How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron

By: | Last Updated: April 13, 2019

You may be used to the normal curling iron with the clamp, or perhaps you’ve used a curling wand before. But the spiral curling iron is different because of the grooves and spirals that guide your hair, and it’s best if you understand how to use it properly before giving it a go. This will prevent your hair from snagging and ensure that you get the best possible results.

These are some really helpful tips that will help you in using this tool:

1. Prepare your hair properly.

Even the best tool can’t give you the best results if you haven’t done your part in prepping your hair. First, you need to make sure that your hair is properly cleaned, shampooed, and conditioned before attempting any styling task. You also need to completely dry your hair before using the spiral curling iron. Lastly, use heat protectant products on your hair to prevent it from being damaged.

2. Work in smaller sections and make sure the curl sets properly.

To get the ideal curls that you want, you need to have a little patience. First, you should divide your hair into smaller sections, especially if your hair is thick and long. Even with thin hair, dividing your hair will make it so much easier for you to style it, and this is why you shouldn’t skip this part.

Fast the end of your hair in the curling iron and twist the iron up and around, using the barrel and spirals to lock it in. The grooves are there to guide your hair along so this shouldn’t bee too hard.

Once you wrap each section around the spiral curling iron, you have to keep it there for the length of time that it requires for the curl to set. This will vary by hair type, and you can experiment to find out how long it takes. For normal hair, it usually takes 7 up to 10 seconds. Be careful not to overdo it because the heat will damage your hair if you keep it wrapped too much.

After the curls have been created, you can let go of each section by releasing the barrel. In terms of the order that you should take when styling the sections, you have to work with the lower sections of your hair first, and then carefully make your way up.

3. Don’t brush your hair or rush it.

Once the curls have set and you’ve released each strand from the curling iron, you have to give it time to cool completely. The curls won’t hold if you rush it, so you need to make sure that it cools first. With spiral curling irons you tend to get curls that are really well-defined, and it would be a shame if you lose this definition and quality of the curl because you’ve rushed it.

You also need to remember that while waiting for it to cool and even afterwards, you shouldn’t brush the curls because this will ruin the spirals that you’ve just produced. You can use your hands but do this lightly and with caution.

After curling, you can use hairspray to make sure the curls hold, but don’t overdo this either. You’d want your curls to be bouncy and moving, so a light hair spray or mist will do. The curls should hold for the day, but if you want to do a retouch and give your curls more definition, you can always use the spiral curling iron again.

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