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The hair industry is taking the world by storm — from bleaching to rebonding to perming, you name it! 

Now, we won’t have to suffer from plain and boring hair. Amazing how much we can do with our crowning glory, right?

But have you heard about Korean Perm? 

Turns out a lot of Korean actresses and even actors have been rocking this hairstyle lately! And if you’re into KPop or KDrama, you probably have noticed that. 

So what exactly is this hair trend and is it worth trying? 

Let’s find out! 

What is Korean Perm

Korean perm, from the name itself, is a hairstyle inspired by Korean actresses. It involves pouring chemicals onto the hair, breaking down the hair structure. A medium or large rod is then rolled up so that loose curls are created.

What makes this hairstyle stand out is its soft wavy curls. It is natural-looking and the curls aren’t stiff at all!  

And unlike traditional perm, Korean perm focuses on hair volume and bounciness.  

So why get a Korean perm in the first place?

Aside from being low maintenance, Korean perm offers instant hair volume while rocking soft and bouncy locks. So if you’re looking for that kind of hair makeover, then a Korean perm might just be for you.  

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How long does Korean perm last? 

A Korean perm usually lasts 6-10 months — that’s if you’re good at maintaining them. Indeed, the after-perm care makes all the difference!

So make sure you use shampoos and conditioners that will help retain the shape of your curls. Also, water and heat doesn’t go very well with perms! 

That’s why avoid washing your hair too frequently and avoid using heat-styling tools as much as possible. But if you must, keep the temperature low to prevent heat damage. 

Also, quit using hair combs and start combing your hair with your fingers.

Otherwise, your hair might go back to its natural form or worse, you might end up with frizzy hair — a total disaster! 

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What is korean perm

How much does Korean Perm cost?

It’s true that getting a Korean Perm makes you achieve a sophisticated vibe. It makes you look more feminine and elegant. 

But how much does it cost to achieve those gorgeous soft locks?

Well, it depends on the length of your hair and of course, the salon doing it. It would typically cost you $40 to $200 or even higher. A bit pricey, isn’t it? 

But if you are willing and able to splurge, then that won’t be much of a problem!  

Types of Korean Perm

Here are 4 types of Korean Perm you can try: 

C-curl Perm 

With C-curl perm, the hair ends look like the letter C. The C-curls can either curl inward or outward. If you’re up for a bob-like effect, then go with the C-curl inward.  

Short bob S-Curl Perm

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair short while rocking soft waves, then try the Short bob S-Curl Perm. This type of perm forms a letter S wave at the hair ends. 

Lovely Perm

A perfect hairstyle for longer hair. Similar to the Short bob S curl perm, the lovely perm also resembles a letter S wave starting from the top of the head. 

You can either go for a loose or tight S-curl. 

Setting Perm

You can also spice up your long hair with the setting perm. This type of perm leaves the hair with curls midsection

Korean Perm for Short Hair

As mentioned earlier, you can either opt for a C-curl perm or a Short bob S-Curl Perm. Both will certainly add shape to your short hair. 

Korean Perm for Men

It’s amazing how hair fashion is making strides in breaking gender stereotypes. Making bold fashion statements is a thing now, regardless of gender. 

Who says hair styling is only for women? 

It’s the dawn of blurring gender lines and Korean perm for men is here for that!

Types of Korean perm for Men

Korean perm for men

Classy Perm 

A classy perm is suited for men with fine hair and a full-looking mane to help achieve a top-heavy style

Curly Perm with Undercut 

If you want curls that are not too tight, then you should try this one out. This type of perm, however, works best for men with more hair. 

Parting Perm

Suffering from hair loss and hair thinning? Then go for a parting perm. This will cover your hairline, making you look younger than ever. 

Down Perm

Perming is not just about curls! A down perm will make the hair look flatter and relaxed. 

How long does Korean perm last for men?

Korean perm for men can last anywhere from 3-8 months, depending on how you take good care of your permed hair. 

Whether male or female, your hair deserves utmost care.

Hair care knows no gender! 

How much does a Korean perm cost for men?

Korean perm for men ranges between  $50 to  $150. The price varies according to hair length, hair condition and the hair studio doing it. 

FAQs on getting a Korean Perm 

Before getting that Korean perm, here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your guidance: 

Should I wash my hair before perming?

No. You should not wash your hair for at least 48 hours before your perming appointment. 

