Looking for the best curling wand for short hair?

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If you know what kind of curling wand to use for short hair, you can easily style it and get any kind of look you want: romantic, sassy, smart, or funky. Never make the mistake of thinking that just because you have short hair you can’t style it anymore, because with the right curling wand, you can.

When it comes to styling your hair, there are many factors that you need to consider when picking the most appropriate tool. Different hair textures or quality will also react differently to certain types of curling irons, and the same goes for the length of your hair. If you have really long hair, you will need a curling wand that is designed for long hair. On the other hand, if you have short hair, then you need the best curling wand for short hair if you want to achieve the results you desire.

What this means, of course, is that having short hair will not prevent you from styling it, as long as you have the right curling iron. There are some really great hairstyles that you can accomplish with short hair, and you can apply different types of curls to it, using a small curling wand for short hair.

How to Choose the Best Curling Wand for Short Hair

Finding the best styling tool for short hair is important if you want to get a good quality of curls. First, you need to understand what size curling wand for short hair works best. The general rule for curling your hair is that you should be able to wrap the entire length of your hair to the curling iron’s barrel. If you have really short hair, this means you’ll need a curling iron that’s narrow in diameter. If the barrel is too big or too thick, you wouldn’t be able to wrap your short hair around it and the curling iron wouldn’t work.

There are other things you can look at such as the heating technology that the curling iron operates with. Whatever the length of your hair, you would want a curling iron that heats up pretty fast because you want to minimize the damage caused by the heat.

Below are some of the best curling wands that you can use if your hair is short in length. These brands are some of the most trustworthy when it comes to hair styling, so you can expect only the best from these products:

Conair InfinitiPro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

51kOFgS74mL. SL1000 – Curling Diva

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Available in pink and purple, this curling wand from Conair is simple, clip-free, and shaped like a cone. You basically have a tool that you can use for professional styling, with four power levels or heat settings that allow you to customize it depending on your hair type. You may have short hair but the heat you need will still differ based on whether your hair is delicate, color-treated, or naturally wavy and thick. It goes as high as 400°F, and it comes with an LED indicator that displays the exact heat setting you’re in.

What Makes It A Good Curling Wand for Short Hair

This curling wand is ideal for short hair because the tapered shape has a part that’s smaller in diameter, making it easy to style hair even if it’s short. The tourmaline ceramic technology emits natural ions that help remove frizz, so you’re left with really smooth curls after you use it.

What Users are Saying:

Users love the frizz-free natural-looking curls that this curling wand can give and the fact that it heats up all in 30 seconds. Because this is clamp-free and comes with an easy-to-maneuver cord, you can style your hair with no hassle. The problem is if you’re used to the curling irons with clamps, you’ll have to adjust for a bit.

Bed Head Curlipops 1″ Curling Wand

616CBOvCPEL – Curling Diva

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Measuring about 17 inches, this sweet Bed Head curling iron comes with a pink handle and a tapered barrel that allows you to create both loose and tight curls. This one’s clamp-free so it’s really easy to use because all you have to do is wrap your hair around the barrel. It also comes with a tangle-free swivel cord, allowing you to use it without much hassle.

What Makes It Great Styling Iron for Short Hair

This works really great for short hair because of its tourmaline ceramic tapered barrel. This allows you to create curls that are shiny and frizz-free while ensuring that the heat distribution is even and that you wouldn’t have to deal with kinks. It heats up really fast and also has a fast heat recovery, so you can style your short hair in no time at all.

Pros and Cons

One of the most important qualities that users look for in a curling iron is the ease of use, and this one really wins in that department. Users love the on/off switch that comes with an indicator light. They’re also very happy about the heat protective glove, styling guide, and swivel cord that doesn’t really get tangled during the styling process. The only issue is that the color is quite limiting because not everybody likes pink and many would rather have something neutral.

