Why is Revlon Colorsilk so cheap?

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Whether you’re into cosmetics or not, I’m sure you’ve heard about Revlon. 

Revlon was founded on the year 1932 by Charles Revson. And since then, it has been a constant in most drugstores and beauty shops.

It features some of the most incredible cosmetic items such as foundation, lipstick, mascara, blush, and nail polish. 

But did you know that Revlon also offers hair care products? 

Revlon launched its first ever hair dye in 1965 — the Revlon Colorsilk.

The question now is, is Revlon Colorsilk a good product? And why is it so cheap? 

Well, read along to find out!

Is Revlon Colorsilk good hair dye?

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Hands down, yes! Revlon Colorsilk hair dye received high ratings on Shespeaks and Beauty Crew. The majority of its user reported silky and healthy hair after use. 

The product also smells good and does not burn or irritate the scalp. So it’s perfect for those with sensitive scalp!

And not only that, it has excellent coverage as it covers stubborn grey hair.

And believe it or not, the product is reasonably priced!

So maybe now you’re wondering, why is Revlon Colorsilk so cheap?

Revlon Colorsilk is cheap because it competes with other renowned hair care brands such as Garnier and  L’Oréal, which I must say are pretty dominating. 

What does this mean? 

As per observation, most people choose the cheaper alternative. Hence, setting a budget-friendly price is a smart move to attract more customers. 

Also, Revlon Colorsilk only has a small color chart, with just 41 shades, including black. Hence, production expenses are minimized. And as a result, the cost of the product is likewise reduced. 

But although Revlon Colorsilk is one of the most affordable hair dyes on the market, it can still definitely compete with other hair care brands — its pigments are of the same quality as their rivals.

Is Revlon Colorsilk damaging?

It’s no secret that hair dyes harm the hair because of their chemicals, especially when applied frequently. 

But the good news is that Revlon Colorsilk offers minimal danger to the tresses, like breakage and dryness

In other words, Revlon Colorsilk is less damaging. How great is that? 

But why is that so? Is Revlon Colorsilk ammonia-free? 


Say goodbye to that pungent smell with Revlon Colorsilk. And yep, I’m talking about ammonia! 

Most hair dyes use ammonia to encourage lightening. But If you didn’t know, this colorless substance can fry your tresses and harm the cuticle. 

As a result, hair becomes dry and frizzy. And not just that! Ammonia may also penetrate the scalp and enter the bloodstream

When inhaled, it may even cause respiratory problems and sinus, eye, and throat infections. 

Fortunately, Revlon Colorsilk is ammonia-free, which means it’s gentler on your hair and devoid of harsh chemicals. So hurray for peace of mind!

Does Revlon hair dye make your hair fall out?

Does Revlon hair dye make your hair fall out

Hair dyes generally weaken the tresses because of peroxide and ammonia.

Ammonia penetrates the hair cuticle, allowing peroxide to enter and give color. Hence, color-treated hair becomes weaker, more porous, and highly susceptible to breakage. 

But what about those ammonia-free hair dyes like Revlon Colorsilk? 

Unfortunately, it still causes hair fall. Ammonia-free hair dyes utilize an ammonia-like substance that does the same thing, only without a strong odor. 

So be careful, especially if your hair is bleached and pre-lightened! 

Is Revlon Colorsilk permanent?

Is Revlon Colorsilk permanent

Yes, Revlon Colorsilk is a permanent hair dye. However, this doesn’t mean it lasts forever.

Permanent hair dyes, regardless of brand, may still fade over time. So yep, you still need recoloring now and then! 

Now, you might be wondering exactly how long does Revlon Colorsilk last?

Well, Revlon Colorsilk last 6-8 weeks with touch-ups due to hair regrowth.  

However, some shampoos accelerate color fading! So make sure you use one that won’t fade your hair color.  

What about Revlon Colorsilk’s shelf life?

Their official website says sealed Revlon hair dyes last for at least 3 years, while opened hair dyes only last for 48 hours. 

Is Revlon Colorsilk safe?

Absolutely! Both the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) and the European Union (E.U.) conducted in-depth studies on Revlon hair dyes, including Revlon Colorsilk. 

And their scientific data tells us that the product is safe and effective for consumer usage. However, an allergy test is encouraged as the product contains Resorcinol and p-Phenylenediamine, which may cause allergic reactions in some people. 

What volume developer is in Revlon Colorsilk?

Revlon Colorsilk uses the 20-volume developer, which lifts hair color by 1-2 levels. The 20-volume developer provides excellent results if your original hair color is 1 shade darker than your desired new color. 

Box dyes typically use 20 to 30-volume developers as this gives enough lift without being too damaging.

Revlon Colorsilk hair color chart

Revlon Colorsilk features 4 shades — black, brown, blonde, and red. 

Black shades offer black, soft black, and natural blue-black, whereas brown shades include 15 colors, ranging from brown-black to deep rich brown, all the way down to the lightest golden brown, with many varying shades in between.

On the other hand, blonde shades offer 13 colors — dark ash blonde, going lighter to warm golden blonde, with the ultra-light sun blonde as its lightest shade of blonde.

And lastly, red shades have 10 colors — dark auburn, deep burgundy, vibrant red, medium auburn, medium reddish brown, bright auburn, burgundy, auburn brown, light auburn, and light reddish brown. 

For your reference, click here to see Revlon Colorsilk’s hair color chart. 

The takeaway 

So there you have it! 

Revlon Colorsilk is cheap because of the aggressive competition in the market. It also offers a limited number of colors. 

But although it’s affordable, Revlon Colorsilk still serves its purpose. It gives off long-lasting colors, protects the hair from heat damage, and provides full coverage. 

Not to mention, it’s ammonia free! With Revlon Colorsilk, you’ll achieve silky, shiny, and healthy tresses. So no need to worry about excessive hair damage!

It truly is a promising hair dye! 

So what are you waiting for? Give Revlon Colorsilk a try on your next hair makeover! 

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