How to Use Velcro Rollers on Short Hair

Short hair doesn't have to be short on style. One totally under-appreciated beauty tool that should be getting major kudos from short haired girls is the velcro roller. That's right, these beauty warriors aren't just for Great Aunt Alice. Velcro rollers are a tried and true styling tool that protects your hair while create a […]

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How to Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair

Big volume isn't just for girls with thick, perfect hair. Thin haired ladies can get big lift benefit with one small and mighty beauty tool. Enter, the velcro roller. Velcro rollers can be a saving grace for thin, fine hair that tends to be limp and lackluster. These rollers don't need heat to set a […]

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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Velcro Rollers and How to Use Them

The one thing our Grandmother's always had was perfect high volume hair with big sexy bounce. Grandma's dirty little beauty secret doesn't have to stay stashed in the past. Velcro rollers are still here creating awesome volume, screen worthy curls, and wonderful waves. These underrated hair care tools come in a variety of sizes and […]

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