Is Suave good for your hair?

If you have been to any local stores, you’ve probably noticed Suave products. 

I mean, who wouldn’t? Suave is a popular brand that offers various personal care products, such as shampoos, conditioners, and body wash. 

But is Suave good for your hair? Does it provide quality results?

Well, continue reading to find out! 

Does Suave ruin your hair?

Yes, some Suave products may ruin your hair! 

Some Suave shampoos contain sulfates. And if you didn’t know, sulfates are abrasive to the hair since it depletes the natural oils, making hair dry and brittle. Not to mention, it may also irritate the scalp. 

Is Suave shampoo safe to use?

Fortunately, there are Suave shampoos that are sulfate-free! This is good news for those with already damaged and dry hair.  

Their products are silicone-free, so they won’t weigh down the hair. 

What Suave shampoo is best for hair?

The best shampoo depends on your hair needs. Below are some of the best Suave shampoos you can try:

Suave Professionals Shampoo (Color Care)

If you have color-treated hair, this is for you. This product contains white tea and black raspberry, which replenishes moisture and preserves hair color, keeping it vivid and shiny. UV treatment and keratin infusion seal the hair cuticles, extending hair color longevity.

With Suave Professionals Color Care Shampoo, hair is more manageable, softer, and shinier. 

Suave Essentials Shampoo (Tropical Coconut)

This shampoo is fortified with vitamin E and coconut-based ingredients, which deeply cleans the hair and eliminates chemical build-up. It offers a vibrant and renewed appearance. And not to mention, it has a long-lasting scent.  

Suave Essentials Revitalizing Shampoo (JuicyGreen Apple)

This is specifically designed for deep hydration. It eliminates product build-up while moisturizing the scalp. So if you want healthy and renewed tresses, give this product a try! 

Suave Professionals (Strawberry Shine Shampoo)

This is for you if you’re looking for a shampoo with a long-lasting scent! 

From the name itself, this shampoo is infused with strawberries. It deeply washes and eliminates residue and filth without drying out the hair. It boosts hair texture and nourishes the tresses, making them softer and shinier.

Suave Professionals Shampoo (Biotin Infusion Strengthening)

Are you suffering from breakage? Worry no more; Suave Professionals Biotin Infusion Strengthening Shampoo has you covered! 

It has Vitamin B7, which helps combat hair breakage and damage. It also makes the hair thick and voluminous and eliminates product build-up without stripping off moisture.  

Suave Essentials Shampoo (Ocean Breeze)

In need of a hydrating shampoo? Well, try this one out! 

This product keeps the hair and scalp hydrated and clean. It cleans up product accumulation without drying out the hair and eliminating moisture. 

Suave Professionals Shampoo (Moroccan Infusion Shine)

Hair damage is a total bummer. But thankfully, this product exists! 

This shampoo has Moroccan argan oil that thoroughly cleans and conditions the hair. It revitalizes damaged hair and hydrates the scalp as well. 

Suave Professionals Shampoo (Invigorating Clean) 

This product deeply nourishes every hair type, making them softer and shinier. It has natural ingredients, like mint and rosemary, that help restore damaged and dry hair. These ingredients also have antifungal properties keeping the scalp healthy and free from infections.

Suave Essentials Shampoo (Rainforest Fresh)

This product is best known for being hypoallergenic. 

It contains aloe vera and bamboo, which are gentle on the hair.  It cleans out impurities while retaining moisture. With this shampoo, hair becomes more silky, manageable, and fresh.

Is Suave good to use?

Absolutely! Although Suave products are cheap, quality is maintained. 

Many users have reported cleaner and healthier hair. Many of their products also contain beneficial ingredients, such as castor oil and mango butter, which provides intense moisturization. 

However, the results vary from person to person, as some people have reported dry hair and scalp irritation after use. So to be safe, stick with sulfate-free Suave products instead! 

Is Suave Almond and Shea Butter shampoo good for your hair?

Yes! Its natural almond and shea butter ingredients replenish the tresses while cleansing them, leaving your hair healthy and gorgeous.

It lathers well and cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly. However, it may dry out the hair since it removes the hair’s natural oils, making it oily and greasy.

Is Suave Keratin Infusion good for your hair?

The Suave Keratin Infusion shampoo obtained a high rating on Chick Advisor. Although this product is cheaper than other shampoo brands, many users were happy with its outcome. With just one use, they reported shinier and smoother hair. 

So yup, this is a good shampoo! Its smoothing feature works wonders on overprocessed and unmanageable hair. 

Is Suave conditioner good for your hair?

YES! Their conditioners provide salon-like treatment! It is infused with natural ingredients which deeply nourish the hair. With Suave conditioners, you don't have to worry about dull and dry hair after shampooing.

For your reference, here the some of the best Suave conditioners depending on your hair type and needs: 

Suave Professionals Strengthening Conditioner - Biotin Infusion

If you’re suffering from brittle hair and excessive hair loss, this one is for you. This conditioner makes the hair appear thicker and cuts breakage by 95%. It has vitamin B7, which makes the hair more vibrant and fuller. 

Suave Professionals Damage Repair Conditioner - Coconut Infusion

Damaged hair? Not a problem! This shampoo offers deep conditioning that helps heal damaged tresses. It contains pure coconut oil, which keeps the hair healthy and nourished. 

