What is the best curling iron for long hair?

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Having the right styling tools to help you is important. But it’s even more important for those who have long hair. When you have long hair, there’s a lot more hair for you to style. Keeping long hair healthy, smooth, and shiny is one thing. But styling it day after day is another story.

If you wanted to curl your long locks, you’d need the right curling iron to make your life easier. When it comes to styling, you’d want to search for the best curling iron for long hair. Not all curlers are the same, so before you use any on your hair, you need to understand how to pick the right tool.

Now, before you rush off to purchase any curling iron, you should know that there are different kinds of curling iron for different hair types and this article will be focusing on which curling iron is best for long hair.

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How To Shop For The Perfect Long Hair Curler

In shopping for your curler, there are a few factors that you need to consider. It’s best if you get one that’s ideal for the length of your hair. To do that, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. What size curling iron do I need for long hair?

The first thing you need to look at is exactly how long your hair is. Different irons vary in size, and this can really be seen when you look at the barrel. Some barrels would be a typical length, while some would be one or two inches longer. This is because a curling iron for extra long hair would also need to be extra long in length. Be sure to watch out for this feature as you shop for yours.

2. What size of curls am I after?

The question “What is the best size curling iron for long hair?” should not just pertain to the barrel length but also its diameter. You can have a really long barrel but if it’s small in diameter, chances are, all you’ll get are tight spirals and curls.

When looking at different barrel sizes, remember the general rule: the bigger the barrel size, the bigger the curlsNow if you have a large barrel curling iron, you can use it for loose and beachy waves. You have to keep the length of your hair in mind and ask yourself what kind of curls you’re after. For long hair, most people prefer loose waves, but you might also go for tighter curls. It’s really up to you.

3. Aside from being long, how else can I describe my hair?

Looking at the curling iron size for long hair is not the only thing you need to consider. You also have to take a look at how else you can describe your hair, aside from long. Is it fine? Is it thick? Is it frizzy?

The reason for this is that the best curling iron for long fine hair may not necessarily be a good curling iron for long thick hair. It’s also important to look at hair thickness. If you have fine and delicate hair, it’s best if you get one that has lower temperatures available. On the other hand, if your hair is really long and thick, it should have temperatures that go as high as 400 degrees Fahrenheit and hotter.

Now that you know what kind of curler for long hair is best, you can start looking at the many options out there. The factors that you should consider include: size, temperature, and available technology, but getting a curling iron from a credible brand is also important.

Features To Consider When Choosing The Best Curling Iron For Long Hair

Barrel Length

The barrel length of your curling iron is a huge factor because it determines just how long you will have to spend curling your hair. Shorter barrels would generally require more time and effort  than longer-barreled irons. 

Curl type

Curling irons are available  in different shapes and sizes and you should make your choice based on the length and texture of your hair, as well as the type of curl you want. 

The curling iron you choose should perfectly match your hair length and thickness to ensure your curls are uniform and last all day long. 

If you want tight, defined curls, go for a smaller barrel, while those wanting looser curls can go for larger barrels. Small barrels of 0.75” and 1” in width usually curl much tighter and are more suitable for people with short to  shoulder-length hair. 

Barrels with 1.25” inches, are used for curling longer hair that may be too much for 0.75” and 1” barrels. Thicker barrels ensure your long hair is curled in half the time it would take smaller barrels. 

Hair type

Your type of hair can also fully determine the curling iron you choose to purchase. Do you have thick hair? Is your hair frizzy in nature? Does your hair often tangle? The barrel of most curling irons are made to counter hair problems like these, so be sure to know your requirements before buying.

People with thick hair will not only need long barrel irons, but those that can heat above 420° to enable them curl their hair properly. 

Longer barrels handle resistance from thick hair better as they allow you to generate more force while curling while shorter barrels may not be as effective. Longer barrels with high max heat are also good if your hair tangles often as they are more effective at curling your hair and getting rid of tangles at the same time.

There are also irons with special materials to combat frizzy hair and ensure your hair remain sleek all day, every day. Nano titanium curling irons are used mostly on frizzy hair to keep them looking sleek and compact. People with thick hair should go for ceramic barrels as it is perfect for curling stubborn hair. 


If you wish to purchase curling irons with special materials and technology like the ceramic curling irons and nanotech irons, you should know that they are costlier than your regular curling iron. 

While you may find some irons with fantastic features in the regular price range, special irons with extra features will usually cost you more, which is why budget is also an important factor to consider when purchasing a curling iron for long hair. There are some fantastic affordable  options for people with long hair, but as it usually is, the best are often the costliest. 

Our Top Picks: The Best Curling Irons for Long Hair

There are several brands that stand out from the rest because their products have been tried and tested. Many users have already experienced using their curlers for various styling needs. Here are some of the best options out there:

1. The Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron

71iEOnPVZrL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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First up, is the Beachwaver Pro Curling Iron. This iron is designed with extra long barrels at 1.25” which are capable of rotating and curling your hair. 

