how to get shiny hair like celebrities – Curling Diva

How to Get Shiny Hair Like Celebrities

We look at celebrities and wonder how they manage to keep their hair smooth and shiny. They must have spent a fortune on their hair! Or so we think.. Yes, it’s probably because of how much they take care of it.  If you want to know to how to get shiny hair like celebrities, read …

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How to get beach waves with a flat iron – Curling Diva

How To Get Beach Waves With A Flat Iron

Spoiler: It’s Pretty Easy.  I’d love to have someone style my hair for me every morning. But that’s just not the reality of things. And since you’re reading this, we’re probably on the same page. Does that mean we have to be stuck with average looking hair for the rest of our lives? No way!  …

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How to add volume to short hair – Curling Diva

How to Add Volume to Short Hair

If you’ve got thin fine hair like me, you’ll know how hard it is to add volume and body to our otherwise flat hair. I’ve always had long hair, and my fave hack is to braid my hair or put it in a bun and when I put my hair down, I’ll get loose curls …

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How To Air Dry Curly Hair Overnight – Curling Diva

How to Air Dry Curly Hair Overnight

One good skill to learn is the ability to wash and dry your curly hair overnight. This way, you can significantly shorten the time you spend prepping your hair in the morning. You can go out looking great the next day in no time at all. In this article, we’ll talk about how to do …

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The Healthiest Way To Dry Hair – Curling Diva

The Healthiest Way to Dry your Hair

What is the healthiest way to dry your hair? You might have been told that air drying your hair is a much better option. After all, it’s the heat that damages hair, right? We all agree that blow drying and using heat styling tools can be damaging in the long run. As a result, most …

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Best Way to Dry Hair After Shower – Curling Diva

Best Way To Dry Hair After Shower

Hair drying might sound like a simple endeavor, but if carried out the wrong way, it can result in a limp, tangled or frizzy mess. How you dry your hair will also depend on your hair type. In this article, we’ll talk about the best way to dry hair after shower. Keep reading to discover …

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How To Dry Your Hair Without Making It Frizzy – Curling Diva

How to Dry Your Hair without Making it Frizzy

Everyone has a particular method they prefer to dry their hair, whether that’s using the blow dryer or just letting it air dry. Each of these methods demands special care. If you find yourself battling with frizz each time you dry your hair, then you might be using the wrong approach.   You should check how …

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How To Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair – Curling Diva

How to Use Hair Dryer Without Damaging Hair

Yes, indeed, a quick blow-dry can instantly help you avoid a bad hair day, making your hair smooth and manageable. However, blow drying also exposes your hair to heat which can cause damage.  According to experts, blow-drying the hair evaporates the inner cortex’s water molecules, and alters the structure of the hair, allowing you to …

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Homemade Heat Protectant For Hair – Curling Diva

7 DIY Natural Homemade Heat Protectant For Hair

Sometimes it’s fun to shop. Walking through the aisles, looking at all the different products can be therapeutic. And other times it’s very satisfying making our own stuff. Be it a cake, a dress, a jersey, a little clutch bag, or a natural heat protectant for your hair. Let’s wander down the aisles of all …

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How To Use Heat Protectant Spray – Curling Diva

How To Use Heat Protectant Spray

We have come a long way from using chemicals to curl our hair. Now we use hot rollers and curling wands and even our straighteners to get those perfect bouncy curls. But when we use our heat styling tools on our hair, it is imperative that we use a heat protectant spray as they protect, …

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