Jose Eber 13mm Curling Iron

Jose Eber 13mm Curling Wand

Jose Eber’s 13mm (1/2”) curling wand is lightweight and smaller than most curling irons, making it ideal for styling short hair. The temperature of this Korean tourmaline ceramic barrel can reach 410°F if you need it to, and it works with negative ion technology to give you the sexy curls you want.

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This clipless curling barrel from Jose Barrel is coated with a non-stick surface and is engineered to curl hair safely in just the fraction of the time it requires other curling irons to do so. This is also really unique in that it helps reduce the amount of heat damage that you would expect from a traditional curling iron, and you can stop worrying about other problems like frizz and humidity. This is because of the ceramic heating elements that produce negative ions to repel humidity and seal the hair cuticle.

Pros and Cons

Users love the performance of this curling wand, with some even commenting that you hardly need any other styling products when you use this because the curls really hold. It’s a nifty little product that performs the way it’s supposed to and is perfect for creating tiny curls. While it’s perfect for short hair and tight curls, if you want big loose waves then this may not be the product for you, as some users have noted.

Revlon Bold Expressions Flipperless Curling Wand

516PSada0sL. SL1000 – Curling Diva

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With multiple heat settings, Revlon’s flipperless curling wand is ideal for all types of hair. But its cone shaped barrel gives you the flexibility you need especially for short hair, which usually benefits from tighter curls. The multiple-heat rheostat gives you heat almost instantly, and its auto shut-off function ensures that you don’t encounter problems with leaving it on accidentally.

The ceramic technology that this curling wand comes with penetrates the hair from inside out, allowing you to curl your hair in a jiffy. You’d only need a fraction of the time it usually takes you to curl your hair had you used another curling iron.

What Users are Saying

Users love the texturized design of this wand because it makes it easier for them to grip and handle it while styling. It’s quite common to get burned accidentally while curling one’s hair, but not with this one because as users have pointed out, the heat resistant glove, safety stand, and cool tip all help to prevent that. The only minor issue is you don’t get the exact temperature that you’re using, even if the heat settings are variable. So you have to play it by ear.

Herstyler Professional Curling Iron

Herstyler Grande Pink Hair Professional Curling Iron

The Herstyler gives you professional results with its Teflon barrel that heats to a high temperature of 400°F. It’s a clipless barrel, so all you really need to do is wrap your hair around the 25mm diameter. Its length is also just right at 152mm, so if you have short hair you don’t have to deal with something that’s excessively big. This curling iron is also lightweight even if it gives you professional results, so you can create your curls with no fuss at all.

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Herstyler’s curling iron stands out because it is incredibly lightweight, created from high-strength materials that you would normally find in the aerospace industry. Another secret to its amazing results is the infrared penetration that comes from the 100% ceramic tourmaline barrel, and this infrared technology breakthrough allows you to create perfect curls in just a few seconds. With short hair, you’ll get it done in an even shorter time.

Pros and Cons

Users love the fact that it’s a great curling iron to bring when traveling because it has a dual voltage of 110-240v. Because it’s so lightweight, it’s the perfect travel companion. Some users, however, have commented on the fact that it has a hot pink handle and a black rod, which is very feminine and could be a turn-off. The other options, purple and black, are a bit better.

Sedu Revolution 25mm Clipless Curling Iron

Sedu Revoluton 25mm Clipless Curling Iron

Sedu’s sleek, all-black, and ultra-polished barrel looks professional and can also give you salon worthy curls. It has a digital temperature control that you can easily adjust depending on your hair texture, and this goes to 350°F.

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This curling iron comes with a unique ceramic heating technology that can heat up the iron in just a short time, keeping the temperature consistent as you curl your hair. This heating technology works with MCH heaters and advanced heat recovery, so as you use the curling iron, it distributes the heat evenly, retains the moisture in your hair, and protects it from heat damage and split ends.

What Users are Saying

Because this curling iron is clipless, you get shiny and defined curls without having to worry about creases. Users love the quality of the curls that this iron can give, which is really close to the salon-quality hair that you get from professionals. The only concern some people have brought up is that because the barrel is polished if you have really fine hair it tends to slip.

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