Suave Professionals Smoothing Conditioner - Keratin Infusion

From the name itself, this condition is infused with keratin which helps tame frizz and flyaways. It restores softness and adds shine to your dry tresses. 

Suave Professionals Conditioner - Deep Moisture

Suffering from dry, parched hair? Try this one out! 

This conditioner restores the hair’s ideal moisture level without weighing the hair down. It is infused with panthenol and keratin, which leave the hair smooth and silky. 

Suave Professionals Smoothing Conditioner - Avocado + Olive Oil

This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an all-natural conditioner! This smoothing conditioner is enriched with 100% olive oil and 100% avocado, leaving the hair manageable and silky. 

Suave Professionals Shine Conditioner - Moroccan Infusion

This Moroccan conditioner is for color-treated hair. It has argan oil which nourishes the strand from root to tip while giving it that beautiful gloss. It also improves hair texture and smoothness. 

Suave Essentials Conditioner - Tropical Coconut

This hypoallergenic conditioner is perfect for dry and damaged hair as it is packed with vitamin E and natural coconut extracts, nourishing and revitalizing hair. It leaves the hair healthy, manageable, and soft. 

Suave Professionals Invigorating Conditioner – Rosemary + Mint

If you’re looking for a daily conditioner, give this a shot! It combines mint and rosemary, which hydrates the hair from root to tip. It leaves the tresses manageable and softer than ever.  Not to mention, it does not have dye, paraben, or phthalates. 

Suave Essentials Conditioner - Sun-Ripened Strawberry

This conditioner has vitamin E and sun-ripened strawberries, which moisturizes the strand, leaving it smooth and silky. It is also hypoallergenic and gives off a long-lasting scent. 

Suave Flavor Factory Tropical Fruit Smoothie Conditioner

This fruity conditioner is a must-try! It untangles the knots, leaving hair silky and smooth. It does not have dye and parabens, making it ideal for all hair types.  

Is Suave Professionals good for your hair?

Yes. The Suave Professionals line is heaven-sent for curly tresses! 

It is infused with natural ingredients, such as castor oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, tea tree oil, and soybean oil. Castor oil improves hair and scalp health, thereby promoting hair growth. It seals in moisture and fortifies weak hair strands. 

Mango butter is another great natural ingredient that moisturizes hair and minimizes breakage and damage.

Jojoba oil hydrates the scalp and strengthens your curls. And tea tree oil encourages blood flow to the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth. 

And lastly, soybean oil retains moisture and gloss and gives off vitamin E, which is good for the scalp. 

Is Suave coconut shampoo good for your hair?

Uh-huh! This coconut-scented shampoo is ideal for all hair types, especially those with dry hair. It deeply cleans hair and eliminates product buildup without drying the hair out.

Is Suave Naturals good for your hair? 

First things first!

The entire Suave Naturals collection has been renamed from Suave Naturals to Suave Essentials by its parent firm, Unilever. It added 2-in-1 products and a daily clarifying shampoo which are, unfortunately, not curl-friendly. 

So the question is, is suave essentials shampoo good for your hair?

Yes! Now, let’s explore each of their products:

Essentials Scalp Control Deep Clean Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

If you’re suffering from dandruff, give this a try! This shampoo contains pyrithione zinc, which helps minimize flaking, itching, and other dandruff symptoms. 

Essentials Scalp Control 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Say bye-bye to a flaky scalp with this product! 

This shampoo is also enriched with pyrithione zinc, which nourishes and hydrates the scalp, thereby eliminating flakes. However, this shampoo isn’t suited for curly hair. So keep that in mind! 

Essentials Ocean Breeze Shampoo

Aside from its fresh cedarwood and light jasmine fragrance, this shampoo thoroughly washes and strengthens the hair, giving you that revitalized feeling! 

Essentials Daily Clarifying Shampoo

Looking to give your hair a good cleaning without drying it out? Well, this one’s for you. 

From the name itself, this shampoo is suited for everyday use. It is hypoallergenic and cleanses the hair without removing all of its moisture. It enhances the hair’s natural luster and vigor and has a long-lasting refreshing scent.

Essentials Wild Cherry Blossom Shampoo

This is perfect for you if you want that clean and sweet-smelling hair. This gentle shampoo is infused with vitamin E and cherry blossom extract which softens the hair and enhances its natural beauty.

Essentials Aloe & Waterlily Shampoo

This shampoo is packed with vitamin e and aloe vera extract which cleans the hair without stripping off moisture. Its waterlily and fresh aloe scent linger for a long time too! 

Suave lawsuit: What exactly is happening? 

Suave products offer exceptional results for most people. But others reported terrible things it has done to their hair. 

If you didn’t know, there is an ongoing lawsuit against Unilever, the manufacturer of Suave products.

The class suit alleged that Unilever intentionally utilized a dangerous ingredient in their products — DMDM hydantoin which causes hair loss, scalp irritation, and allergic reaction. It is also a possible human carcinogen. 

According to the plaintiff, she suffered excessive hair loss and scalp irritation after months of using Suave products. She claimed that Unilever violated consumer fraud laws. 

The takeaway

Suave shampoo and conditioner offer quality results and work well for most hair needs.  

But unfortunately, some of their products contain sulfate which may harm the hair, particularly curly ones.

So here’s a piece of advice — before using any of their products, always check the ingredient list to know which one matches your hair type and needs. 

Last Updated: December 27, 2022

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