Ouai vs Olaplex

Ouai and Olaplex have recently climbed to the top as two of the best leading brands for hair care. 

With their chic and minimalistic bottles, it may be hard to believe they contain the best formulas for repairing and maintaining your strands. 

But if your favorite beauty influencer to your local hair stylist is raving about their products, it would be difficult not to get your curiosity piqued to check them out. 

Since both brands have an elaborate collection of products that cater to any hair type. Aside from the basic shampoo and conditioner, they also have some out-of-the-box products that can be intimidating for first-time users.

But considering they can be pricey, it would make sense to figure out which brand has more bang for your buck. So if you want to know whether Ouai or Olaplex is better for your hair, read more below.

What is Ouai?

Ouai, pronounced ‘way,’ is a beauty brand founded in 2016 by celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins. One of the brand’s missions is to create a label that allows its clients to relate to them; that’s why they value its online communities greatly.

Aside from hair care products, Ouai also developed their own body care products, supplements, and fragrances so you can get all of your beauty needs in one store. 

But if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of choices, you need not worry because you can also take a couple of quizzes on their official website, and they’ll recommend the right products according to your hair’s needs.

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex started in 2014 when Dean and Darcy Christal hired a team of scientists to come up with a silicone-based formula that would minimize the damage caused by dyeing your hair. 

Thanks to the genius of Dr. Craig Hawker, they’ve come up with a product that repairs your hair’s damaged disulfide bonds so you can have healthier strands than before. Their product originally was only available in salons, but due to their popularity eventually became accessible to everyone.

Since then, they’ve formulated a wide array of products that focuses on repairing damaged hair all based on their patented technology. 

But because Olaplex chose to label their products from Nos. 0-9, it can be confusing to figure out which products to get. But like Ouai, you can also take a quiz on their official website to see which hair care treatments suit your strands best. 

Ouai vs Olaplex for fine hair

One of the great things about Ouai is that they have a specific line of products for each hair type. Since the top concerns for fine strands are breakage and lack of volume, their collection aims to strengthen weak and damaged hair while giving it the lift it deserves.

The fine hair shampoo and conditioner contains keratin, biotin, and chia seed oil designed to nourish your strands and boost volume. In contrast, the fine to medium hair treatment masque has shea butter, hydrolyzed keratin, and panthenol to make your hair softer and shinier without weighing it down.

Olaplex may not have a separate line of formulas for specific hair types, but their products are suitable for all strands, whether damaged, virgin, color-treated, straight, or curly hair. 

But for faster navigation, you can also filter out their products on their website according to your hair concern, and they’ll recommend which ones will help you get them back to a healthier state.

Is Ouai good for damaged hair?

If you’re struggling to get your damaged strands back into shape, Olaplex may be more suitable to help you. Since they have a revolutionary multi-step system that contains their patented bond-building technology, you can say goodbye to split ends and brittle strands in no time.

But if your hair favors Ouai more, you can also build a healthy hair routine that provides moisture and nourishment to dry and tired strands. Since their formulas contain nourishing ingredients free from sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, you can pamper your hair without damaging them further. 

Is Olaplex the same as Ouai?

Olaplex and Ouai may share the same goal of helping you get healthier hair, but their formulas are vastly different. 

When it comes to the actual application, would their products show you the same results, or would you be able to tell the difference? To stop you from wondering, here’s a quick breakdown of a few of their products:

Ouai shampoo vs Olaplex shampoo

For shampoo, Ouai has 3 variations for fine, medium, and thick hair types. 

Each product has its own combination of ingredients for moisturizing, repairing damage, and controlling frizz. In contrast, Olaplex has its No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo that’s suitable for all hair types. It focuses on reducing breakage and strengthening damaged and brittle strands.

In terms of consistency, Ouai has a thinner formula compared to the Olaplex shampoo, so you’d tend to use more product per wash. Some users like how clean the Ouai shampoo makes their strands without stripping moisture, while others find that it makes their hair feel knotted.

