Short Hair Curls? Here's the best curling iron for short hair

Gone are the days of long, hard-to-manage tresses that take so much effort to maintain. Having short hair can make you look younger but it can also give you some challenges, especially when you want to curl it. When you have short hair, you have so little to work with so you need to have […]

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What is the Best Curling Wand for Fine Hair?

Fine hair is perhaps the most difficult to curl because the wrong curling wand will give you curls that wouldn’t last long if it manages to give you curls at all. With the right curling wand, however, you can transform fine hair to beautiful waves that will last you a long time. Read on to […]

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Our Top Picks: Best Curling Wand for Long Hair

Long and thick hair is usually difficult to manage and style, but if you had the right curling wand for this hair type, you can style your hair in a breeze. Read on to find out what your options are, as well as how to maximize the use of these curling wands and how to […]

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5 Tricks to Styling Short Hair With Curling Wand

You no longer have to ask the question – “can you use a curling wand on short hair?” because the curling wands mentioned here work really well with short hair. What’s key now is to understand how to operate these curling wands to make the most out of it. The act of curling short hair […]

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Looking for the best curling wand for short hair?

If you know what kind of curling wand to use for short hair, you can easily style it and get any kind of look you want: romantic, sassy, smart, or funky. Never make the mistake of thinking that just because you have short hair you can’t style it anymore, because with the right curling wand, you […]

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The Best Curling Iron for Waves

Achieving picture-perfect waves that dance with the wind and make you look like a million bucks is not as hard as some people think. Wavy hair is something a lot of people long for, but not everyone knows how to achieve the look. The good news is you don’t have to go to a salon […]

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