Our Top 3 Picks: Best Hot Rollers For Thick Hair

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When you have thick hair, some rollers just can’t handle it. Instead of ending up with nice and bouncy curls or romantic waves, your hair ends up flat and frizzy. Another common problem with thick hair is that some rollers are not big enough to handle it. For the rollers to work, all parts of you hair must be rolled onto each curler and if you don’t have enough rollers, this is not possible.

This means you need heavy duty rollers (and clips!) that can secure very thick hair, allow heat to penetrate, and leave you with the beautiful curls that you need. The good news is that there are high-quality rollers that are made specifically for thick hair, and we’ve rounded them up below.

Things to consider in choosing the right roller set for your hair type

Based on all the options that you have available, the manufacturers of hot rollers have clearly given this a lot of thought and they only want what’s best for your hair and what can truly give you results. For salons and hair care professionals, it would, of course, be preferable if you can find a product that works well for all hair types. If something works for both thin and thick hair, then it gives you a lot more flexibility. However, if it’s just for personal use, it’s best if you really pick the one that suits your hair thickness.

While the thickness of your hair can and should influence your decision on what roller to purchase, you must remember that thickness is not the only thing you need to look at. There are other considerations that are critical as well, and to make the right decision you need to look at these too.

1. How long is your hair?

First, you need to look at the length. Curling long hair will not be exactly the same as curling short hair, and depending on what you want your hair to look like in the end, this will also dictate what kind of rollers you will use.

2. How tight (or loose) do you want your curls?

Another consideration is the style that you want. You need to understand that if you want large and loose curls, you will have to use the bigger sized hair rollers. This is true whether your hair is thick or thin. Tighter curls will require smaller rollers, so you should also take a look at the roller sizes available when you make your choice. Again, thickness has nothing to do with this, so in addition to picking the right hair roller for your thin/thick hair, you should also take a look at the variety of sizes that are included in the pack.

3. Do you need it for home use or on the go?

Lastly, you should take a look at the overall package and see if it matches your lifestyle. Are you the type who travels a lot and you’d want to bring your hot rollers around? If so, make sure that you get a compact set of rollers that you can just bring around with you. The last thing you want is for your hot rollers to take up half of your suitcase space. Another consideration is the speed in which it heats up, as well as the extras such as clips and travel bag. If you’re always on the go and you have no time to spare, then speed is definitely a factor for you.

In choosing your hot roller, remember that it’s just a tool to style and curl your hair. At the end of the day you are still the one holding the tool and as such, you should be able to manipulate it easily. It should never be the other way around.

Best Hot Rollers For Thick Hair: Our Top Picks

1. Caruso Steam Hairsetter

Caruso Professional Molecular 30-Piece Multiple Size Steam Hair Setter

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When you speak of heated rollers, steam rollers are a good option because they are a little more gentle on hair and they also condition as you do the curling procedure. Compared to other hot rollers wherein hair is subjected to heat directly, steam rollers are milder because it’s the steam that the hair is subjected to and not the direct heat from the roller.

Thick hair is usually unmanageable and you get some problems with frizz, but this product from Caruso will help solve that for you. You basically get 30 rollers that can professionally curl your hair using the Caruso Molecular System, wherein steam molecules penetrate and moisturize your hair directly. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes for the curls to set, and the curls will last for days. If you use a blow dryer, you can even make this process faster and achieve the 30-second curl.

Because you get a total of 30 rollers, you also get a lot of flexibility in styling your hair. For thick hair, you usually need more rollers to ensure that all parts of your hair are styled. The different sizes (6 each of petite, small, medium, large, & jumbo) of the rollers give you room to curl different sections of your hair in various ways.

Satisfied users are really pleased with these hot rollers and one has even remarked that it’s the only brand of roller that works on her thick hair. The steam doesn’t dry nor damage the hair and that’s a relief for many. Some users have also remarked the curls can last for a few days. Those who have encountered some problems with this are usually the ones with naturally smooth and fine hair because the rollers don’t hold well for them.

2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Flocked Rollers

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Instant Heat Ceramic Flocked Rollers w/ Ionic Generator

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As one of the best heated rollers for thick hair, Infiniti Pro has 12 temperature settings that make it ideal for all hair types. Not all thick hair is made the same, and the varied temperature settings allow you to be flexible enough and really use the one that’s right for your hair. This also means that no matter how thick and unmanageable you think your hair is, Infiniti Pro can most certainly handle it.

The 20 ceramic flocked rollers come in 3 distinct sizes (1 ¼ inch, 1 inch, ¾ inch) so you can play around with the style, and all you need to do is put it in the heating device and then wait for 2 minutes for the rollers to heat up. When you put the rollers in your hair, you get argan oil fusion that wonderfully conditions your hair and prevents unwanted frizz.

Generally, people are quite happy and positive about these flocked rollers. Some users feel that the velvet flocking gives them added protection from heat damage, and the curls come out nicely and stay for quite a long time. It’s just that some have encountered problems with the clips and not being a tight fit. Some with really thick hair need 2 clips to keep the hair in place, but there are also less than ideal situations wherein the clips would leave crimp marks on the hair.

3. Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Long Style Set

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Calista gives you something simple and straightforward with its 12 long ion hot rollers together with corresponding hair clips and a charging base. When you take everything out of the complimentary travel bag and prop up the rollers in the charging base, everything gets fully heated in less than 3 minutes.

This fast heating time is possible because each Calista roller has a state-of-the-art PTC heating element inside, and aside from heating up fast, it can stay that way for as much as 20 minutes. This helps the rollers really penetrate through thick hair, allowing you to style it as you please without having to exert too much effort. Apart from that, the technology gives you the winning combination of far-infrared rays, multi-element mineral powders, and wave motion. Because of this, your thick hair is infused with moisture and added shine, resulting to healthier-looking and longer-lasting curls.

All of this makes this product really appealing to many, and those who have purchased this already know that it’s a worthwhile investment. They find it a big plus that the hair comes out shiny and smooth and that everything can be done in just a short period of time. Even so, one setback that has been pointed out is that the barrel, while long, is small in diameter and only comes in one size. This limits the styling possibilities and some have even experienced problems with making sure that the clip will hold.

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  1. BEWARE of the Conair product. I’ve had 2 sets totally melt down and was burned by one. The curlers literally melted onto the metal and one shorted out with sparks. Conair declined to even investigate the claim. Their customer service was horrible and when I requested a supervisor, they disconnected me. I’ll never buy a Conair product again.


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