5 Tips on How To Avoid Getting Burned By Curling Wands

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While a curling iron has long been a styling staple, it’s not the only beauty tool on the block. These days, curling wands have been getting a lot of attention as well.

So what is a curling wand? It’s fairly simple. It’s basically a curling iron without a clamp. All you have to do is wrap your hair around it and hold it in place as you curl. When you use it, you can avoid a lot of the styling problems that people run into with curling irons. It’s much easier to get a polished and attractive look.

But while curling wands have plenty of advantages, they also have some downsides. It can be hard to use one without burning your hands. So how to avoid getting burned by curling wands? If you want to use curling wands, but are concerned about potential injuries, keep these tips in mind. They should help keep you completely burn free.

How NOT To Get Burned By A Curling Wand:

1. Wear Protective Gloves
use gloves with curling wands – Curling Diva
Put a heat resistant glove on the hand that winds your hair around the curling wand barrel

A lot of curling wands come with some kind of glove that you can wear as you style your hair. Although these gloves are quite thin, they’re still heat resistant. They can help keep your hands safe.

If your curling wand came with gloves, you’re all set. If it didn’t come with gloves, however, you’ll have to purchase some on your own. You don’t want to wear your standard winter gloves; you’ll need something that’s right for the job.

Seek out thin, heat resistant gloves that won’t inhibit your movement at all. You may want to look for some recommendations online. With the right pair of gloves, using a curling wand will be a whole lot easier.

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2. Choose The Right Place To Style Your Hair
style hair with curling wand 1 – Curling Diva

If you’re styling your hair in a crowded, cramped place, accidental injuries will be a lot more likely. Try to set up a styling station that will help you to avoid burns.

Make sure that you have a safe place to set your curling wand down in between curls. You should also make sure that you’re near a sink so that you can run cold water on a burn if you do run into some kind of problem. Try to make sure that you’re the only person in the bathroom when you’re styling–you don’t want to burn yourself, but you don’t want to burn someone else either!

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3. Watch Plenty Of Tutorials

If you’re used to using a curling iron, you may want to use a curling wand in the exact same way. However, that isn’t actually the best approach. They’re different tools, and they need to be handled in different ways.

Thankfully, there are a lot of video tutorials online that will teach you how to use a curling wand properly. Make sure that you watch some of these tutorials before you get started. They’ll help you to feel more confident, and they’ll also avoid a lot of common mistakes.

4. Pick A Quality Curling Wand

A lot of the people who burn themselves with curling wands are using cheap, poorly designed products. While you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great curling wand, you should make sure that the product you’re using it top notch.

Spend a little time doing research before you buy a curling wand. Read some reviews, and make sure that the product you pick is one that you’ll be happy with. Better yet, pick a curling wand iron that’s easy to use, one that is beginner-friendly!

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5. Take It Slow

It can be tempting to rush things as you curl your hair, especially if you’re trying to get ready for school or work. However, if you want to curl your hair safely, slow and steady is your best bet.

With that said, taking it slow doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour on your hair every morning. Instead, you should try to develop a routine that you’re comfortable with. Once you’re used to using your curling wand, you can kick up the speed. Eventually, styling your hair will be a breeze.

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A curling wand can be an incredibly useful tool. However, as is the case with all tools, you need to make sure that you’re using it safely. Learn more about curling wands and make sure that you curl your hair in the right way.

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