Best Beer Shampoo: A Guide To Using Beer As Shampoo

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Beer shampoo? 🍺

Yes, you heard that right. This might come as a surprise, but beer is really extra-good for your hair. This famous alcoholic beverage not only refreshes the body; it is also great for rinsing hair. It actually gives fabulous benefits like extra moisture, volume, and shine.

If you are anything like me, then you must have tried several shampoos and conditioners on the market. Some work and some do not. Well, I recently discovered that beer is the new hair hack as it contains stuff that’s good for your hair.

Do you suffer from dull, brittle, frizzy, graying, or coarse hair? If you answer yes to any of these, then it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and try washing your hair with a beer shampoo.

But first things first…

What Happens If You Wash your Hair with Beer?

beer in its different forms – Curling Diva

Highly refreshing and soothing for your hair, beer has been described as a “wonder potion” for the hair.
It adds luster, deeply nourishes, cleanses, and revitalizes your hair right from the scalp. It makes your hair less frizzy, more manageable, all while helping with hair growth.

Are Beer Shampoos Good for Hair?

Here are some benefits of beer shampoo for your hair:

  • Beer has a high quantity of minerals and vitamins that nourishes hair.
  • Beer shampoo for women have mineral silica present which helps control hair fall and breakage.
  • Due to the alcoholic properties of beer shampoos, they are effective at removing excess oil from the scalp. So, with a beer shampoo, your flat hair days are behind you.
  • They add shine and brightness to your hair.

Is it Good to Wash your Hair with Beer?

Yes, it is good to wash your hair with beer as it offers various benefits including more volume, shine, and even lightens hair. But if you’re rinsing your hair directly with beer, you’ll need to wash it off with a fragrant conditioner to avoid the stench of beer. With commercial beer shampoos (like the ones we recommend below), you won’t have this problem. Your hair won’t end up smelling like beer.

Let’s answer some more FAQs:

When I first discovered the hair benefits of beer, I also asked this question. I found that while it is possible to rinse your hair in beer, it is far more convenient to use a beer-infused shampoo. Besides, with a shampoo, you can save yourself the awful stink of beer which can last for days.

Don’t worry! Beer shampoo is not just for men.

There’s a lot of wild claims on the internet that washing your hair with beer will get rid of dandruff, but there’s no scientific explanation behind it. It’s been said that because beer is made using yeast and is rich in Vitamin B, it can cure dandruff. But it doesn’t. Unless it specifically states beer anti-dandruff shampoo, don’t assume that it is.

While it’s not recommended to use shampoo every day, most commercial formulations (like the Broo Natural Thickening Shampoo below) is safe and gentle enough for daily use. If you’re the type that gets greasy hair if you don’t wash everyday, then you can use it daily, as you would any other shampoo.

But if you make your beer shampoo from real beer, only use it every week or two. Any more than that, and it’ll dry your hair.

If you belong to the Islamic Faith, do not despair. You can use beer shampoos, since according to the Quran, you can use alcohol for other purposes apart from drinking.

So now that those questions are out of the way, let’s proceed..

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5 Best Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

Which beer shampoo is the best? Read on to find out.. Cheers to getting your healthiest hair yet!

1. BROO Craft Beer Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

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Have you been trying to find a chemical-free shampoo that is efficient at nourishing the hair? I have good news for you. The Broo Craft beer shampoo and conditioner is free of chemicals like paraben, sulfate, phthalates, and its scent is 100% natural. So, after use, you don’t go around smelling like beer.

If you have weak or thin hair, this beer shampoo is made with lots of proteins and B vitamins that will make your hair shiny and healthy. Made with hops flowers and malted barley, this beer shampoo and conditioner will protect, soothe, nourish and protect your hair. When I used it, I noticed that my hair began to look fuller. I know this is because the shampoo includes weightless gloss, which is BROO’s natural and color-safe alternative to silicon.

What more could I ask for? The shampoo and conditioner both contain aloe leaf extracts to soothe, peppermint to energize and refresh the hair, and caffeine to stimulate the scalp.

2. Duffy’s Brew Premium IPA Craft Beer Shampoo

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The Duffy Brew is one of my favorite models when it comes to protecting my tresses and adding a voluminous bounce to my hair. It’s marketed to be naturally rich in Hops, Amino Acids, malt and roasted barley that protect the hair with an invigorating coat of minerals, proteins, and vitamin B.

This beer shampoo features nourishing and moisturizing agents like fennel seed, aloe, sunflower seeds, Gogi Berry, and Acai berry that strengthens every strand of the hair right from the roots, and repairs hair damage.
I love that this brew lathers very thickly, and rinses clean.

Just like the regular shampoos, you can use it daily. But even more, it gives off a smell of caramel and mahogany. If you’re suffering from dandruff and scalp irritations, you should check it out as it contains antiseptic properties.

Even if your hair is a handful, you’ll find it easy to apply this conditioner efficiently. All you need to do is put a small quantity of shampoo on your palms, massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Shampoo the roots of your hair thoroughly.

