10 Things Only Girls With Curly Hair Will Understand

By: | Last Updated: April 20, 2020

Curly hair is one of those things that people look at with envy unless they have to live with it – at which point it suddenly becomes clear that it’s not all shiny, lovely locks.

Sometimes curly hair is hard to tame, and it can be really frustrating to look after too.

Here are ten things that only people with curly hair will really understand:

1 – Rain sucks

Nobody likes being out in the rain, and it’s certainly not fun to be a straight-haired girl who ends up looking like a drowned rat. However, girls with curly hair have it even worse. Not only do they have to contend with that soggy, soaked look and feeling, they have to worry about the irritating frizz afterwards when their hair dries out and becomes unmanageable.

curly hair problems rain sucks – Curling Diva
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2 – Big hair gets in the way

While it can be fun to have big hair –and it certainly looks great when you get dressed up for parties or formal functions, it can get in the way a lot too. Passive aggressive grunts and loud complaints to seatmates about not being able to see properly because of the hairdo of the person in front are really frustrating.

It’s not like most people deliberately try to inconvenience others, so spare a thought for the person in front of you and ask them politely to move, rather than ranting and hoping they’ll hear.

3 – People always want to talk about your hair

Yes, we get it – you would love to have curly hair that looks like this. But what you don’t realize is how much effort and maintenance that hair needs. We’d love to have straight hair. Neither of us can change anything.

4 – You can’t have bangs

Growing up and seeing all the other kids have bangs while you’re stuck with unpredictable and hard to manage hair isn’t fun. Nor is it fun to get comments when you straighten it, and comments when you let it go curly again.

You don’t realize how important hair is to other people until yours is somehow slightly unusual.

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5 – You have to go with the flow

beautiful curly hair – Curling Diva

That great looking hairdo your curly-haired friend was sporting yesterday was a complete accident, and they’ve no idea how to replicate it.

Curly hair is hard to tame and really unpredictable, and there’s not much that you can do about that except try to work with whatever the hair is giving you. Hair in a bun? It’s going to have to stay that way. Flawless and full of volume? Let’s just let it stay like that. There’s not much choice.

6 – You spend a lot of money on products

Having curly hair means spending a fortune on hair products, and when your favorite product is discontinued, there will be tears – and lots of expensive experimentation to figure it out again.

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7 – Your hairdresser becomes your best friend

Finding a hairdresser that can work with curly haired people is hard, and when you find one, you will never want to let them go. If you’ve got straight hair and simple bangs you can go almost anywhere for a trim, but curly haired people don’t have that luxury.

8 – Sports are a nightmare

It’s hard enough for anyone with long hair to play sports, but curly hair gets in the way even more. Unless you’re willing to commit to spending hours putting your hair in cornrows then tying them back or putting them in a bun, the most sport you’ll be motivated to do will be a spin class. No contact sports (tangles and pulled hair!) and no yoga (no thanks to upside-down frizziness) for us.

curly hair in a bun – Curling Diva

9 – One side is always curlier than the other

For some reason, you’ll always wake up with hair that is curlier on one side than the other, and it’s infuriating to deal with.

Going to bed and not knowing whether you’ll wake up pony-tail ready or have to spend an eternity straightening and taming your hair gets draining after a while. Navigating brushes and hair sprays is a joke, and living in fear of rain is no fun either.

10 – We wouldn’t really swap our hair for anything

Now that we’ve had a nice moan, let’s get to the real secret – we wouldn’t swap our hair for anything.

As frustrating as curly hair can be, it’s nice to have – it’s fun when it looks good, and the attention it generates can be nice (most of the time, and as long as it’s polite). We sometimes envy straight-haired girls, but not always.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to be “unique” and “special”, and on those bad days it’s easy enough to just pull out the hair straighteners for a change!

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10 things only girls with curly hair will understand – Curling Diva

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