Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 Review: Is this futuristic titanium flat iron worth it?

Giving yourself a boost of confidence in the morning can be as simple as putting yourself together, giving you a polished look. Styling your hair is a great way to get that boost. But it can eat up a chunk of your morning.

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima line promises quick styling coupled with reliability. Is it worth it?

If you’re looking for Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 reviews, you’re in the right place. Read on and find whether this tool is suitable for your hair needs!

Babyliss Pro Prima Titanium Flat Iron Features At a Glance 

PRODUCT NAME: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima
SIZES AVAILABLE:Prima 3000: 1-1/4 Inch platePrima 3100: 1-inch wide platePrima 2000: Mini/Travel Size – 3/4 Inch  plate
PLATE MATERIAL:Aircraft-grade Titanium Plates
BODY MATERIAL:Stainless Steel 
DUAL VOLTAGE:Only the travel-sized Prima 2000 has dual voltage.
IONIC:IonMultiplier Technology

Built to last 

Its Convex SUS304 Stainless Steel Housing gives it a sleek look that’s built to last. Using it in the bathroom? You don’t have to worry about damage from corrosion. Even if you use it constantly, the material’s strength keeps it from warping. So you can use it nice, smooth, and straight reliably every single time. 

Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 Review

It keeps the heating plates steady in place, so you don’t have to worry about them moving around and messing with your look (and safety!) And best of all , all this strength is lightweight. So you can use it for as long as you like without wearing you down.

Dual Function

With its Dual Function, you no longer need to have a separate straightener and curler because now, you can do both with just the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000. 

And of course, not only does it give you styled hair in an instant, but it also ensures that your hair stays beautiful and glossy in whatever style you choose. 

The IonMultiplier Technology doubles the ion concentration, generating helpful negative ions that smooth out the cuticle of your hair. The result? Gleaming, glossy, smooth hair. And no frizz in sight!

Titanium Plates for reliable heating

This baby (pun intended) also has aircraft-grade titanium plates. Titanium straighteners are the professionals’ choice as they take no time to heat up and ensure an even heat distribution. This results in silky smooth hair. It targets the hair shaft when heating, delivering faster results on even the most stubborn hair texture (perfect for thick hair!)

It heats up to 465°F quick and easy! So you have an optimal heat for straight, wavy, or curly hair no matter how stubborn or fussy it can be. 

How exactly does it get this great heating, you might ask? 

Their HiDensity Dual-Ceramic Heating System ensures safe and reliable heat transfer from the inside out. It’s chock-full of power, letting it go to up to 20% faster heat-up. 

Instant Heat Recovery

FullWave Thermal Science ensures that none of that quick, efficient heat goes to waste. With instant heat recovery, you can be sure that no matter how long you use your straightener, it stays just as warm as when you started. 

It takes the hassle out of styling and lessens the time you have to spend preening in the bathroom before you’re ready and out the door. It saves not just on effort and time but cuts costs on power as well. 


However, their stellar heat transfer to your hair does come at a price. Unlike ceramic plates that heat the hair from the inside out, titanium plates heat the hair shaft directly and can cause damage if used too hot or too long on the hair. 

They’re usually more lightweight than ceramic plates, which leads users to believe that they need to use them more times in one section than is necessary. 

However, this can be avoided by consciously being cautious when using the straightener and using heat protectant products before using. (Do that for ceramic plates too. It’s just good practice either way!

What we like: 

  • Its rounded edges and thin plates make it perfect for curling hair.
  • You can lock the plates, making it convenient for traveling. 
  • The LED temperature display allows you to choose between 300-465 F easily
  • Cool to touch tips makes it easier to style hair

What we don’t like: 

  • Titanium plates can heat up fast and burn your hair. Use with caution. 
  • Pricey

Comparing 3 Babyliss Prima Titanium Flat Iron models

You may be wondering now, with the vast array of choices Babyliss has, how do they compare? Even just in the Babyliss Prima line, there are 3 models to choose from. We have the Prima 3000, 3100, and 2000 models. Let’s find out how they stack up against each other!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima 3100 vs 3000 vs 2000

In terms of materials, functionality, durability, and reliability, you can count on the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima line to be the same all across the board. They all come with the same heating system, stainless steel component, and 360-degree cords. 