Can I perm my damaged hair? 

Definitely not. Your hair should be in a good condition before getting a Korean Perm. Otherwise, you might only worsen the damage.

Does perming hurt? 

Not at all. But it may weaken your hair strands so proper hair care is a must. 

Can I get a Korean perm with colored hair? 

Yes. As long as your hair is in good shape then you’re good to go. However, perming may lighten your hair color. 

How can I make my perms last longer? 

Washing your hair less, conditioning more and using protein masks will make your perms last longer. 

Also, chemical treatments, such as dyeing and bleaching will shorten the perms’ lifespan so avoid them.

Can I use a flat iron to straighten my perms? 

Nope! Using heat-styling tools will only damage your perms. Better stick with your curls!

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Is it OK to ponytail my hair after perming? 

Yes but don’t pull your hair too tight as this damages the hair. Use also a scrunchie instead of a rubber band. 

Can I braid my permed hair? 

Absolutely! In fact, braiding helps prevent damage to your curls. 

Don’t tighten it too much though! 

Can I go swimming with my permed hair? 

Yes you can but give it time. Chlorine harms and damages your perm so wait for at least 3 days before swimming. 

Also, make sure you use a swimming cap for added protection.  

How can I take care of my perms while sleeping?

Sleeping with your perms requires extra caution. 

So to preserve them, don’t sleep with wet hair

And when sleeping, put your hair up by doing a loose ponytail, bun or braid. Doing so prevents any contact from your pillow, thereby maintaining your luscious locks.

Silk pillowcases also do wonders. If you have one at home, you can try sleeping on them as this will help prevent frizz and breakage.

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perm hair on woman

What is the difference between Korean and Japanese Perm?

Hair perming has become so popular that even Japan came up with their very own “Japanese Perm.” 

So what is this Japanese Perm and how does it differ from a Korean Perm?

The main difference between the two is that Japanese perm uses the cold perm method unlike Korean perm which uses the opposite — hot perm. 

Japanese perm creates a more subtle and natural effect and leaves the hair with light waves, making it less noticeable than Korean perm. Korean perm, on the other hand, is more defined and voluminous.

And fun fact! Japanese are very conscious of hair damage so their own perm, compared to the Korean Perm, is less damaging

Another major distinction is that Korean perm ​is heavier at the bottom since the curls are at the hair ends while the Japanese perm has more layers

And most importantly, Korean perm requires less maintenance since they use better quality treatment. 

Which is better?

It depends on your preference. 

If you want a natural-looking and light perm, then I suggest you go for a Japanese perm. And not to mention, it’s less damaging than the Korean perm. The only downside is it is very high maintenance.

On the other hand, if you want a well-defined and voluminous perm, then a Korean perm is highly-suited for you. Take note, however, that it may be low maintenance but it can be more damaging to your hair. 

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Korean Perm vs Digital Perm

Korean perm vs Digital perm

Aren’t they the same? 

Well, kinda but not really! 

But before we go into that matter, let’s first talk about digital perms. 

What is it? 

Digital perm changes your hair’s chemical make-up by utilizing heat and chemicals. Simply said, it changes the hair shape into curls and waves. 

How is it related to Korean perm then? 

To be clear, digital perm is the perming technique or the technology used in creating Korean perms. In other words, Korean perm is a hairstyle achieved by means of digital perming. 

Just remember that digital perm is the means and Korean perm is the end product. 

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Is Korean perm bad for your hair?

We’ve already known so much about Korean perm but one question remains unanswered — is it bad for your hair? 

So let’s get this straight! Of course, Korean perm is bad for your hair! 

All kinds of perms can be damaging because it breaks your existing hair bonds and molds a new shape thereafter. 

The degree of damage, however, greatly depends on the formula used and the condition of your hair. 

So a piece of advice — whether you’re going for a Korean perm, Japanese perm or the traditional one, get it from a trusted hair stylist who uses superior formulas and mild chemicals.

A hair and scalp care routine right after perming is also important. This will keep your hair, particularly your curls, healthy and nourished.

The takeaway

We all want the best for our hair. 

And while getting a Korean perm sounds very enticing, it’s frustrating how it comes with a cost, such as breakage and serious damage. 

Not to mention, it requires special care and attention. 

But if you’re ready for that level of commitment, then go and slay those perms! 

After all, life is too short for boring hair. 

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