Mahogany vs Burgundy hair color

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There’s a shade of red for everyone, according to Audrey Hepburn. Over time and all kinds of hair trends, the fashion icon has definitely been proven right! Red is for everyone; better yet, it’s a timeless choice.

There are a lot of different shades of red out there. Some are lighter and more golden, like copper and ginger shades, while true bright Little Mermaid reds are a fun option too. 

But in this article, we’re going down the more subtle route with burgundy and mahogany. Both mahogany and burgundy are favored as the more everyday kinds of red. 

It can be pretty easy to confuse the two. Really, there’s not much of a problem if you do. 

These two are very similar rich, deep reds that can be wearable and flattering on just about anyone. But they can do much more for you and bring out your best features once you know which shade works better. 

Difference between burgundy and mahogany

So, first things first. What makes burgundy and mahogany different?

A lot of times, you might hear people interchange the two. It’s quite easy to mistake them for each other when you’re only presented with two different shades of deep red.

However, if you really want to nail the color that you want and that works best for your features and skin tone, then the one thing you have to look out for is the undertone. 

What does mahogany hair color look like?

What does mahogany hair color look like

So now that you know that the primary difference between mahogany and burgundy is the undertone, let’s answer the question: what color is mahogany hair color?

Mahogany hair color is named after a particular type of wood. Therefore, you can expect this color to be a little warmer. 

Because of its woody origins, it’s safe to say that when you’re looking for a color that’s somewhat red and a little bit brown, then mahogany is the shade for you. 

Of course, the intensity of the redness or brownness of your shade of mahogany can be vastly different, depending on your style. 

It can even have some nuances of warm purple and plum, depending on your preference.

You can have mahogany hair that goes more intensely red, giving you a warm fiery effect. If something more subtle is your style, you can opt for brown mahogany. 

The latter can even be achieved without committing to a hair dye! A red gloss will do the trick if you have naturally warm dark hair, giving you a mahogany shade that is best brought out by the sun. 

Speaking of dark hair, did you know that brunettes also have lots of fun — that is, when it comes to mahogany hair color.  

Mahogany hair color on black hair with warm undertones or naturally brown hair is a match made in heaven. Experts say that having dark hair to start with lets you get away with a lot less upkeep. 

The natural warm orangey tones present in dark hair match the undertone of mahogany, letting it fade out more gracefully. No drastic color disappearance or unexpected discoloration here!

What skin tone suits mahogany hair?

At the end of the day, no one can really say that one hair color is exclusive for a certain skin tone, while it doesn’t suit the other. 

But if you want to bring out the best in you, playing with undertones is a great way to do so. 

Mahogany is great for people with warm-toned skin. Warm-toned skin can be anything from fair to medium to deep. 

But no matter how light or dark your skin color is, mahogany’s warmth will surely bring out the best golden glow in you. 

It is incredibly flattering on medium warm skin tones because of how the browns and reds complement each other. 

People with olive-toned skin can also enjoy a healthy-looking warmth from mahogany hair. 

What does burgundy hair color look like?

What does burgundy hair color look like

Now, what sets burgundy apart from other colors? How different is it from its cousin mahogany? Well, as its name suggests, it has a more purple, wine-colored base. 

It’s not exactly a cool-toned color like deep blue or pastels, but it is one of the most cool-toned shades you can go when opting for red. 

Side by side, it’s easier to notice that mahogany takes its richness from the deepest versions of orange and gold, while burgundy is more of a red that is deepened by violet or purple. 

This rich, deep color makes it an excellent option for natural brunettes, just like mahogany. It’ll still fade nicely in dark hair. 

It also shows up great in blonde hair, making it appear more vibrant and true to color. 

However, if you have any gray hair that you’d rather hide, steer clear of burgundy. It can fade badly on gray hair. With its purple and red base, it can wash out into a murky pink shade that can emphasize gray hair after a while. 

What skin tone suits burgundy hair?

Burgundy hair brings out the rosiness in your skin tone because of its cool base. So, it’s a great color to wear when you have a cooler undertone in your skin. 

However, just like mahogany, you can still wear burgundy even when you have warmer skin.

All you need to do is to pull in a bit more warmth by wearing a redder burgundy. Avoid more deeply purple or violet shades, though, as those can wash you out. 


Which is darker: mahogany or burgundy?

Which is darker mahogany or burgundy

Both shades can go light or dark if you play around with them. But if you really want a shade that can be your perfect deep, rich red, then go for burgundy

Its cool, purple base allows for a richer combination with red which, in turn, gives you a range that can go a lot deeper. 

Mahogany, which has more warm brown undertones can also go dark, but because of its lighter base, the effect won’t look as dark as burgundy. 


So, is there a perfect shade of red for you out there? 

On the deeper side of the spectrum, you can stand out with either mahogany or burgundy. With a little playing around and experimenting with warm and cool nuances, you can make either shade work for you. 

That’s just the beauty of red!

But to bring out your natural glow, choose mahogany to bring out a golden luminosity if you have warm skin, while burgundy will bring out a natural healthy flush in cooler, paler skin. 

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