Does Beer lighten your hair?

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Are you privy to the incredible benefits of a good beer rinse?

Studies have shown that the stuff found in beer is actually good for your hair. It adds more volume to your hair, makes your hair shinier and luxurious, and hydrates the strands. This is because of the high composition of proteins and B vitamins in beer. 

But, there is one hair use of beer that nobody really talks about.. and that is lightening one’s hair. Does beer lighten your hair? Yes, some celebrities have even come out to say that the secret to their hair lightening is beer. 

Have you ever asked the question, does putting beer in your hair really lighten it? 

If you asked out of curiosity or because you want to dye your hair into a shade that’s lighter than your natural hair color, the answer is yes. 

Beer is actually a natural highlighter for your hair. Continue reading to find out more about how beer lightens the hair, and how you can create the ideal beer solution. 

The Ella Thorne Beer Treatment

Earlier this year, the celebrity actress, Ella Thorne, took to her Instagram page to let her fans in on her secret for hair lightening. 

You can see it for yourself below 🙂

So, besides being used as a shampoo, beer can actually be used for lightening your hair. 

One of the pros of this Ella Thorne’s method is that once you’ve reached the legal drinking age in your country, beer is easy to get. And it is inexpensive too!

What’s more, while lightening your hair, beer will give your locks a softer, silkier, and more weighty appearance. If you have dry, brittle, frizzy, or dull hair, you should try out this Ella Thorne beer treatment. 

“Just as lemon is often used for hair color lifting; beer can also be used as its acidic content is a level four, compared to lemon’s level two.”

Liz Jung, colorist at Mèche Salon in LA (source)

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How to Lighten your Hair with Beer in the Sun

The picture trend on most social media platforms is “Sunkissed! Sunkissed! Sunkissed!”. Sun-kissed hair highlights create a multi-faceted, unique look that can’t be easily replicated with salon chemical treatments. 

Have you longed to have such lightened hair, but you are scared of the expense and toxic chemical treatments? If yes, the good news is that you can create natural, gorgeous, lightened hair from the comfort of your home, without needing to visit the salon. 

Even more interesting, with the help of little sunlight and the famous beverage – beer, you can achieve this. Yes, before you chuck that leftover beer into the bin, remember to apply it to your hair to achieve your desired results. 

Follow the steps below to create the ideal beer solution for sun-kissed hair lightening:

Step 1: Pour 2-4 cans of Beer into a Bucket

You can use whatever brand of beer or any beer quality, making this a very affordable hair lightening solution. However, it will be futile to use this beer solution without first decarbonating the beer and reducing its alcohol content. 

Make the beer decarbonated or “flat,” by leaving it in the bucket overnight. This way, you won’t smell like alcohol after using the solution. Next, boil the beer in a saucepan till it reduces by half. Excess alcohol content can eventually damage your hair, hence boiling is required. 

Step 2: Dip your Hair in the Beer Solution

Once the beer has cooled, pour it into a clean bucket, preferably in your bathroom. Sit on a low chair, bend over the bucket, and dip your hair in the beer solution. For maximum effect, ensure that you evenly soak your hair with the liquid. When I used this solution, I cut up a lemon and squeeze out its juice onto my beer-drenched hair. This provided an extra lightening effect. 

Step 3: Get out in the sun

beer in the sun – Curling Diva

To get your desired Sunkissed hair, you need to expose your beer-drenched hair to sunlight for at least an hour. Sunlight will activate the acidic content in beer and will lift the color of your hair naturally, lightening the hair strands. In the process, the beer will also make your hair silky and shinier. Incredible, right? 

Step 4: Rinse the Beer off your hair

After an hour in the sunlight has passed, thoroughly rinse the beer from your hair. Subsequently, you can wash and style the hair your usual way. However, if you decide to follow my method of adding lemon juice, you should know that your hair might feel a little dry after you wash off.

I counteracted this effect by liberally applying my usual conditioner to my hair, leaving it on for about 5 minutes before I rinsed it off. You should also do this, especially if you plan on frequently using the beer and lemon solution. 

How to Mix Beer with Egg Rinse and Lemon to Lighten Hair

Do you want to see hair lightening magic?  Then, try mixing beer, egg, and lemon to create a hair lightening solution. Lemon juice is one of the most effective, and even the oldest known natural substance for hair lightening. 

Over the years, hundreds of women have used lemon to get gorgeous lightened locks. It can effectively darken light brown or dark blonde hair without causing reddish tones. Mixing lemon with beer and egg yolks will surely give your hair a lighter shade and a smoother texture. 

eggs as hairspray alternative – Curling Diva

Here’s how to do it:

  • Break an egg and beat it till it thickens. The yolk is the hair nourishing part, but you the whites won’t harm your hair
  • Add a cup of flat beer
  • Cut a lemon, and squeeze the juice into this mixture
  • Thoroughly blend these ingredients, apply the mixture on your wet/damp hair, and then wait for about 30 minutes. 
  • Once this time frame has elapsed, wash the hair without your usual shampoo and conditioner. 
  • To witness speedy results, repeat this process twice weekly. 

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If you’ve ever gazed at gorgeous beached locks and wished your hair was similar. Well, now is the time. Open your fridge, get those ingredients, and in no time, you’ll get your desired hair tone. 

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