5 Tricks to Styling Short Hair With Curling Wand

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You no longer have to ask the question – “can you use a curling wand on short hair?” because the curling wands mentioned here work really well with short hair. What’s key now is to understand how to operate these curling wands to make the most out of it. The act of curling short hair has some slight differences with how you would curl your hair if it were long and thick. These are the things you should remember:

1. Make sure your hair is ready to go.

Whether your hair is long, short, thin, or thick, the importance of preparing it BEFORE even touching a curling iron cannot be over emphasized. Preparing your hair before styling is just as important as the styling process itself, because if you don’t do the necessary precautions and preparations, you wouldn’t get the results you would get had you done your homework.

First, you have to ensure that your hair is clean and dry because this is how a curling iron will work best. If your hair is wet or slightly damp, you won’t get the same results no matter how effective you think your curling iron is. So it’s best if you use your hair dryer to ensure that there’s no moisture left. Pay special attention to the roots.

Once you’re sure it’s completely dry, set it up for styling with a tiny amount of styling gel, moisturizing cream, or even some mild strength mousse. You also need to ensure that you apply hair protector (it usually comes as a spray) before you curl because you don’t want to deal with heat damage. As this article emphasizes, however, never make the mistake of applying hairspray before you curl your hair.

2. Separate your hair into sections.

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Some people with short hair think that they can skip this step because unlike those with really long hair, they think they don’t need it. This is the wrong thing to do, because even if you had short hair you should still divide it into smaller sections. This will make the curling process easier and more efficient.

3. Pre-heat your curling iron to the right temperature.

Many curling irons come with variable heat settings, and it’s important to get the temperature right before you start curling your hair. To do this, think about the quality of your hair and what intensity of heat you need to style it. If your hair is thick and hard to manage, you will need higher temperatures compared to hair that’s fine and delicate. If your hair is none of these extremes, you will do well pre-heating your curling iron in a medium heat setting. Make sure you have the safety stand (if any) ready and that you’re wearing the glove that will protect you from the heat.

4. Start curling the sections of your hair, but pay attention to the way you’re doing it.

If you have short hair, you would want to add some volume and style to it. This means that you have to curl your hair in a certain way. It’s better if you first start with the bottom sections of your hair, holding the curling iron at a safe distance away from your skin. Remember that while the curling iron looks harmless, it’s actually quite hot and you wouldn’t want that to come into contact with your face. You should be rolling the curling iron away from your face and not towards your face.

For short hair, you should also remember that it’s better if you keep the ends or the tips straight. This is because curling your hair actually makes your hair even shorter, and by leaving the tips straight you’re adding some much-needed length to it. Also, you don’t want some curls to awkwardly stick out.

Check out this video tutorial from ESTÉE:

5. Be mindful of heat damage and frizz.

Even if you’ve already taken extra care and placed heat protectant spray, you should still take care not to cause it while curling your hair. For one, make sure you only wrap the curling iron to your hair for 5 to 10 seconds each time, because it shouldn’t have to take too much heat. Once you’re done, you should refrain from touching your hot curls because that is a sure way to create frizz. Allow your hair to set and cool completely, then add some mild hairspray.

Unless you want a ringlet look, it’s also best if you pull the curls gently using your fingers. How much you pull will depend on how loose you want the curls to be, but you have to remember that it will get even looser throughout the day so you should leave some room for gravity to work.

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