Can you bleach your hair twice in one day?

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A failed hair makeover is a total heartbreak. And you’re probably here because your new hair shade isn’t what you were expecting. And now, you want to bleach your tresses all over again! 

But wait, can you bleach your hair twice? Is it safe to do so? 

Well, let’s find out as we learn more about double bleaching and its possible effects on the hair. So don’t reach for that bleach bottle yet; scroll through this article! 

How does bleaching works? 

How does bleaching works

I’m pretty sure you know this — bleaching is an aggressive coloring technique since it utilizes harsh chemicals that penetrate and open the cuticle, thereby altering the hair’s inner structure. 

Bleaching lightens the hair by eliminating natural pigment and replacing it with a lighter hue.  

True enough, it’s a terrific way of adding color to the hair! But it also comes with several risks, such as split ends, hair fall, discoloration, and damaged hair. 

But despite how intense the process can be, can you bleach your hair twice? We’ll look into that in a bit! 

How many times can you bleach your hair in one day?

Ok, let’s get this straight. Bleaching your hair twice is fine, but you shouldn’t do it the same day. You should bleach your hair only once in one day, I repeat, ONCE IN A DAY.  

I know a lot of women who repeatedly bleached their hair until they ultimately achieved their desired color.  Don’t be one of them! 

Why? What happens if you bleach your hair 2 times in one day? 

Well, if you won’t follow this basic rule, you’ll risk overprocessing the hair. 

Or simply put, it wreaks havoc on the hair, causing breakage, brittleness, and hair fall. And not just that, overbleaching may irritate and inflame the scalp. It may even result in hair loss

Can I bleach my hair the next day after bleaching it?

Can I bleach my hair the next day after bleaching it

Yes, if you’re okay with damaging your hair!  

Bleaching the hair the next day after bleaching it isn’t recommended at all. As mentioned earlier, bleaching is aggressive on the hair — the strands are exposed to harsh chemicals, which eventually dry up the hair.

So nope, don’t even think about bleaching your already bleached hair the next day after. Otherwise, you’ll end up frying and melting your hair. Terrifying! 

Now, the question is, how soon can I bleach my hair a second time?

Patience is everything in re-bleaching. Bleaching causes chemical changes in the hair by opening the strand and stripping off the hair’s natural pigments. 

And to answer the question, bleaching your hair the second time depends on several factors. 

Those with dark hair should wait for 4-6 weeks before rebleaching. On the other hand, those with light hair should wait for 8-10 weeks.  

Another factor is the severity of the damage. Start by assessing the condition of your hair. If it’s badly damaged, let it recuperate for at least 8 weeks before bleaching again.

Remember that although your tresses are healthy after the first bleach, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll remain so after re-bleaching. 

So as much as possible, follow the recommended timeline, as this gives the hair ample time to recover and regain strength. 

And, of course, don’t forget to hydrate your hair during this time. Here’s a tip — invest in high-quality conditioner and moisturizing hair masks, so there’s less chance of breakage and dryness.  

Can I bleach my hair twice with a 20-volume developer?

Most people think that using a 20-volume developer twice lessens hair damage. Some also believe that color is more subtle if you do two sessions with lesser volumes.

But here’s the real thing — these presumptions are false in almost every way.

Bleaching your hair twice with a 20-volume developer is fine. But let your hair breathe in between. 

Although two bleaches of a 20-volume developer offer a much lighter result, it is incredibly damaging to your hair due to double processing. 

Also, bleaching twice in a row with a 20-volume developer is like applying a 40-volume developer to your mane. And if you didn’t know, a 40-volume developer has a powerful lifting effect that causes unnecessary damage to the hair cuticle. Best to leave this to professional stylists.

So let me emphasize this — never bleach your hair with a 20-volume developer immediately after your first bleaching session. Wait for at least a week. Otherwise, your hair may burn and break! 

Also, don’t forget to moisturize while waiting for your next bleaching session. You may use coconut oil as a moisturizing mask. Simply leave it overnight and rinse it off the next day.

How to bleach hair twice in one day safely?

How to bleach hair twice in one day safely

Let’s be clear. Bleaching hair twice in one day isn’t safe at all. 

But if you insist, make sure you use high-quality bleach and follow the bleach’s directions carefully. Taking the proper precautions lessens the possibility of breakage. 

Also, use a deep conditioner to mitigate the damage. 

But then again, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So if possible, bleach your hair just once in one day. 

The final verdict: Can you bleach your hair twice in one day?

Indeed, bleaching is a fun way of experimenting with different hair colors. But most of the time, we aren’t entirely aware of its potential harm. 

Bleached hair is more susceptible to damage and breakage. It’s very high maintenance, and for that very reason, you should never bleach your hair frequently, much alone twice in one day. 

As a rule, wait for at least 4-6 weeks if you have dark hair and 8-10 weeks if you have light hair.  And if your hair is severely damaged, let it rest for 8 weeks before rebleaching.   

Also, keep your tresses healthy during the waiting period by hydrating and nourishing them. 

Lastly, take the proper precautions if you insist on rebleaching your hair immediately. A high-quality bleach lessens the damage. And, of course, make sure you carefully follow the bleach’s directions. 

So there you go! Let your hair breathe so you can lighten your hair with minimal damage. 

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