Flexi Rod Tutorial: How to use Flexi rods

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The neat thing about Flexi Rods is you can use it in any type of hair. Learn how to use flexi rods whether your hair is dry, wet, relaxed, natural, long, short, and frizzy. You’re covered. They are a heat-less, easy to manage method to get curls in various forms and sizes. They are gentle on your hair and leaves your hair shiny and curly.

To get the curls you want, you will need the following: a mirror, a brush or comb, a styling product like water, mousse, cream, gel or oil, and Flexi rods.

Separate your hair in sections. The number of sections will depend on the curl type you want to achieve. For bigger curls, use bigger sections with bigger rods. For smaller curls, use smaller sections with smaller rods.

How to use Flexi rods on dry hair

Once you have parted your dry hair in sections, as per the instructions above, lightly spray each section with water as you wind them around the rods. Don’t wet all the hair at once. Do it a section at a time. If you don’t have a spray bottle, dip the tip of your fingers in a bowl of clean water and run your fingers over the entire section of hair. You want it just a little bit damp, not wet.

The rolling direction is up to you. You can start at the root and roll the hair up to the tip of the hair or you can start at the tip and roll it up to the root. Whichever is easier for you. Make sure it’s rolled up tight for tight curls. For looser curls, allow some space between each twirl, meaning you need to see the rod color peeking through. Continue until all the hair has been rolled up in the rods.

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Allow your hair to dry. Once dried, gently unwind the rods and see the lovely curls appear. KelseyJanae gives a great visual tutorial on how to use Flexi rods on dry hair.

How to use Flexi rods on natural and relaxed hair

For Natural Hair

Part your hair in sections, but instead of using water, rather use styling or holding products (This will cut down on the drying time of your hair.) Take a section of your hair and apply your chosen product. Brush out your natural curl pattern.

Place the rod at the end of your hair and criss-cross the hair as you begin rolling the rod upwards so that the ends stay in place. Once all the hair is rolled up, bend the rod at the root to secure it. Focus on keeping the hair smooth and flat on the rod in order to get a clean Shirley Temple spiral curl. You might have to adjust the angle to which you are rolling it closer to the base to keep the hair flat and smooth.

To achieve more of a wavy curl, the following method can be used. As above, part your hair in sections, place the product on the strand about to be rolled and brush out your natural hair. NaturallyChea shows you step by step how to get that perfect curl or wave in the video below.

When starting at the bottom, criss-cross the hair and wind up the hair while you twist the hair in the process. In the previous example, it was smooth and roll. In this method, it’s twist and roll.

Keep in mind the more space you leave between the hair, the looser the curl will be. The less space you leave, the tighter the curl. When you get to the top, bend the rod to secure it. Make sure hair is completely dry before taking out the rods. 

For Relaxed hair

If you have relaxed hair and want to use Flexi rods to get a curl or a wave, you can use the previous two examples for dry hair or natural hair. Both will work on relaxed hair. And here is a quick visual tutorial from Tyiece to help you:

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How to use Flexi rods on short and really short hair

As per the instructions above, brush your hair through thoroughly, divide them into sections, use the styling or holding product of your choice and roll the sectioned hair onto the rod.

The size of the rod you use will be dependent on how the length of your hair and what type of curl you want.

If you want a really fine curl, I suggest using the 5/8”. For a bigger curls, try the 7/16” or even the 3/8”, depending on if there’s enough hair to wrap around the rod. Quiesha Jay gives an excellent example of how to set short hair with Flexi rods in the video just below:

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How to use Flexi rods on long, straight hair

If you have super long hair like Lucy Viruet (in the video below), section off your hair with the use of bands or clips to keep the sections in their place. I suggest you use a mixture between 7/16” and 3/8” rod sizes.

Apply product and start at the tip of your hair. Wind the rest of the hair to secure the tips properly. Then wind and wind and wind your hair until you get to the roots. Bend the rods’ ends towards one another to secure them.

Wait until they are dry or use a hooded dryer as long hair can take ages to get dry. Unwind them gently, spray a bit of hairspray on them and enjoy your lovely curls.

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Got a weave? Here’s How to use Flexi rods

Start off by brushing your weave through so that there are no tangles to tangle you up later on. Section your hair and wind the hair from tip to root as per the in-depth descriptions mentioned above. (If you want looser curls, don’t use any water or product on your hair.) Curl all the sections in this manner.

Place a bonnet over your hair, sleep on it and the next morning you will have gorgeous curls as you unwind the rods. If the curls are a bit too spirally, gently pull your fingers through them for a more relaxed curl look. Check out this great tutorial from Shakara Lynn to assist you.

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The great thing about Flexi rods is it brings out the inner child in you. You can play and create a beautiful crown to frame your special and unique face. May this experience deepen your love for yourself and your hair.

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