3. Orzene Beer Shampoo

6142STWq bL. SX522 – Curling Diva

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If you have color treated hair, you should check out this Orzene beer shampoo. I used this shampoo on my younger sister, and I was impressed with the shine it gave her hair instantly. The beer shampoo is a combination of barley extract and shine elixir, and it is rich in mineral oils, carbohydrates, and amino acids.

The Orzene beer shampoo has become a go-to-shampoo for her as it contains provitamin B5 that reinforces and nurtures the strength of her hair. What’s more, this beer shampoo improves hydration, reduces hair fall, and enhances the elasticity of hair.

It features phyto-proteins that reinforce the internal structure of hair, making it appear even more beautiful. It makes your hair resilient and easy to control. You’ll also like to know that its fragrance is mild and pleasant; it prevents itching and calms the scalp.

4. Real Beer Handmade Shampoo Bar by Beauty and the Bees

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You might want to ask, what is a shampoo bar? This shampoo bar is concentrated with little water content to give you high value.

Good for all hair types, this real beer shampoo is made from essential oils, completely natural leatherwood honey and organic nourishing plant. It is also great for those with oily scalp/hair, dandruff, thin hair, or those who wants shiny hair without resorting to chemicals.

This shampoo is eco-friendly and biodegradable with zero synthetic chemicals, palm oil, or animal products. It has a ginger cinnamon fragrance that neutralizes the strong smell of beer, and it is free from silicone, parabens, and sulfate.

You’ll find raw castor oil, Leatherwood beeswax, coconut oil, unique raw Tasmanian beer, and other organic Tasmanian herbs. All these are among its combination of spices, herbs, essential oils, and natural waxes, and they can give your hair whole nourishment.

I love that they added Tasmania Hops Beer in this shampoo bar which is known for its ability to leave a healthy scalp, while making the hair shiny, bouncy, full. It also helps to condition and moisturize the hair without residue or heaviness.

5. Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

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Formulated with ingredients found in real beers, this Park Avenue Shampoo is sold in a plastic bottle which actually resembles a beer. It features a top dispenser that eliminates the fear of leakage, making it travel-friendly.

If you have dull, frizzy, or damaged hair, and you desire a silky, soft, bouncy, and non-greasy hair, this beer shampoo can provide this. It leaves your hair tresses silky and frizz-free while adding volume and shine to the hair.

This shampoo lathers richly, and it has commendable conditioning properties, so you don’t need to use a separate conditioner. When I need to rush to a meeting, and I need my hair to be untangled and smooth, this is my go-to shampoo choice.

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How to Wash Hair with Beer

Due to the harsh weather and our stressful lifestyles, we all face hair problems at one time or another. Beer contains iron, silica, vitamin B complex, and phosphorus that makes it great for nourishing, repairing and strengthening hair.

a glass of beer – Curling Diva

Follow these steps to wash your hair with beer at home:

  1. Pour a can or bottle of beer into a bowl and leave it throughout the day or overnight to de-carbonate it. By exposing the beer to air surface, you’ll be oxidizing it and making it flat. It is crucial that there is an absence of carbon dioxide in the beer before you use it on your hair. Carbon dioxide hinders the effectiveness of the shampoo, makes it hard for you to wash your hair, and makes it hair appear tangled and tough.
  2. When the beer has been decarbonated, transfer it into an empty container, and keep it in your bathroom to use. While washing your hair, use regular shampoo for cleaning, but instead of your usual conditioner, reach out for the beer container. Pour the beer onto your hair directly, and then gently massage it into your hair roots for a minute. If your hair is oily, you can leave it on for a few minutes. Another method is to dip the ends of your hair into the beer solution first. Let the beer set into your hair for five minutes before using the beer to rinse your entire hair.
  3. Use cold water to rinse off the beer. Do not get worked up if you notice that some beer is left behind on your scalp. In fact, this is better for the hair. In a week, apply the beer solution only once or twice, too much of it will lead to dandruff and dryness of the scalp.
hair mask

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How to Make Your Own DIY Beer Shampoo

If you want to the DIY route to making your beer shampoo, you can follow these steps:

  1. Pour out a cup of beer into a medium-sized saucepan, leave the pan uncovered and the heat at medium-high
  2. Boil the beer for about 15 minutes, until it reduces from a full cup to half cup.
  3. Measure out a single cup of shampoo into an empty bowl
  4. Take the saucepan of beer out from the heat. Leave it to cool for about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Mix the beer in the bowl with the shampoo. Stir both mixtures gently, until they are well-blended.
  6. Voila! You have your beer shampoo. Transfer the shampoo from the bowl into a plastic container, using a funnel. Make sure that the container has a lid and store it in your bathroom. Use it like you use your regular shampoos, but expect better effects.

If you want to make your own organic beer shampoo bar, here’s a step by step guide by Omtoria at Instructables.

One Last Tip..

Despite the many fabulous hair effects of a beer rinse, the alcohol content in the beer might dry and damage your hair. Do not panic! You can easily counteract the alcohol effect by adding a few essential oils to your mixture.

This will improve the nourishment of the beer shampoo. Even more, it will provide your hair and scalp with a calming effect, and makes your hair smell good. Some of the essential oils you can consider adding include; lemon oil, almond oil, chamomile oil, jojoba oil, sandalwood oil, and lavender oil.

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