This makes it ideal for women with extremely long hair as the texture and length of their hair could make it difficult for regular sized barrels to curl them properly. Its long barrels also means it curls hair in half the time, making it a firm favorite among women with long hair. 

This curling iron does not have an auto-feature so should be turned off after use to prevent heat damage. The barrel can heat to over 400° to give and with its large size, it really gives you that beach wave look you’ve been yearning for irrespective of the texture or length of your hair. 

2. Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler

61MONcVfoLL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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There is an old adage that says ‘you get what you pay for‘. With the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler, that adage couldn’t be more accurate. This classy hair curler has a handy heat regulator which makes it stand out instantly, enabling you control temperature between 250 and 430 degrees depending on the thickness of your hair. 

Something to love about this product is it’s touch of distinction as it’s the best professional curling iron for long hair. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched―Bio Ionic is designed by a hair stylist!

The 2 inch longer barrel also accelerates the curling process, with well formed curls forming in less than 15 minutes even for people with longer, thicker hair. The curler also emits nano-ionic minerals which are capable of breaking down water clusters within the hair and gives your hair a conditioned, shiny outlook. 

3. Mr. Big Curling Iron

3184aG1CYML – Curling Diva

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With a 9.5 inch barrel (the longest available in the market!), Mr. Big curling iron is simply the most effective on the market. The long barrel is capable of curling your hair in a single pass with multiple heat setting to suit any type or texture of hair. 

The most impressive characteristic of this curler is how effective it is at curling different types and lengths of hair, giving your hair that silky look and putting an end to bad hair days for good. The tip rotates 360° and burns at an impressive 180-430 degrees, automatically shutting off after 60 minutes to ensure maximum safety. 

Mr. big is the best curling iron for really long hair and this is because it has the longest barrel in the market. So, if you’ve got hair that reaches your waist, this curler is your dream as it enables you achieve those silky curls in half the time it would take a regular length curler. 

4. Pro Beauty Tools Professional Gold Extra Long Barrel Curling Iron

514kPYTiHdL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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The Pro Beauty Tools Professional Gold Extra Long Barrel Curling Iron is another fantastic options for curl seekers on a budget. Perfect for shoulder-length hair, this 430° max heat iron gives you a durable, long lasting curls to keep your hair looking silky all day. 

This curling iron is also perfect if your hair usually gets tangled when curled. The fast heat recovery system on the X-long barrels ensures consistent performance and heat distribution to rid your hair of tangles all day long. This curling iron also comes with safety gloves to ensure protection while using.

One of the biggest benefits of this iron, however, is its price. You might struggle to find another iron with its quality within its price range, as its features such as the fast heat recovery system is usually common in much pricier curling irons.  

5. T3  Twirl Convertible Curling  Iron

61KWIHFphcL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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The T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron is a great option if you are looking for the best curling iron for long fine hair. This highly durable curling iron not only lasts longer than your average curling iron, but makes some long lasting waves too to give your hair that wonderful bouncy look all day long. 

It may not curl thicker hair properly if the temperature settings are not right, but with a max heat of 410°, this curling iron can give your hair a sleek, unique look once set to the right temperature. The iron is accompanied by a microchip which enables regulation and even distribution of heat across the barrel, consequently protecting your hair from excess heat. 

The T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron also comes with minor health benefits too! It emits negative ions when in use which seal cuticles and keep your hair healthy and slick all day. 

6. HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron

41dkSXq 82L. SL500 – Curling Diva

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The HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron is another brilliant option for people with extra long hair seeking curls. This curling iron is a brilliant tool to have for extra quick curls as the iron heats up to its max 430° in a matter of seconds. 

It maintains heat through a built-in regulator which maintains and evenly distributes heat across the barrel to ensure even, sleek, and consistent curls.

The wide range of heating options means the barrel is a fit for just about any texture of hair and the 8 feet power cord which accompanies the machine enables free movement when in use which you don’t always get with curling irons. This product doesn’t have automatic shut off which is quite common in modern curlers, so always remember to turn off after use to avoid heat damage.

As long as you have that power button in control, you will enjoy having the HOT TOOLS Professional 24k Gold Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron for its magnificent features, for a good price too! 

7. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 1/4″ Spring Curling Iron 

61UN6LEGyGL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1 1/4″ Spring is Curling Iron is one of the best curling irons for extra long hair. The barrel is longer and thicker than your average curling iron, with the Nano titanium technology designed to create sleek, textured curls that have long-lasting effect.

The heat settings are standard with modern curlers as it has up to 50 different settings with a max temperature of 450° and a turbo button which instant ramps up heat from 0° to 450° in a matter of seconds. 

