevate your style by making you look fierce and mysterious.

But when the time comes to move on to another hair color, will black hair dye wash out?

Since you’re warned about how difficult it is to remove dark hair colors, will it be possible to strip it out?

This article will give you the scoop on how intense black hair dye can be, so read more to find out.

Does permanent dark hair dye fade?

Does permanent dark hair dye fade

As a hair color enthusiast, you probably know how challenging it is to remove black hair dye, so you tend to avoid it.

But sometimes you see somebody who looks good with black hair, so you start to get curious about how you’ll look with that dark hue.

But you know you often change your hair color, so is black hair dye permanent?

Even though you’re using a permanent dye, some do experience having their black hair fade after a few weeks.

Several factors may affect why this happens, but mainly because permanent hair dye is water-soluble. A layer of pigment strips off your strands every time you wash your hair, so your color gradually fades over time.

That’s why it’s often recommended to change your hair care routine whenever you dye your hair to help extend its lifespan.

Does semi-permanent black hair dye fade?

Semi-permanent hair dye will eventually fade out of your hair, even if it’s a black hue. But black will take a while to fade since it contains the most pigments out of any color.

Since you won’t use a developer, the black pigments will only coat the exterior of your hair, so it’s easy to wash a layer of pigments away every time you shampoo your hair.

So if you want to maintain your black hair, you can use a conditioner-based semi-permanent color, like the ones from Arctic Fox or oVertone, so you can let the formula sit on your hair for hours to get a really potent hue.

Does black dye fade on bleached hair?

Does black dye fade on bleached hair

When you think about applying black dye on bleached hair, you’d think about how bad it would stain your hair.

But it’s surprising how it’s sometimes the opposite. So, does black hair dye fade on bleached hair?

Whether permanent or semi-permanent, black dye will sometimes fade quickly on pre-lightened hair due to bleach damage.

Since bleach is a harsh chemical, frequent use will open up your cuticles, making your hair highly porous. So as a result, dye molecules will wash out faster since your hair cuticles can’t hold them in.

Applying black dye directly on bleached hair will also cause the pigments to fade out quickly. 

Since bleaching your hair strips out its warm pigments, you’ll need to add them back in if you want to make your hair darker. Otherwise, the black pigments will have nothing to stick to, so they fade and sometimes turn green.

So to properly darken your hair, you’ll need to put on a filler color first. It’s usually a permanent warm brown hue that you apply without a developer to deposit as many pigments.

After applying your filler color, you’ll need to let it sit for 30 minutes without washing your hair. Then, layer the black dye over and let it soak for another 30-40 minutes.

Once you’re satisfied with the color, rinse your hair and apply a moisturizing conditioner.

How does black hair dye fade on blonde hair?

As mentioned above, if you have porous hair from constant bleaching, it will have difficulty holding on to color since you have raised hair cuticles.

Your cuticles act as a barrier to seal the pigments inside your hair cortex, but since they’re open, the color molecules will wash out of the “holes” in your hair.

Some may have porous hair naturally, but most get it from frequent bleaching and chemically treating your hair.

So to counteract this damage, make sure to use plenty of moisturizing treatments to get your hair back into a healthy state to stop your black hair color from fading fast.

How long does it take for black hair dye to fade?

How long does it take for black hair dye to fade

The type of hair dye you’ll use will affect how long it will stay on your hair, but your base color will also affect its longevity.

How long does black hair dye last on bleached hair?

Depending on how light your bleached hair is, semi-permanent black hair dye will last for about a month before most of the black pigments fade away, where you’re left with its underlying pigments.

Depending on what shade it is, the underlying tones will take 2 more months to wash out unless you’ll use a color remover to strip them out faster.

Permanent hair dye will usually last for 3-4 weeks on bleached hair. But if your hair is highly porous, it may not last as long as healthy hair.

So it’s always best to get your hair to a healthy state before dyeing it dark to get the most out of your black hair color.

How long does black hair dye last on brown hair?

