How to tame baby hairs on top of head

By: | Last Updated: February 11, 2022

Do you ever have those teeny tiny hairs sticking up your hairline? Well, these rebellious little strands are what you call “baby hairs”. 

Despite its name, adults tend to have them too. 

You’ll usually find them on your forehead, near the ears, temples, and neck. 

But what about those tiny hair strands sticking up on top of your head?

They’re baby hairs, too, just literally! 

Since baby hairs are thinner and shorter than the rest of your hair, it can be hard to style and tame them. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to tame baby hairs on top of your head, you’re in luck. I jotted down a few tips to help you combat this hair dilemma. 

Continue reading below to learn how to control those pesky baby hairs.

Flyaway hair on top of the head

What causes these?

Often, they’re new growth that has become visible. But they can also be caused by hair breakage.

This is primarily due to stress and other factors that make your hair brittle. Being genetically predisposed to hair thinning also plays a huge factor in why you have baby hairs sticking up on top of your head. ​​

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Flyaway hair on top of the head

What products tame baby hairs down?

If you’re looking for products to tame baby hairs, only a number can step up to the challenge of taming that rebellious hair. 

Hairspray is number one on the list. Simply spray an ample amount on a toothbrush and gently brush over on your baby hair. This gives a tough hold which allows your baby hair to stay in place.

Another product is a blowdryer. This is best used if your baby hair tends to grow upward. Blow drying can help bring those unruly baby hairs back down to your scalp again. 

However, make sure you put the blow dryer at its lowest speed because too much heat will result in frizz. Try alternating between hot and cold air to prevent burning your hair strands. 

If putting on hairspray and blow-drying does not work well for you, try using pomade. This is a waxy or water-based product that gives your hair a slick and shiny finish. 

Put a small amount of pomade on your baby hair and guide them back to your scalp.  

You can also try applying brow gel — either clear or tinted will do. However, if you’re using the latter, make sure that the shade of the brow gel is similar to your hair color. 

Nourishing lip balms can also work wonders. Rub a tiny amount on your finger and apply it to your baby hair. This can help make your hair look sleek and shiny. 

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How do I stop flyaway hair on the top of my head?

Stopping that flyaway hair on top of your head can be quite the challenge. 

How do I stop flyaway hair on the top of my head

1. Control Frizz 

The first and the most important step in getting rid of them is by controlling frizz. 

Make sure to give your hair the moisture it needs.  Avoid using heat styling tools, but if you must, use them as infrequently as possible to prevent heat damage.

Use a nourishing shampoo to prevent frizz. But make sure it does not contain any ingredient that will irritate your scalp and dry out your hair, such as sulfates. 

Keep your hair conditioned. Use a conditioner that will hydrate your baby hair from the roots. 

Putting on some hair oil or serum can also keep your hair hydrated and help them stay down.

Simply put, the secret to stopping flyaway hair is taking good care of your hair. 

2. Grow your hair out

You can also get rid of baby hairs by growing them out. Taking protein-rich supplements will help since these stimulate hair growth. Note, however that it is best to consult your doctor before taking any. 

You can also eat food that improves hair growth, such as avocados, eggs, sweet potatoes, steak, chicken, spinach, and soybeans. 

Massaging your scalp also helps as this helps stimulate your hair follicle, thereby encouraging hair growth. However, growing out your baby hair is not guaranteed because this greatly depends on genetics. Experts say that there is a genetic limit as to how long they can grow.

You also need to be careful when dyeing or bleaching your hair. Baby hairs are fragile and sensitive so try using a product with a more gentle formula. 

How do I stop my baby hair from sticking up?

One easy way to stop baby hair from sticking up is simply spraying water and combing them in the same natural direction using a fiber brush or a toothbrush. 

Take note that it is best to style your baby hair while they are damp because it lets you have more control over them. 

You can also try applying some anti-frizz cream or any smoothening product over your baby hair. This can help tame flyaways while giving your hair a glossy and smooth look. 

Another way of stopping your baby hair from sticking up is by using the products I’ve previously mentioned above, such as hairspray, blowdryer, brow gel, and pomade. 

How to tame baby hairs without hairspray

Aside from blow drying or applying water, pomade, brow gel, or any smoothening product on your baby hair, you can try clipping them with bobby pins or cute hair clips

There are a lot of options available in terms of shapes and sizes, so make sure to wear one that would suit your preference and style. 

You can also opt to wear headbands. Aside from taming your baby hairs, this will give off cute and chic vibes. 

how to tame baby hairs without hairspray

The bottom line 

When dealing with those errant baby hairs, it all boils down to whether you’re up for the challenge to tame or get rid of them or embrace and incorporate them in your hairstyle. 

Indeed, taming them requires a lot of work. When it comes to controlling your baby hair, commitment becomes non-negotiable. 

You have to religiously buy products to keep them in place, which can become costly over time. 

The second option available is to embrace them and learn how to make them work for you.  There are many creative ways to style them down, such as wearing cute hair clips or headbands. 

You can also try doing a messy bun or a messy side-swept braid. A messy braid allows you to twist your baby hairs, making it look like a part of your hairstyle. 

You can also have your hair pulled back and simply flaunt them. You can go for a high pony or updo. 

Instead of having to hide your baby hair all the time, you might as well consider working with what you’ve got and start appreciating what they can bring to the table.

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