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Heat-Free Curls: 5 Natural Ways To Curl Your Hair

Many straight-haired girls long for beautiful waves and curls, but not all of them want to use heat styling to get it. Heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair, even if you use a protecting spray. In addition, not all hair types take to heat styling well. Thankfully, there are ways that … Read more

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Let’s look at the Best Auto-Rotating Curling Iron

Transforming straight hair to romantic waves or funky spirals can be a challenge. But it’s certainly not impossible. This is especially true if you have the right tools to help you. If you think working with a curling iron is a challenge, you’ve probably never encountered a curling iron that spins itself. Fear not… because if you … Read more

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7 Biggest Curling Iron Mistakes You Might Be Making

While curling your hair might seem fairly basic, there are a lot of mistakes that you might be making that can, in fact, damage your hair. In this article, we will be going over some of the different curling iron mistakes that you might be making. 1. You Don’t Use A Thermal Hair Protectant It is … Read more

Automatic hair curler machines

What is the best automatic hair curler machine?

Even with styling tools like the curling iron and hair rollers, it’s still usually a challenge to achieve those perfect curls. More often than not, people have a hard time using the tools that they have to achieve consistency and precision. With hair curling machines and automatic hair curlers, this is no longer a problem. … Read more

Top Picks: Best Reverse Curling Wand

If bouncy and mermaid-like curls are what you want, the first step is to make sure you have the right styling tool in your hands. The curling iron is a popular option, but the reverse curling wand will guarantee that you’ll get mermaid-like curls. The reverse curling wand is a unique styling tool that is now … Read more

Best curling iron for making spiral curls

Achieving the perfect spiral curls can be a little daunting because many things can go wrong. If you overdo the styling, you could cause heat damage and end up with curls that are far from perfect. But when you have the right styling tool, it’s not so difficult as it seems. The question of how to … Read more

How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron

You may be used to the normal curling iron with the clamp, or perhaps you’ve used a curling wand before. But the spiral curling iron is different because of the grooves and spirals that guide your hair, and it’s best if you understand how to use it properly before giving it a go. This will … Read more

Looking for the best spiral curling iron?

When you have naturally straight hair and you want to achieve curls that are bouncy and long-lasting, you need the help of styling tools. If you have the perfect styling tool with you at home, you don’t even need to go to the salon to have a professional do it for you. All you need … Read more

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What is the best curling iron for long hair?

Having the right styling tools to help you is important. But it’s even more important for those who have long hair. When you have long hair, there’s a lot more hair for you to style. Keeping long hair healthy, smooth, and shiny is one thing. But styling it day after day is another story. If you … Read more