The main difference between Babyliss prima 3100 vs 3000 is their size. The Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 flat iron has 1-1/4-in Titanium heating plates, while its little sister, the Babyliss Prima 3100, has 1-in plates. 

Other than that, there’s basically no difference between BaByliss prima 3000 and 3100.

If you want to go for something even more compact and portable, the Babyliss Prima 2000 gives you every convenience of the Babyliss Prima 3000 in a handy travel size!

While both the 1 inch and 1.25-inch plates cost the same, the mini/travel version costs about a third less than the regular full-sized ones. So if you just want to try it out without spending over a hundred bucks, then get the mini version. 

All sizes have the locking function, so whatever size you end up getting, you can still bring it with you in your travels. Please note that only the travel-sized Prima 2000 is dual voltage.

Babyliss Pro Prima vs Optima

What’s the difference? No need to worry; they’re both the same product

The only difference is where they’re sold. The Babyliss Pro Prima is how it’s marketed in the US, while its Australian equivalent is the Babyliss Pro Optima. 


Now let’s compare BabylissPro Prima to other brands and see how it holds up to other similar products.

Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 vs GHD Platinum

I think the biggest difference between the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 and the GHD Platinum is the material that makes up the plates. 

The Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 has titanium plates for faster heating, while the GHD Platinum uses ceramic-coated aluminum. It may take a while longer for ceramic plates to heat, but they are generally more forgiving to the hair. 

The GHD Platinum maintains an optimal temperature of 365ºF, while the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 offers more flexibility, with a maximum temperature of 465°F. 

So, in terms of these features, it depends on what your concerns are. Need a gentler straightener with a steady temperature? The GHD Platinum may be better for you. But if you have coarser hair or need a quick and hot solution, then the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 will make you a lot happier.

Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 vs Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

The Dyson Corrale Straightener boasts more flexible plates made from manganese copper alloy. They promise more flexibility resulting in less hair breakage. It's also cord-free, which makes styling a breeze. 

However, this could be a bit of a pain for those with more hair or people who just like taking their time. The rechargeable battery works only up to 30 minutes and fully recharges in 70. It has three heat settings (330°F, 365°F, and 410°F) with "intelligent heat control" to ensure steady temperature when in use. 

Compared to the Babyliss Pro Prima, the Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener may be a good option for those who have more sensitive hair. However, at a $499 price point, its unique features have to be something you're willing to splurge on. 

Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 vs Conair Infiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron

On the opposite end of pricing, the Conair Infiniti Pro Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron has pretty comparable features to the Babyliss Pro Prima. 

It shares the same titanium plates and ceramic heating system. It also goes all the way up to 450°F. It may not have as many sizes available as the Babyliss Pro Prima, but if you're on a budget, this is definitely an alternative to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do you curl hair with BaByliss Prima 3000?

To achieve romantic curls with your Babyliss Prima: 

  1. Apply a good heat protectant.
  2. Section your hair. Then, by section, take your hair between the plates starting closer to the roots. 
  3. Slowly turn your hand to wrap your hair around the straightener as you clamp the plates around your hair. 
  4. Hold for a moment (not longer than 5 seconds!) Then gently slide the plate down the section of your hair. Slide it straight all the way down, then voila! Your hair should come out from between the plates in a nice curl. 
  5. Repeat for the rest of the sections, then brush out to your liking before applying hair spray.

Figuring out how to curl your hair using the Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 should be no different than using any other flat iron to curl hair. Granted, it’s best to use a flat iron with 1-inch plates, so the Prima 3100 would be a better choice if you want a hair straightener that also curls hair.

That said, you can definitely use the Prima 3000 to get voluptuous curls and elegant waves. It’s just a matter of technique and lots of practice!

Babyliss Pro Prima 3000 Titanium Flat Iron Review: Final Thoughts

Don’t let its weird futuristic design fool you; this straightener packs a punch. All its features are worth the high price tag. You can buy cheapo flat irons, but if used frequently or incorrectly, they end up damaging your hair in the long run.

A flat iron that hairstylists use not just for straightening hair but also for curling, the BabylissPro Prima is a good choice if you want a professional flat iron right at the comfort of your home.

Last Updated: April 17, 2021

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