Heatless curls headband tutorial

By: | Last Updated: June 15, 2022

Although most would go through the heat of a curler wand every day to get their desired waves, some already feel like it’s time to move on to something that won’t require heat at all. 

Et voila! Consider your prayers heard because an ingenious hack to curl hair with a headband has since made its rounds on TikTok! 

Do you want a heatless curls headband tutorial to get on the trend? Then let this be your opening portal to a world where you can say goodbye to heat forever!

How do you do heatless curls with a headband? 

How do you do heatless curls with a headband

Perhaps one hair trend that will stay forever is beach curls. It doesn’t even have to be summer for you to appreciate it. And today, you can have it without using hot tools. 

There are two options for you to get those voluminous locks: a regular, cloth headband or the heatless curling headband

Using elastic headbands

If you do not want to commit to another hair tool, this old headband trick is for you. You will only need two elastic headbands to get this done. 

  1. Dry your hair thoroughly. The waves are more distinct when you start with “dirty hair”. If you haven’t washed your hair for two days, that’s even a better place to start.
  2. Comb your hair and detangle in the process. This hack has literal twists and turns, and you don’t want to end up with a rat’s nest later. 
  3. Part your hair in the middle. 
  4. If you want tighter curls, fold your elastic band in half. Place the band over your head where it looks like a halo sitting above your eyebrows. (Coachella, anyone?)
  5. Get a section of your hair closer to your face and slowly wrap it around the headband. Ensure that it remains tangle-free. Add another section of hair to the one you previously tucked in, then wrap both sections around the band. As you continue, you will deal with a thicker and longer section. 
  6. Tuck it along with the band slowly when you are already at the last section of the parted hair. It’s okay if it goes over the middle and overlaps with the other partition. That is what you use the second band for. 
  7. Place the second band over your head. Check that the band stays slightly ABOVE and not on the already tucked-in portion of your hair. 
  8. Do the same wrapping steps for the other side using the second headband. 
  9. When you finish, you can pull the headband up to your hairline so it doesn’t bother you during your skincare routine or going to bed.  

It is as simple as that! 

You will get visible results within 45 minutes. Some recommend leaving it on overnight. Whatever suits you best, go for it!


Using a curling headband

Robe Curls is a company that reinvented the old bathrobe curling hack that went viral on TikTok. As a result, they produced the original Curling Headband™.

While Robe Curls headband is a preferred heatless curling alternative by many, there are currently several brands to choose from with similar designs. Follow the steps below and get started!

  1. Start with dry or slightly damp hair. If you feel like it is too dry for your liking, you can spritz some water onto it. Focus on the hair at your temples down to the tips because this is where you will curl. You can add texture spray or any mousse to your liking.
  2. Brush your hair and detangle in the process.
  3. Part your hair midway and bring both parts forward. 
  4. Place the curling headband where you usually place a headband and ensure it is at the center. 
  5. Tip: To keep the other half secured while working on one part of the hair, you need to bring the half you will not work on yet forward and over the headband. Keep your other hand on your head so it doesn’t slide off as you maneuver. Push the headband up and twist it around twice to fully secure this half of the hair. 
  6. Once that half is okay, start the work on the other parted hair by getting a front piece of hair and wrapping it around the headband in a back-to-front motion.
  7. Grab another piece of hair and, joined by the previously tucked hair, wrap it tightly on the headband. Every section which comes after should sit right below the previous wrapped section. 
  8. When you have wrapped the tip of your hair to the headband already, carefully secure it with the scrunchie provided. 
  9. Undo the twist securing the other half. Do the same wrapping technique.
  10. Cross the ends of the curling headband at your nape and fold them over each other. Wear it for a minimum of 1-2 hours or overnight for better results. Ensure that your hair is completely dry before taking it off. 
  11. To take off the headband, take off the scrunchie first. Twist the headband slightly and then pull it upwards. 

The curling headband design also works for short hair. There is no need to google “headband curls short hair” to see if someone was inclusive enough to invent it for you!

Do you know what the good news is? You can sleep on it comfortably, so if you prefer headband curls overnight, this is the go signal! Because of its soft material, it feels like a pillow. It’s also pretty enough that you won’t have to undo your work if you want to go outside and run errands. 


Does the curling headband work?

Does the curling headband work

Yes, it does! And for all lengths of hair too! 

Curling headbands work, especially when you follow instructions. 

When wet, your hair loses its original structure, but once it dries, the bonds in your hair reform, and your hair remain in its original shape. 

When you put on a curling headband as your hair completely dries, you slide into that sweet spot where your hair is still reforming the bonds. In that way, once it fully dries, it is locked to the shape made by the headband. 

So yes, timing is crucial if you want great results!

Other tips:

For those with thick and long hair, it may take a long time to dry completely. Blow-drying may help the process. 

However, if you swore off the heat entirely, you can opt to blast your hair with cool air instead. Thick hair may have difficulty holding curls, especially if it is your first time and you don’t know how tight it needs to be. 

It may be a bit awkward wrapping your hair around the headband for mid-length hair, but eventually, you’ll master it. And if you have used hair rollers to get your waves done before, you can sleep better with the headband, for sure! 

For those with shorter hair, you may find it getting loose as you move overnight, so there’s a need for a bit of creativity in securing your hair. Bobby pins are your best allies in this battle. It can be a bit frustrating and may take more effort than advertised, but it will work for you too! 

Those with thin, straight, and long hair will likely get maximum results with minimal effort. Don’t worry; practice makes perfect techniques and better curls! 

Another factor you also need to consider is the headband you are using. So what are your options?

Best headband for headband curls

Best headband for headband curls

You know you have been waiting for this! 

Whether you are here to choose the best material or the most budget-friendly curling headband, fret not. Aside from the best-selling and cult-favorite RobeCurls, here are five curling headbands you can get online quickly!

  1. Corated Heatless Curling Rod Headband— for only $10, you can already have a set composed of a curling headband, scrunchies, and clip. 
  2. The Big Silk Heatless Curler Set— is made of high-quality silk, which will not induce any damage to your cuticle layer. Better than synthetic material like satin. It comes with a steep price tag, but if you don’t want to risk your hair health, the price is worth it!
  3. Kitsch “The Original” Satin Heatless Curler Set— this is an equally aesthetically pleasing alternative if you find silk headbands to be expensive. This is half the price of silk heatless curlers. However, satin is coarser and may cause more friction to your hair than you may like. 
  4. Ivyu Heatless Curling Rod— this one comes with a soft velvety material. Most velvety fabrics have silk components but not 100%. If this is your preference, then go for it! Ivyu even has a fun leopard print you can choose from!
  5. Wuluttia Heatless Curling Rod— comes in plush material and a flat top. This is the most comfortable option if you want to curl overnight. It even comes with four scrunchies and two hair clips!  

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Now that you have some insight and inspiration, why not try it on your next rest day? You might find this to be your TGIF go-to style! 

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