Chi Spin N Curl Review: Is this automatic hair curler worth the hype?

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We all want gorgeous, soft curls—the trouble is how to get them. Sure, we could fumble with old-fashioned hot tools.

But with so many new styling tools on the market, we wanted to try our hand at one that has been making waves (pun intended) online: The Chi Spin N Curl.

The Chi Spin N Curl is not your traditional curling iron.

It has an automatic curling chamber that promises to give you perfect curls at the push of a button. Basically, the Chi Spin N Curl works by automatically pulling in a section of hair and wrapping it around the iron that’s inside the curling chamber.

Read the rest of my Chi Spin N Curl review to find out if this curler is worth it or not.

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Because the Chi Spin N Curl is designed for safety and ease of use, you get the curls of your dreams without the worry. It’s so user-friendly that even the most inexperienced users can achieve a full head of curls in no time.

CHI Spin N Curl Special Edition Rose Gold Hair Curler 1*
Ideal for Shoulder-Length Hair between 6-16” inches.

  • Pre-set Temperatures: 370°F for Fine Hair, 390°F for Medium Hair, 410°F for Coarse Hair
  • Adjustable Heat-Up Times: 15 sec. for Fine Hair, 17 secs. for Medium Hair, 19 secs. for Coarse Hair
  • Beep Alert / Auto Temperature Lock / 1 Hour Automatic Shut Off for Safety

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Features at a Glance

SIZES AVAILABLE:1” and 1.25” Barrel
Chi Spin N Curl Product Overview


One of the main benefits of the Chi Spin N Curl is how easy it is to use. Even if you have no experience with styling tools, the Chi Spin N Curl barely has a learning curve to it and gives you gorgeous curls each time. It does all the work for you, and beeps when it’s time to release the curls. You can curl your hair with ease within 10 to 20 minutes.

Another thing we love is that it’s almost impossible to burn yourself with it. The outer shell only gets warm at best. Even if you hold the device close to the scalp, you don’t have to worry about touching the hot iron inside the chamber (just don’t stick your fingers inside).

Chi Spin N Curl Review

Tangle-Proof Sensor

When we say the Chi Spin N Curl is easy to use, we mean it. It’s nearly impossible to tangle your hair or get it stuck in the barrel, despite the device’s seemingly daunting automatic spinning. It comes built with a tangle-proof sensor that beeps when you put too much hair in. When this happens, you can easily release your strands, restart the device, and curl another (hopefully smaller) section of hair.

Adjustable Temperature

The Chi Spin N Curl allows you to adjust its temperature to give you either tighter or looser curls. Use a lower temperature for looser waves and a higher temperature for tighter curls.

This means that you can also customize your curling experience to your hair type and texture. The Chi Spin N Curl is designed to work on all hair types: low temperature (370°F) meant for fine hair, medium temperature (390°F) for medium hair, and high temperature (410°F) for thick, coarse hair.

What we like

  • Ease of use
  • Tangle-proof
  • Burn-proof
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Self-cleaning

What we didn’t like

  • Round shape can be hard to store
  • Difficult to use on shorter hair

Chi Spin N Curl Alternatives

Difference between Chi Spin N Curl and Chi Lava Spin N Curl

Chi Lava Spin n Curl – Curling Diva
Chi Lava Spin N Curl

Both are rotating, automatic hair curlers from Chi that are easy to use for beginners. They’re basically the same. The only difference is that Chi Lava Spin N Curl is made from volcanic lava, resulting in powerful heat styling without the damage.

Chi Spin N Curl vs Babyliss Miracurl

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine*
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine offers a whole new way to curl hair. A hair...
  • Featuring 3 direction curl control so you can create tight uniform curls or looser, free-flowing waves.
  • Use the MiraCurl Professional Curl Machine to create curls & waves. It's great for all types of hair.

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Chi Spin N Curl and the Babyliss Miracurl are both non-traditional, automatic hair curlers.

The Babyliss Miracurl was the first ever automatic hair curler on the market. It comes in three versions: the Original Miracurl, Miracurl 3, and the Steamtech.

The Miracurl 3 has three different barrel sizes, which allows you to customize the size of the curl.

This offers you more flexibility than the single-barrel size of the Chi Spin N Curl. Steamtech uses steam technology to heat and set your hair, promising more defined and longer-lasting curs.

If you’re looking for simplicity and ease of use, the Chi Spin N Curl wins. But if you want more options, consider one of the Babyliss Miracurl machines.

Chi Spin N Curl vs Dyson Airwrap

No products found.

The Chi Spin and Curl and the Dyson Airwrap are very different products. While the former is an automatic hair curler, the latter takes the place of a blowdryer, hair curler, and a flat iron. There’s also another main difference: the price. While the Chi Spin N Curl sits at around $99.99, the Dyson Airwrap starts at a whopping $499.

The Dyson Airwrap promises to curl your hair without extreme heat. Instead, uses what Dyson calls the “Coanda effect” to attract hair to the tool’s surface. This can be finicky, though. Sometimes hair has trouble wrapping around the Dyson Airwrap’s barrel, resulting in uneven curls.

When it comes to effortless curls, we have more luck with Chi Spin N Curl. If you’re in the market for one tool that can do it all (and you don’t mind splurging a little), opt for the Dyson Airwrap.

Chi Air Spin N Curl vs Beachwaver

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The Chi Spin N Curl is an automatic hair curler, while the Beachwaver is a more traditional curling iron. The Beachwaver Pro & S1 curling iron does have a distinctive feature that helps with ease of use. At the push of a button, the wand automatically rotates to wrap hair around the barrel.

The Beachwaver gives you more control over your curls. You can choose when to release your hair from the barrel and make it easier to curl your hair close to the roots. There’s a bigger risk of burning yourself, so if you’re not used to hot tools, you might want to opt for the Chi Spin N Curl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Chi Spin N Curl work?

The Chi Spin N Curl works by placing hair at the tulip-shaped opening. The machine automatically wraps hair around the barrel inside the heating chamber.

After placing hair at the opening, all you need to do is press a button (either left or right, depending on which direction you want your hair to curl) and wait. After a few seconds, the device will beep, which lets you know when to release the curl.

Does the Chi Spin N Curl come in different sizes?

The Chi Spin N Curl comes in two sizes—a 1” barrel and a 1.25” barrel.

How do you do beach waves with Chi Spin N Curl?

The curls from the Chi Spin N Curl can look a bit spirally if used on the hottest setting.

For beach waves, you can curl your hair, let it set and cool. Then run your fingers or a wide-tooth comb through your tresses. You can also use a lower heat setting and release your hair from the iron before it beeps for a looser wave.

Does the Chi Spin N Curl work on short hair?

That depends on how you define short hair. If your hair is at least four inches long, you should be able to curl your hair with the Chi Spin N Curl.

But you might still run into some difficulties, as the Chi Spin N Curl doesn’t do well curling hair close to the roots. Your best bet is to use the Chi Spin N Curl on a long bob or shoulder-length hair to ensure the hair wraps well around the barrel.

How to use Chi Spin N Curl on short hair

Those with short hair (at least four inches long) can use the Chi Spin N Curl the same way as those with long hair. Just drape a piece of hair at the opening, press a button, and let the device do the work for you.

With shorter hair, you might find that the Chi Spin N Curl only curls the lower half of your hair. When using the device with short hair, try to get as close to the roots as possible to let more hair wrap around the barrel.

Hopefully, now that you’re done reading this Chi Spin N Curl review, you’ll know whether it’s the right hair curler for you. Any questions, leave a comment below!

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