7 Biggest Curling Iron Mistakes You Might Be Making

By: | Last Updated: November 7, 2019

While curling your hair might seem fairly basic, there are a lot of mistakes that you might be making that can, in fact, damage your hair. In this article, we will be going over some of the different curling iron mistakes that you might be making.

1. You Don’t Use A Thermal Hair Protectant

It is imperative that you always apply a heat protectant before do any heat styling, and that includes curling. This will ensure that your hair is not completely damaged during the styling process. It is important that you do this otherwise, you may be inflicting a significant amount of damage to your hair each time you apply heat.

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How To Use Heat Protectant Spray – Curling Diva

2. Using A Wrong Barrel Size

Another mistake that a lot of people make when they are using a curling iron is using the wrong size barrel. Bigger barrels will create bigger waves and smaller ones will result in tighter curls. You might want to swap the two based on the kind of look you’re after and which one you are more comfortable using.

For those with long hair, it’s better to use a bigger barrel. Using a smaller barrel is best suited for those with shorter hair as it can make tight ringlets.

3. You Are Curling In The Wrong Direction

There is no definite wrong or right direction to curl hair. But to achieve natural curls, be sure to curl in the direction away from the face. Proceed to curl different sections towards the back in a similar fashion. Do alternating directions with other sections of your hair to have a more natural and messy look. This works best for those who have short hair.

4. You Are Using Too Much Heat

Most curling irons can go as high up as  450 degrees. But that does not mean that you should use high heat setting! That’ll fry delicate hair. 🙁

To minimize possible damage, use the curler on the lowest heat setting that works for your hair type. This doesn’t mean that you have to use the curling iron on the lowest setting available. Just try apply as little heat as possible to be effective.

The truth is, certain hair types are not likely to hold at less than 200 degrees. This is true for those who have thick hairIf you have either thin or fine hair, however, go easy on the heat. Try out the lower settings first to avoid damaging your hair.

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5. You Are Curling Your Hair For Too Long

You should not leave your hair in the curling iron for longer than 5-10 seconds. Try to avoid holding your hair on a curler for long because it can be damaging. Not only can your hair break off, but it increases your chances of burning your hair off. Ever heard of that YouTuber who burned her hair? Keep your hair safe by not leaving each section of your hair on the curling iron for a long time.

6. You Are Curling Too Much Hair

Another common problem that a lot of people make the mistake of doing is curling a huge section of hair. While bigger sections of hair will result in looser curls, heat is not likely to distribute as evenly. This can result in some areas of your hair absorbing all the heat damage. Be sure to grab around 1 inch for each section, and not more than that.

7. You Are Not Using The Clamp

best curling iron that won't damage hair

Another common mistake that people make when curling is missing the clamp. There are a bunch of different ways in which you can utilize the clamp. Based on the kind of look that you are going for, you can use it different ways.

For glamorous well-defined curls, put the tip of your hair underneath the clamp. But if you want a tousled look, just curl the middle section. Be careful not to leave weird indents in your hair if you use the clamp. If you want a completely natural look, you can actually leave the clamp out. Simply wrap your hair like you would if you were using a curling wand. 

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So, which of these are you making?

These common mistakes that people make with curling irons can be avoided. Be sure to follow all the tips above for a safe curling session. Be sure that you are not leaving your hair on the curling iron for too long or else you could cause a significant amount of damage to your hair. You also want to make sure that you are always curling the right amount of hair for the best possible results.

Be sure that you are curling your hair for the right amount of time that not only provides you with the best results but also keep hair damage-free. Always make sure that you are curling at safe heat levels. The best way to do so is by curling at the lowest possible setting that still gets you the results you want. By doing all of the above, you should be able to get great results from your curling iron without experiencing any of the drawbacks.

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