8 Weird Things Youtube Bloggers Use To Curl their hair

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For those with wavy or kinky hair, getting curls is easy. You don’t have to use heating tools or spend long hours trying to get those coveted curls.

Using heat too often is damaging to the hair so it’s best to limit the use of heating tools once in a while.

But even without curling irons, you can still curl your hair even if you’re completely avoiding heat.

I’ve been looking for ideas on how to do heatless curls.

Did you know that you can use socks or even old cotton shirts to curl your hair? I found other things used to curl hair, like aluminum foil. Thank God for Youtube!

Curl Hair Without Heat With These 8 Weird Yet Clever Ideas

Below, I’ve compiled 8 different tutorials that shows you how to curl hair even without heat.

Some may be weird, but just pick one and give it a try!

1. Sock Bun Curls

If you got long hair, this video is for you!

Youtube vlogger Bebexo shows your how you can use socks to curl your hair. It’s not recommended to do this on wet or damp hair.

If your hair is wet, blow dry it first until its about 95% dry.

Start by brushing out your hair, put them up on a high ponytail or part them into sections (if you want a double bun).

If you have hair donut (a hair tie that looks like a donut), you can use that in lieu of socks. But if you don’t have one, find a spare sock that you don’t use anymore.

Better yet, use a sock that has lost its pair! Pretty sure you have a few of those 😉

Roll it until you get a donut shape bun. Slide the sock bun into your ponytail, then pull a small section of hair and wrap around the bun.

Repeat until all sections of your hair are done. Make sure you put your bun high up in your head so when you lie down in bed, it won’t be uncomfortable for you.

You can get loose curls or tight ringlets, depending on how you use the socks.

2. Shoelaces

It is quite easy to get bouncy curls using shoelaces.

YouTuber x3Thuha shows how you can do this in her video online. Using a shoelace, you can get easy and versatile curls.

You start by spraying your hair with water then brushing it out. The next step is to tie a shoelace over your head, split your hair into two then pull each part into your hair going upwards till you reach the end.

You can also use a pin to secure your hair once you get to the end. Next is to make use of a hairspray and a blow-dryer to dry the hair. You can also wait till the hair dries; it could be up to 3 hours.

Once the hair is completely dry, you gently remove the shoelaces.

3. Tampons

As strange as it seems, YouTubers and hair bloggers also use tampons to curl their hair. Tampons are made purely of cotton and can be gentle on the hair.

In a YouTube video, hair blogger GlitterForever17 shows how you can use tampons to get easy curls. You start by brushing damp hair to remove tangles.

Next is to get your tampon, stretch it out a bit then wrap a section of the hair around it. You can then secure using bobby pins.

For more comfort, cut off the strings at the end of the tampon before using them.

Once you have wrapped every section of your hair around the tampons, use a hairspray and then leave on for about 4 hours before taking it out.

You can then style however you want. The tampons can also be reused for as much as you like.

4. Straws

YouTuber beautyklove shows how you can use a straw to achieve straw coils.

All you need is a straw and bobby pins to secure the hair. You simply twist your hair around a straw in sections and then use a bobby pin to secure the hair at the root.

You also use another bobby pin to secure the hair at the other end. Be sure to do this on a damp hair. It is best to leave it on till the next day. This way, you can get curls that will last for a long period of time.

5. Aluminium kitchen foil

It is quite easy to get natural curls using a kitchen foil, leave in conditioner and a comb.

In a YouTube video, hair blogger LaursCurls shows how you can use these items to get heatless curls.

You start by squeezing one piece of the kitchen foil in a way to form a stick.

Bend a small part to form a small loop, start by placing that loop in a section of your hair and then wrap your hair around the entire length of the aluminum stick. You can then fold the remaining part and secure on your hair.

Repeat this step for every section of your hair.

Leave it on till the next day. Gently unwrap your hair from around the aluminum foil and use your fingers to detangle. It’s as easy as that.

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6. Scarf or bandana

Youtuber Julia Nicole shows how you can use a scarf or a bandana to achieve shiny curls.

You simply wrap a bandanna or hair band round your hair and then twist your hair in sections and loop each section around the bandanna or hair band.

Leave it for a while to dry, usually for about 3 hours or even overnight, slide the bandanna/hair band out and there you have it. Beautiful and easy curls.

It is usually best to do this on a damp hair. You can also achieve curls using 2 bandannas. You first divide your hair into two pigtails and braid around the bandanna.

Leave it on overnight and then undo them the next morning. You can also replace your sock bun with a bandanna and wrap your hair around it.

7. Fork and metal spoon

In her YouTube video, xoJahtna shows how you can use a metal fork to curl your hair.

You can easily wrap your hair around a fork till you get to the root, slip in a pin to secure it, blow dry and leave for a while.

Once the pin is removed, you can then see the curls. You can also use a plastic fork for those times when you don’t have a pin to secure your hair. The plastic fork allows you to twist your hair around it and leave for a while.

Another item used is a metal spoon. In the same video, xoJahtna shows how you can achieve easy curls using a metal spoon.

To do this, you start by using a blow-dryer to heat the hand of the spoon, usually one with a cylinder hand. Next is to hold the spoon and wrap around the entire hair. Leave for a few seconds and release. Fast and easy.

There are other ways you can use a fork to get cream curls using a fork and a flat iron.

8. Old t-shirts

Your old t-shirts doesn’t have to be completely useless.

They can be used to create simple and shiny curls. You can create curls ranging from small to bigger ones. Hair blogger Katies Kreations shows how you can do this in a YouTube video.

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Lay the t-shirt on a table and cut into long strips using a scissors. If you want bigger curls, be sure to cut your t-shirt into bigger strips.

Roll a section of your hair around each strip, tuck in and then tie to secure. Repeat this process section by section and be sure to work on a damp hair. Once the entire hair has been secured, leave to dry and then remove the t-shirts.

8 Things Used To Curl Hair: Which one is YOUR favorite?

Curls are hairstyles everyone would love to have.

Curly hair is always adorable but not everyone has naturally curly hair.

Still the perfect curly hairstyle for your hair can be had all by yourself (going DIY) without having to spend hours and dollars at a hair salon. Curls would fit in smoothly with any outfit and on all colours of the hair.

It’s nice to know that these gorgeous curls can be achieved using different items and tools.

If you’ve tried any of the items above, or tried something else I haven’t mentioned, leave a comment below and let me know!

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