Permanent black dye on brown hair will stay pigmented for 6-8 weeks, while semi-permanent dye will last for 4-6 weeks.

Aside from hair porosity, the frequency of washing your hair will also affect how long the dye will last

But once the black dye fades, your hair will possibly lighten to a dark brown, while others remain dark but with a warm brown tint.

What color does black hair dye fade to?

So you took the plunge of dyeing your hair black, but no matter what brand you’re using the pigments will eventually lighten.

So how does black hair dye fade?

Does black hair dye fade to brown?

Now that you know your black hair color will fade, what does faded black hair dye look like?

If you have a brown base, your dyed black hair will eventually turn to a dark brown hue. 

But if you’re using a permanent dye, the change in color will be subtle and will only appear as a warm brown tint since it’s difficult to lighten dark pigments without using bleach.

Does black hair dye fade to green?

The stages of black dye fading will be more noticeable on blonde or pre-lightened hair than on brown hair because of the color contrast.

So if you’re using semi-permanent black hair dye, you’ll sometimes notice your hair will turn green once the black pigments start to fade.

That’s because some black semi-permanent colors are blue-based, so it first fades into blue, then green since that is its underlying pigment.

So if you don’t want your hair to turn green, you can also mix a purple semi-permanent hair dye with the black pigment to cover up the green base, so your hair will fade into purple instead.

Does black hair dye fade to grey?

Grey and silver hair are currently popular as a fashion hair color, so if you’re hoping to transition to a grey hue after your black hair color, sorry to burst your bubble, but black dye won’t fade to grey.

You’ll only get grey hair by bleaching it to a level 9 or 10 before applying your grey dye for the color to appear.

Unless you use a semi-permanent black hair dye to cover your grey hair, the greys will eventually come back once the black pigments fade out.

Why does my black hair dye fade so fast?

Once you’re used to your inky black hair, you’ll do anything to keep the color longer. But why does it feel like the pigments are fading fast? Here are a few reasons why:

Hard water

The water hardness level in your shower is often overlooked when it comes to color-treated hair.

Hard water contains minerals that will eventually build up on your hair, making it flat and stripping out your hair color quicker.

How hard the water is will vary per city, so you’ll know if a certain place has hard water when your hair feels different after showering.

So one reason why your black hair is fading fast is you might be living in a city with a high water hardness level. So to avoid this, you can lessen the frequency of washing your hair and opt for a good quality dry shampoo instead.


When you dye your hair, it’s often recommended to adjust how you take care of it since some habits will shorten your hair color’s lifespan.

Harsh chemicals, like sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, will dry out your hair, making it easier to strip out your hair color, so be mindful of which products you use on your hair.

Blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair will fade out the pigments faster since the heat will open up your hair cuticles.

These are only a few hair practices that will contribute to making your black dye fade, so what should you do to maintain your hue?

How do you keep black hair dye from fading?

If you want to commit to having black hair, changing your hair regimen will make a big difference in how long your hair color will last.

Aside from washing your hair with cold water, switching to sulfate-free and paraben-free hair products will help make your hair color last longer since these don’t strip out as many pigments as regular hair products.

Using a color-depositing conditioner will also help refresh your color once it starts to fade. But if you can’t find one that will suit your hair, you can also create your own by adding a small amount of semi-permanent black hair dye to your conditioner.

Make it a habit to use moisturizing hair masks every 3 weeks to help keep your cuticles stay flat to maintain healthy and shiny hair.

Cutting back on using heat styling tools will also help maintain your black hue. But if you need to use them, make sure to apply a heat protectant to create a barrier over your strands.

Excess sun exposure will also fade out your hair color, so wear a hat if you need to go out in the sun.

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The bottom line

Whether permanent or semi-permanent, black hair dye will eventually fade out of your hair. But how fast it will wash out will depend on your hair’s current state and your aftercare.

So hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you extend the life of your dark hue.

As long as you keep your hair healthy, you’ll be able to rock those raven strands longer than you expect.

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