beautiful girl curling her long hair

What is the best curling iron for long hair?

Having the right styling tools to help you is important. But it’s even more important for those who have long hair. When you have long hair, there’s a lot more hair for you to style. Keeping long hair healthy, smooth, and shiny is one thing. But styling it day after day is another story. If you …

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Best Curling Wand for Thick Hair – Curling Diva

Our Picks: The Best Curling Wand for Thick Hair

Anyone with thick hair can attest to the fact that styling thick hair can be a challenge. Thick hair can be unruly and difficult to manage, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to style. In fact, most people who encounter problems often do so because they’re using all the wrong tools. If you’re curling thick …

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Pros and cons of having curly hair – Curling Diva

The Pros and Cons of Having Curly Hair

Curly hair is something that looks great, on other people – but is it so great to have for yourself? Those of us with straight hair often covet those big, curly and healthy looking locks. What we don’t realize is that the girls we envy so much face struggles of their own. Here’s a quick …

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Crcreate curls with curling irons

Looking for the best curling iron for thick hair?

Curling irons are some of the top must-haves for anyone who styles their hair regularly. This tool can easily transform your look from plain to fabulous without having to go to a salon, making them the best products to have to ensure that you’re always looking your best. If the only thing that’s stopping you …

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Our Picks: The Best Curling Iron for Fine Hair

Curly hair is like icing on top of a cake. If you know how to achieve those romantic waves, tousled tresses, or pretty ringlets, you can spice up any look that you have. Whether there’s a special occasion that you need to prepare for or you just want to change things up a bit, curls …

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