Beer Hair Mask Benefits and Recipes

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Pampering your hair with the needed moisture is one way to guarantee healthy hair. Would you believe that the third most consumed drink in the world has awesome benefits for the hair? And I mean beer here!

One of the ways to take advantage of the good stuff that’s in beer is to make a beer hair mask.

Sometimes, your hair needs that extra ingredient that can repair damage caused by the elements or too much heat stying.

The salt from the sea, the sun’s UV rays, the wind, and humidity can lead to faded hair color, frizz, a dry scalp, and breakage. Good thing, you can protect your hair from these or repair these damages with a beer hair mask.

Beer Hair Mask Benefits

A beer hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment great at healing damaged hair. The alcoholic beverage features various nutrients that are great for your hair.

Mineral silica, a popular a hair and nail supplement, is present in beer, and this makes the hair thicker, stronger and reduces hair fall. If you’re looking for an element to support all the mineral and vitamin needs of your hair, then you hit the jackpot with beer. Besides silica, it also contains copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and Vitamin B complex.

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Even more, by adding a beer hair mask to your hair care routine, you’re protecting your hair and repairing it from the effects of daily abuse.

Applied as a hair mask, the beer solution also contain lipids and natural oils in heavy concentrations. It would help if you left it on for an extended period. Depending on your hair, you can leave the hair mask for five minutes or overnight.

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Beer Hair Mask for Dry Hair

Just as our faces are daily bombarded with dirty hands, harsh winds, dust, pollution, and what have you, our hair strands also go through a lot. Thankfully, there are also hair masks, and even more superb, you can make one using beer as an ingredient.

Is your hair dull, dry and lifeless? Also, have you been longing for smooth, silky, and soft hair tresses? Before I let in you on the secret to achieving this, here’s why you have sad and dry hair.

Dry hair is basically hair that lacks moisture. In an ideal condition, the moisture content in the hair should be about 15 to 17 percent. Anything less than this will result in brittle and stiff hair.

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If you have dry hair, then it needs moisture. That will enhance hair elasticity and prevent your hair from snapping and breaking when you comb. Plus, well-moisturized hair looks soft, inviting, and stunning.

Rather than using a hair straightener or going for another chemical salon treatment (which just makes hair even drier and stiff in the long run), apply a beer hair mask.

I’ve tried it, and I can say for sure that beer hair masks are great for dry hair. Beer has enough moisture content added to its minerals and vitamins that can provide you with your desired soft hair. So, before you throw out that remaining beer, think of what it can do for your hair.

Is beer and eggs good for your hair?

If you’re wondering what effects beer and egg could have on your hair, I’ll list some of its advantages. To start with, the hops and malt in beer contain proteins that give your hair a healthier, fuller appearance. Plus, the Vitamin B complex in beer tightens the hair cuticles.

Egg yolk has a high content of fats and proteins that is really good for the hair. Yes, sulfur. Egg yolks have sulfur that can nourish a dry scalp and significantly reduce dandruff. Even more, they contain Vitamin A, D & E that prevent hair thinning.

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Now, imagine the incredible effects of egg and beer mixed as a mask for your hair. What’s more, applying an egg and beer hair mask for dandruff will get you your desired results fast.

To create a beer and egg hair mask, you only need a beer content of about 12oz. You can actually use whatever beer content you have, even half a bottle is okay, and some egg yolks.

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Egg and Beer Hair Treatment

Now, it’s time to create your beer and egg hair mask. Follow the steps below to come up with this:

  • Measure your beer in a saucepan, leave it uncovered, turn on the heat for about 15 mins. Better still, do not turn off the heat until the beer is half its volume. For instance, if you measured in 12oz, you should leave the heat on till the beer is at 6oz. This way, most of the alcohol content will have cooked out.
  • Separate the yolks into a bowl. Though there is no harm in adding the whites, the needed hair nutrition is in the yolks.
  • Leave the cooked beer to cool for about 5-10 mins before mixing it in with your yolks. If your beer isn’t cooled, it will cook the yolk.
  • Once the beer is at a lukewarm temperature, mix it in with the yolks slowly. The yolks’ room temperature will cool down the beer as you try to mix it in. But, if you notice that your yolks are getting cooked, then you have to leave your beer for a few minutes before you continue mixing.
  • Once it’s ready, apply it to your hair when it is wet and clean. It is best to apply the beer and egg solution while you are in the shower. Leave it on for at least 20 – 30 minutes.

The amazing fact about the beer and egg treatment is that you can get all the benefits without having to spend much. When you open your fridge, you’ll most likely find eggs and beer, and with these, you’re well on your way to healthy hair. 

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