Top 5 Curly Hair Myths and the Truth Behind Them

By: | Last Updated: April 13, 2019

When it comes to sporting a fascinating array of hairstyles, why should those with straight hair get all the attention?

A full head of curls is a thing of beauty and can offer a versatile selection of styles if take proper care of. “Proper care “is the operative term here. Without careful moisturizing, cleaning and styling, a curly mop can be an unruly menace even before hitting the beaches.

If you were blessed with headful of dainty curls be glad. This article will dispel some of the greatest myths that you may have though are holding you back from the styles and flare you wish to impart.

1. Curly Hair is a DRY Thing!

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If you think your hair is doomed to be a moisture-less desert, think again.

There are many ways to lock in that essential moisture and add to it on a regular basis. One important point here will be to steer away from the harmful heat and sulfates of styling tools and some hair ointments. Choose sulfate-free cleansers and rethink your washing practices too.

When washing your hair, don’t gather it into a ball at the top of your head and furiously knead at the lather till you have created a tangled crown.

Instead hold your head high and begin washing at the scalp. You don’t want to wash out all the preserving oils from your hair, just the top of the head. The same goes for rinsing.

There are plenty of hair products that provide bespoke solutions to unruly curly hair. These can help you achieve the look that best suits you and begin training your mane to follow suit. Sulfate-free shampoo is a great start. But the kind with UV protection offers even better moisture control, especially for your curly head that spends time in the sun.

Hydrating conditioners have an equally valuable benefit. Apart from moisturizing hair, it also locks in the essential moisture giving you a clean and fresh look that lasts all day.

2. There is no escape from.. the FRIZZ!

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Allow the frizz to have its way and you surrender control of your beautiful hair to the wonderful world of entropy. Even so, frizz is not a life sentence but a singular occurrence that can be controlled and avoided with proper hair management practices. It all begins with understanding why the frizz is so persistent.

Frizz begins because of a lack of hydration. An inexperienced approach to heating tools, styling implements and more methods of hair domination can result in a rebellious set of curls with a penchant for frizz. Then, many people feel that a lot depends on the weather

Consider the campaign against the frizz to be an ongoing battle. The first thing to do will be to address the dryness and keep that vital moisture locked in. You can explore the many different ways of accomplishing this from sophisticated treatments to all-natural methods like coconut oil and more.

Then you can begin to alter your showering methodologies. If you are still using the towel to rub your hair dry, you are inadvertently contributing to a frizzy condition. Use an old cotton t-shirt to gently blot your hair dry after squeezing as much as water as you can with your fingers. Then reach for a leave-in anti-frizz treatment.

Always begin with the smallest amount and add more as needed. These simplistic practices are the best approach to taming a wild mane and reducing frizz.

3. Curls or Definition? NOT BOTH!

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If you think your curly hair is void of definition and always will be, don’t despair. Today’s cosmetic industry is just bustling over with innovative solutions to all types of fashion fatalities.

Curl refiners are a great way to gather stray curls into a perfect form. For best results these products should be used on a damp head of clean hair. For best results, divide the hair into sections and begin adding a small amount of product. Then each section will have gathered curls in defined spirals and locks.

To achieve even tighter curls and the glamorous look reserved for special occasions, add some high-hold hair gel. This will keep tighter control over well-defined curls and can hold the look indefinitely.

4. Tangles…

Ok, this is hardly a myth, a thick head of curly hair can snap a hairbrush like a toothpick. The important thing to remember is that this is avoidable. While prevention can go a long way, it only takes a dip in the ocean surf or a especially windy day to create a mass of tangles like no other.

“Rule No. 1” is Be Gentle..

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You don’t want to go aggravating the situation.

Apply conditioner to your wet hair and use a wide-toothed comb to begin pulling the knots free, no yanking or tugging. Damaged hair is the frizziest of all. Allow the conditioner plenty of time to do its work before attempting to dislodge the tight knots.

Applying leave-in hair conditioning products is another good prevention against knotted hair.

Remember this, no matter how knotted your hair may be or how desperately you need to get it under control before your heart throb walks into the room, don’t address your knotted hair when dry. This will lead to split ends, broken hair strands and a frizz to do the king of beasts proud. Wait until the task can be done slowly and properly.

5. Curly means no volume on top

The condition called “pyramid head” can result from short curly hair and longer curls as well. This happens when all the hair is cut at the same length. As the curls near the bottom stack up on top of each other the base gets heavy set while the top appears rather flat. Shorter hairstyles are less affected by this condition.

The real culprit here is a poor choice of hairstyle. The best way to avoid this is to work with your curly hair for a balanced look. Layered hair is a great way to keep the curls evenly distributed. This adds volume and balance to your look.



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