With a turbo button capable of ramping up the heat rapidly, it is advised to wear protective gloves to guard against heat burns. This device also doesn’t have an auto regulator which means you have to turn it off and on manually.  The lack of a regulator also means that you would be extra careful the barrel burns at whatever degrees it is set to, so be sure to start at a lower temperature and move higher to suit your needs to prevent burning off your hair. 

8. Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron

717tynN bFL. SL500 – Curling Diva

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This product from Conair has class written all over it. The design, functionality and everything else about the Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron is simply unique. This curler screams durability as its aesthetic ensures its long lasting and so are the curls it creates, with its 1 inch barrel capable of creating frizz-free, silky girls to keep you looking classy all day, just like your curling iron! With 30 heat modes and a turbo heat mode that instantly heats up to 400°, this curler is able to create perfect waves on any texture of hair. 

The device has an auto feature which turn it off after one hour and cools down much more quicker than regular irons as well. The temperature gauge is highly effective at detecting when the iron is overheating and protects your hair from burn effectively. This iron is on the cheaper side as well and offers one of the best value for money deals on the market. 

Curling Wand Vs Curling Iron For Long Hair

While they are often mistaken due to their similar appearance, curling irons and curling wands are two very different devices. Although they both give beautiful curls, they both have different effects, especially for people with long hair. 

Curling wands are way more effective and useful for quick curling sessions as they heat up extremely fast and curls hair just as effectively with long-lasting effects. However, it becomes tricky when you have coarse or extremely thick hair. Wands are simply not as effective at curling up thick hair as curling irons are and if your hair is on the thicker side, then ceramic and iron barrels are your best bet. 

Your length of hair should also be factored in alongside texture when making your decision. If you want detailed curls and your hair is extremely long and thick, then you have to lean toward a curling iron for a more effective job as they respond better to resistance than curling and while in use. 

So, which of them is the best curling iron for long hair?

People with extra long hair can have an extremely difficult time finding the perfect curling iron for their hair. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding the perfect curling iron to curl your long hair in quick time, while also making long-lasting curls.

This is exactly where the Mr. Big curling iron comes in. If you want quick curls without compromising effectiveness, Mr. Big curling iron is the perfect device for you as it’s 9.5” barrel length and 1.25” diameter makes it the perfect curling machine. The 9.5” barrel makes it the longest on the market, capable of curling your entire hair in one pass while producing beautiful, well defined curls just like any other curler would.

Also, with a max heat level of 430°, this device is a must have for people with extra long hair. 

Curling Iron Tips for Long Hair

Curling Iron Tips for long hair

Once you’ve picked the curling iron best suited for your hair type, the next question you should ask yourself is how to use it. It’s not only enough to have the right curling iron for very long thick hair, you must understand how to use it properly.

This is where ease of use is also important. When you shop and get the easiest curling iron for long hair, this will already help make your life so much easier. You wouldn’t need to go to a salon to seek professional help because you’d have a tool that you can easily maneuver yourself.

How to use a curling iron on long hair

How to curl long hair with a curling iron

Below are some tips:

1. Preparation is key.

Making sure that your hair is prepared for styling is just as important as the styling process itself. This is because styling can do a lot of damage if you’re not careful, especially if heat is involved. Now when it comes to curling irons, heat is always involved. You’re basically using a heated barrel to transform your straight hair to beautiful curls, so you should make sure your hair is protected enough.

To give your hair a little protection, there are several products that you can use. There are heat protectant sprays and serums that guard your cuticle against too much damage. You have to make sure that you apply these protectants before you apply the heat. It’s also important to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Maintaining the health of your hair through regular conditioning and care is important, especially if you style it often.

2. Don’t do it all in one go.

When styling, it’s always best to work in smaller sections. This is especially true if you have long hair. The length of your hair can get overwhelming and you shouldn’t feel pressured to style all of it in one go. Before using the curling iron, it’s best if you divide your hair into smaller sections and use clips or clamps to keep each section together.

With your curling iron in one hand and the other free to be used to twist your hair, start with the lower sections (near the nape) and work your way layer per layer to the top. It’s best to work this way so that the curls are well defined per section.

3. Pick the heat setting that’s right for your hair.

When curling your hair, you have to make sure that you’re using the right heat setting. If your hair is long and thick, the high heat settings will work best. Going for temperatures of at least 400 degrees will ensure that your hair is styled properly no matter how thick it is.

If you have delicate hair on the other hand, you should only go for the low heat settings and try not to go beyond 300 degrees. Going for temperatures higher than 300 might cause damage on your hair, and this is the last thing you want to happen especially if it’s thin and delicate.

When it comes to heat, it’s the thickness of your hair that you should look at and not the length. It also helps if your curling iron is equipped with technology that will make it heat up faster than normal, because the shorter time you apply the heat, the better.

When you twist your hair, you should also be aware of the kind of curls you want. If you want tight curls, you’ll need to wrap it around a smaller barrel many times. If loose waves are what you’re after, you have to increase the diameter or distance between the curls.

Check out this video tutorial:

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