Olaplex shampoo is also a hit or miss depending on your hair type. If your strands have a bit of damage, you’ll notice a boost in softness, shine, moisture, and volume after a few washes. But if you’re trying to regrow your strands from hair loss, be aware that the formula can exacerbate hair loss in some users.

But if your strands are already relatively healthy, the formula will feel like an extra coat on top of your hair and leave it feeling greasy when it dries.

If you don’t like strong scents on your products, you’d probably want to stay away from Ouai shampoos since users note that it has a powerful floral aroma when you smell them straight from the bottle. But if you don’t mind fragrance, make sure to smell a sample of their shampoos first in case you won’t like the scent.

Ouai vs. Olaplex conditioner

Similar to their shampoos, Ouai has a complementary conditioner for every hair type. They also contain the same mix of essential ingredients as their corresponding shampoo, so you can get the maximum benefits when you use them together. In comparison, Olaplex has their No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner that also repairs and protects your hair from damage while keeping it manageable.

But unlike their shampoos, both the Ouai and Olaplex conditioners mostly have positive reviews where they leave your hair softer and shinier after every wash. Although Olaplex conditioner has a thicker and creamier consistency than Ouai conditioners, it won’t affect the overall results on your hair.

It’s best to use both conditioners with their respective shampoos. Still, if you already have healthy strands, it would be best to skip the Olaplex conditioner since you probably won’t notice any difference. While Ouai conditioners also have the same scent as their shampoos, so it’s up to you if their potent fragrance is a deal breaker.

Ouai vs. Olaplex clarifying shampoo

If you’re looking for a deep cleanser, Ouai has a Detox Shampoo that contains apple cider vinegar and tamarind seed extract, while Olaplex has its No. 4C Bond Maintenance Clarifying Shampoo. Both formulas are ideal for use once a week and can remove excess oil, pollutants, product, chlorine, and hard water mineral buildup from your hair.

The Olaplex clarifying shampoo does an excellent job of cleaning the hair even though it doesn’t contain the same moisturizing ingredients that are in their original No. 4 shampoo formula. 

Users notice that it makes their hair feel soft and shiny, even without adding any styling products. But some notice that their scalp looks and feels greasy the day after washing compared to using other clarifying shampoos.

While the Ouai detox shampoo has more stellar reviews because it keeps the hair clean and shiny after 4 days of washing. It also lathers wells for a sulfate-free formula, so you won’t need to use a lot of product for one wash. 

Even users who don’t enjoy other Ouai products find that their detox shampoo performs well on their hair, so it’s definitely a shampoo worth trying.

Ouai hair oil vs. Olaplex hair oil

If you’re struggling to keep frizz at bay, you can take your pick between Ouai’s Hair Oil (which contains African galanga, Asian borage oils, and ama) and Olaplex’s No. 7 Bonding Oil. You can apply both products on wet or dry hair, and they intend to minimize frizz and flyaways while adding shine and softness.

If you’re wary about applying hair oil on fine hair, both formulas are lightweight and won’t leave a greasy coat after application. They will also protect your strands against UV, and you can use them as heat protectant – where Olaplex can keep your hair safe from heat styling damage for up to 450°F (232°C).

While users are greatly impressed with both hair oils, they adore how quickly the Olaplex formula absorbs into your hair. Since you won’t need a lot of oil for one application, the Olaplex dropper packaging will ensure you won’t get too much product out, so it can last you a long time.

The final verdict

Ouai and Olaplex may seem like the current trendy luxury brands to try, but their price and hype definitely live up to their name.

Based on their ingredients, Olaplex may be better for when you’re trying to repair your strands from damage, while Ouai can be great for maintaining healthy hair. 

But if you can’t decide which brand to try, you can always get the travel sizes of their products first so you can see which formulas your hair feels and reacts to the best.

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