How To Roller Set Your Hair By Yourself

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Roller sets are not only easy and convenient to use. They can also help you achieve different hairstyles that are fun, fashionable, and elegant, no matter what texture, color, or length your hair is.

You can easily create luscious and bouncy curls even if you are no expert, and you can do so safely without injuring yourself or doing damage to your locks!  

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What is a roller set?

It’s a method of hairstyling on wet or damp hair. It does not use heating tools to achieve bouncy and natural-looking curls.  

If you want to create soft curls or just achieve bigger volume, there are different kinds of roller sets to choose from. To lock the style and hold everything in place, setting lotions, sprays, or mousses can also be applied. Before you how to roller set your hair by yourself, you first need to figure out which roller set is for your hair type.

Magnetic Rollers

magnetic hair rollers guide – Curling Diva
These are snap on magnetic rollers

These are the most common and most widely used. But don’t let the name fool you because they are only made of plastic. Magnetic rollers are your best bet on wet hair, but they can be quite tough to use.

Fun Fact: They’re called “magnetic rollers” ’cause hair is supposed to stick to them ‘like a magnet’ eliminating the need for clips.

Hair becomes even more sensitive when wet. It’s more prone to breakage when pulled too hard, so make sure that you know your way around magnetic rollers. They are perfect for longer hair. Because hair needs to be stretched, you might want to use a different kind of roller set if your hair is only shoulder-length or shorter.

After washing and conditioning, start by parting your hair into three sections. Create a ‘mohawk’ with your magnetic rollers. Start from the front and make your way down to the nape.

Pull and keep the strands taut. Roll and secure them with clips. When you’re done with the center, work on the left and right sides and roll the sections. Having a spray bottle filled with water can be handy to make sure that your hair does not dry.    

Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfect the first time. You look at this tutorial for reference.

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Perm Rods

perm rods – Curling Diva
These are perm rods

Perm rods are perfect for those who have natural short hair. You can achieve the curls without the harmful chemicals. Just don’t panic if you have to use a lot of perm rods. They’re quite thin and small, so make sure that you stock on them if you don’t want to run out halfway through setting.

After washing, conditioning, and prepping your locks with your product of choice, start parting them into sections. You can start from bottom and work your way up.

YouTube vlogger JeanetteJBeauty has the most impressive method with the perm rod. Watch how she does it right here.

As you work on each section, you can add more leave-in conditioner and use a fine-toothed comb. Remember that the strands should be firm and tight in the roller if you want the best results.


Curlformers work well with any length and texture, except with really short and tapered cuts.

You need to get a lot of practice with them before you perfect the curls. Other than that, you will have fun using them and trying different styles.

Go for Curlformers when you’re still growing out your hair and want to achieve natural and relaxed curls. You will also save a lot of time with them because your hair will dry quickly, and you will see the results right away.

YouTuber laineymariebeauty will show you how in her video tutorial here.

To use them, work with thin strands. Slip the Curlformers hook into the colored curlers. Twist a strand, put the hook in, hold on to the base, and pull.


different ways to use flexi rods

And last but not the least is the FlexiRod. It works perfectly on natural curls whether, dry, damp, or wet. Use these rollers when you want to achieve big volume and big curls. You can go as tight or as loose as you want, depending on the kind of curls you want to achieve.

Check out NaturallyChea’s video tutorial and see how she does it:

Just make sure that your hair is wet, or that you use some product to keep the moisture locked in. It’s always easier when hair is always moisturized. It will also keep your curls longer and more volumized.

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How long do you have to sit under the dryer for a roller set?

This depends on the thickness and the length of your hair. A half hour under the dryer should be okay.

But if your hair is still not completely dry after thirty minutes, just allow it to air dry and do other things in the house while waiting.

Don’t be impatient. If you remove them too early, you can end up dealing with frizziness and poufiness.  

Is roller setting healthy for natural hair?

Yes, it is, because there’s no heat involved! You get heat-less curls and you never have to worry about damage.

Unlike flat irons and blowers that directly put heat on your hair, the rollers don’t require heat to work. You only sit under a dryer after you put them on, greatly diffusing the amount of heat.  

Roller setting also promotes deep conditioning and moisture retention. As a result, hair becomes softer, stronger, shinier, and healthier.

How long do roller sets last?

They can last for days if you do them right. You need to find the best product that will give you smooth and bouncy curls each time.  

Can you sleep with rollers in your hair?

Yes, you can. You can leave them on overnight if you’ve put them on wet hair.

However, if you’ve only put on a mist or some kind of leave-on conditioner, you can leave them on for about four hours or more.

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How you roller set will shape your curls, so make sure that you’re not squishing on them too much while you sleep.

This method needs a lot of patience and practice. But once you get the hang of it, your hair will not only look sensational but become healthier, too!

Take Charge of Your Hair and Roller Set by Yourself!

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  1. Rollersets is great way style your hair not using heat. It can last for a few days to week. You change look by using different style rollers. I use medium yellow rollers the most. I have my srtylist perm and trim my hair then put in rollers. I have her yake out rollerd spray sheen spray on it. I leave it curly few days. When star fall . i still rpller at night. I can pick it ouut. Or how i want style my hair. I have thick hair.So rollers help me create different looks. It s hard sleep with rollers in my hsir at first. But after that your curls always be popin. I hsd to rember how roll my hair. Now i have it down pack. I use magatic rollers on yellow most. Its about 12 in pack. I usually use about 26 to 30 get about 3 pavks. For blue pack small rollers get about 3 packs. The pink rollers i got 24 cosider big magnetic rollers come in plastic cade. I got from family dollar years ago. I havnt trief flexi rods yet but i will soon. I love using cold rod perm rollers on white. I say get about 5 -6 bags these usually sbout dollar at any beauty supply store. Iam going get satin rollers i think about elven dollars at Wal-Mart. The kind most black moms use. I love doing roller sets now that i rember how do it. Use lotta body setting lotion. Get spray bottle at dollar store.your tutorials help me rember how roll my hair.since using rollers my hair is thick and beautiful.


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