How To Tie Long Hair In Different Styles

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Trying to get your hair perfectly made can be pretty tedious. In my case, I usually never get to complete a hairstyle the same day.

Whether it’s a ponytail just before hitting the gym or a pretty bun for a nice walk at twilight, knowing how to tie up your hair in different styles would set you a class apart from other gals.

If you’ve got long hair and you’re considering several pretty hairstyles without getting stressed out, I’m going to show you how to get it done effortlessly.

How to tie long hair in 5 different ways:

Classic Ponytail

This first hairstyle will make sure you’re comfortable while walking, especially when you need to keep your hair out of your face. It’s probably the most popular hairstyle that I find to be very easy.

The first thing I do is to add a dry shampoo to give my hair a little bit more texture. Gather up all of your hair to the top of your head and gently tease using a tail comb. Then use a hair tie or elastic band to wrap your ponytail. To make this look a bit different, you could adorn your hair with a scrunchie.

Another interesting tip is to leave out the bottom section of your ponytail when tying the rest of the hair up. This disguises the ponytail and makes it appear longer than it actually is.

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Big Messy Bun

If you still find it difficult to get a pretty looking messy bun after so many tries, this go-to style is just what you need. What I do first is to brush out my hair to remove any tangles.

After applying my dry shampoo evenly into all of my hair, I pack it up into a ponytail. Use your fingers to brush your hair back and high up the ponytail. Next step is to hold your ponytail up, and use an elastic band to wrap your hair about halfway down—you should get a bun and a bit of loose hair from this.

Again, take half of that bun with one hand, loop the loose end of your hair beneath this bun and tie the band over it twice. I usually prefer to get extra volume by pulling out pieces of my hair in the front.

If you also want to make it bouffant, fluff out your bun with your hands. The messy look actually depends on how much you pull out your hair. Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place and you should look nice in this already.

Half-up Hair Bow

This beautiful hairstyle got me wondering if I could actually do it myself the first time I saw someone with it. Don’t feel intimidated, it’ll be totally easy as soon as you master the tricks involved. So, take it easy and learn the steps involved.

The first thing to do is to take one section of hair from both sides and tie them once behind with a thin elastic band. Then make a very small loop of hair with the band just like you’re going to tie it again only this time, you don’t completely tie it.

Then you’ll grab that loop and split it in two by using your thumbs. This is what’ll form your bow. Use your fingers to spread either side of the bow nicely and insert bobby pins to hold them down. I make sure that the bow is uniform in size with the help of two mirrors. This helps me a lot ‘cause obviously I can’t see from behind.

So I take a section of my remainder hair over the middle of my bow and insert it through a hole which I easily make with my index finger. Once you’re able to get this through and pull out the hair, insert a bobby pin at the top to hold it firmly in place throughout the day. Make sure to take a photo in this unique hairstyle and share it with your friends.

No Hair Tie Bun

So here’s another interesting one, gals. This one’s absolutely useful and will come in handy during those emergency situations when you can’t find any of your hair ties. I’ve been through such moments and I must say they’re really frustrating. Let’s get right into it.

Start by brushing out your hair so you don’t get tangles. Then gather up all of it like you’d normally do when making a ponytail. Place the hair over your left hand and make sure it’s between your thumb and index finger. Your right hand should pull your hair tightly and downward, towards your right side.

Make one clockwise rotation of your left hand, not removing your fingers from the loop you just created. Then completely wrap the leftover hair in your other hand around this loop and push it down towards the twisted hair until the loop covers the twisted hair.

Nice and easy isn’t it? You got a clean bun without having to use any hair tools at all—not even a hair tie.

Double Braided Ponies

For this hairstyle, you’re going to split your hair in two down the back of your head. Tie of one half so that you’re totally free to work on the other one.

Take up one of the two parts and make a French braid—basically a 3-strand braid against your scalp—starting from the front halfway to the back. For this hairstyle, you don’t have to complete the braids all the way to the end. Stop and tie it halfway down in the meantime with an elastic hair band.

Repeat this same process on the other side. And you might have to put in some work to make it match the opposite braid, but don’t worry you’ll get used to it with time. That’s basically all it takes.

To add a pretty look to these braids, use a band that matches your hair color to create one big messy bun with the two free ends of the remainder hair. This makes your ponytail look a lot cuter.

Long Hair, Don’t Care

So now we’ve seen that there’s so much more to just plain old ponytails and braids.

You should rock these easy hairstyles around to make life a lot easier for yourself, don’t you think? They saved me from wasting so much time while getting prepared to leave the house and I think you’d love to try them too. Let me know if you do, and leave a comment below!

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